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In my opinion one of the finest novels of our time Graham GreeneShusaku Endo is Japan's foremost novelist and Silence is g This is a historical novel about the early years of Christianity in Japan It is a fictionalized account based on real historical characters It’s set in the late 17th century Two Portuguese priests get into Japan by ship from Macao at a time when Japanese officials had banned Christianity and were killing priests and torturing suspected Christians to apostatize give up their faith They are forced to verbally renounce their faith and to stomp and spit on religious figures The main character is a young priest who fears capture and torture but assumes his faith is so strong that he can withstand it as Christ did But he’s not prepared to be left alone watching while his parishioners are killed and tortured “You came to this country to lay down your life for them But in fact they are laying down their lives for you” Will he apostatize and agree to be held under “house arrest” as an example of how priests willingly give up their religion One of his predecessors his former professor whom he greatly admired is rud to live in a mansion with his wife Arriving with religious fervor the young priest uickly worries about losing his faith He worries that Christianizing some Japanese has offered them nothing but suffering and death As he is appalled by their suffering at times they seem at ease than he does while they wait “wait for heavenly bliss” following their deaths The priest’s interrogators carry on intellectual arguments with him that it is impossible for the Japanese culture to understand or accept his western God even though they “convert” In letters that he writes back to church officials the phrase “met with a glorious martyrdom” is a euphemism for the death of priests While these atrocities go on the priest asks “Why is God so silent” – thus the titleThe book is allegorical in several ways not only in the priest comparing his suffering to Christ’s but in his having his own Judas who sells him out to the authorities for a handful of silver coins All the Europeans in Japan at the time Portuguese English Dutch Spanish are trying to convert Japanese to Christianity and they undercut each other’s efforts and cause confusion about what brand is the “true religion” Certainly not a pretty read and a very slow starter but a good read if you like historical fiction Obviously it has a strong religious emphasis All of Endo’s work has Catholicism as its theme and Endo 1923 1996 has been called “the Japanese Graham Greene”Top image from epicworldhistoryblogspotcomBottom from linkedincompulseportuguese japan

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沈黙 Author Shūsaku EndA seventeenth century Portuguese priest in Japan at the height of the fearful persecution of the small Christian community A worthwhile read even for a non Christian like me who nonetheless has a deep and abiding intellectual interest in religion and spirituality But VERY Christian You have to have some empathy for that side of the story in order for it to be a satisfying read If you're an atheist not for you No no no

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Download Book ¿ 沈黙 Author Shūsaku Endō Ë 219 pages Ø [Reading] ➸ 沈黙 Author Shūsaku Endō – In my opinion one of the finest novels of our time Graham GreeneShusaku Endo is Japan's foremost novelist and Silence is generally regarded to be his masterpiece In a perfect fusion Enerally regarded to be his masterpiece In a perfect fusion of treatment and theme this powerful novel tells the story of This book ruined my life Sorta true It's the catchiest review intro I'm going to come up with I'm afraid to review this book and remember why it set me off to feeling hopeless and stupid Band aid scenario Pull it offI don't have the religion or spiritual kinds of faith I'm dyslexic when it comes to religion maybe My mind jumbles the meanings and I just don't speak that language of KNOWING what you can't see and this is good and this is always bad I don't look at someone who does have it and see that core glowing from within them I hear the adults from Peanuts warbled talk about it like someone being in love with someone I am not in love Maybe it is something spiritual I have but it isn't like anything I've heard about My Star Wars buddhism and humanism whatever that is Any kind of thread between me and everyone else of past present and future on good days when I don't heartily wish there was no me I at least want to see the glow in another The times I believe what is worth remembering and is actually remembered is enough Things I'm afraid to try to name 'cause it'd probably make me an asshole like if I could ever understand or know anyone else I live for moments I feel like walls of skulls aren't so thick after all I'll try to keep the faith that I don't have 'cause I don't know what it is that there's going to be something in there to spark the life and days for the next day Something like that Unless I get confused reading a book like Silence and it ruins my life Church After life that there won't always be life has sometimes been my only hope It would occur to me last if at all My first memory of catholicism is seeing the bath tub in the catholic church my cousins went to I decided they used it to drown children while the adults watched Not to mention the Alabama baptist church my mom allowed this kind lady ha to force us to go to Shusako Endo's Silence might be about God and religion and stuff like that as the book jackets and uotes suggest Graham Greene named it as a best novel of the century Other guys called Endo the Japanese Graham Greene I only know The Third Man Graham Greene really No help at all Since that stuff doesn't exist in my heart I read something else I felt a little stupid reading this was about Christian themes More remorseful still when it is about philosophy Soooo don't get it Humanity Asshole Maybe I didn't read the intended book Oh well Can I go on beating myself up about it forever Yeah I could If I had read it as a Christian themes book I wouldn't have given a shit about the book at all and could have moved on with my reading life as if nothing had happenedWhat killed me was the losing the faith in the unnameable let's not be an asshole stuff I guess I was an asshole I can hardly explain it to myself why Endo's Silence triggered one of my awful depressions since fall of 2009 I didn't talk to anyone that was not purely perfunctory reasons for months I'm um afraid of people sometimes Um all the way into spring 2010 My mental health is a fragile little balanced thing that I have to keep watch over constantly The little engine that couldn't The stupidest shit can make me feel bleak as hell I never know when it is going to happen Relatively happy one second depressed the next I read lots of books and listen to music to keep up the feeling like someone other than me I need other voices than me in here I don't know how it happened Yes I do It was that damned Kichijiro and Father Rodrigues It was that damned Mariel Father Rodrigues is pumped up with love of Jesus Christ he loves his beautiful face Young me thought my dad looked like Jesus 'cause he had a beard Now I think he looked like a prototype of a hipster Too late Jesus couldn't stop brutal jerks from sporting beards George Harrison had to shave his off after Charles Manson ruined the look Anyway the look isn't gentle to me It's the beard Perfect for hiding undesirable dinner foods and violent secrets The Catholic church is ready to give up on converting Japanese The grapevine has it that Father Ferreira apostatized I really don't get this apostatsy business This could be me not getting the whole religious thing WHY would it convert anyone to your religion when you got killed for it I wanna do that Does it matter if every person you are ever going to meet for example brutal guards with or without facial hair knew that you fantasized about paintings of Jesus in your most affectionate moments If that's where your feelings of self worth came from Father Rodrigues definitely got off on the inner paintings of himself looking holy and serene Boy did he ever Does one moment negate your entire being what you are about Denial of yourself to someone else I personally believe that you are going to spend your life with yourself and knowing yourself is important than a few Japanese guards getting you to say what you didn't want to say Father Rodrigues lies to himself about his reasons for saying what he didn't want to say That was kinda creepy crawly to read about Stop the Jesus navel gazing man Did he believe that God was not there for him as the most protective big brother on the block Or did he just wake up and smell the burning feetKichijiro was their Japanese guide rescued from exile in Portugal Kichijiro is a Christian in his heart I think he was embracing the Catholic guilt too well He apostatized His entire family did not and died their martyr deaths maybe they were partying up there in heaven with Jesus made water wine while their brother drowned in sake and guilt made vomit Who knows for sure Father Rodrigues hates Kichijiro for all that he will not admit it He likes to think well of himself and it depressed me to read his full of shitness about the lost man What is the point in having a belief system if you can't LIVE with it It depressed me