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Red Rain Night #4Pandora has been through hell and back Literally She’s been kidnapped and tortured found freedom and then lost it all over again She’s now the newest pawn in the age old war between Heaven and Hell The Triad owns her mark Asher owns her heart but the demon Wrath might just own her soul Death aka Dean is her constant companion in t Intriguing finish to the PandoraNight series plot that opens the door for potentially great spinoff stories to come The end was somewhat predictable yet the strong characterization that made the second book of the series so enjoyable for me was echoed in the development of this story I want characters who are strong to their own standard ie they make choices typically in keeping with how they are written based on internal doubts and interactions with their fellow cast but who also can experience moments of clarity and growth leading to new patterns of behavior This book also delved successfully into relationships of love and friendship that exemplify a real standard despite the genre of urban fantasy While I read all four of the books for free given my Kindle unlimited status this and the second books were so enjoyed that I opted to purchase them for the pleasure of reading them again down the road I would recommend this series to fans of paranormal and urban fantasy who enjoy atypical world building and uniue twists on classic stereotypes of angels demons and the archetypal 7 deadly sins horsemen of the apocalypse It is a great series for readers who enjoy storylines where the paranormal subset remains mostly removed from interactions with everyday mortals and those who enjoy plots involving succubi incubi gypsies circus folk religious gray areas of good versus evil Fair warning though the first book as is so often true of a series provides important base groundwork to the overall arc of the story but is the least enjoyable

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S and enemies might just be friends Her only chance at walking away from this alive is figuring out who is who before it’s too late and she’s transformed into the creature of legend The creature destined to bring about the end of all mankind the Scarlet Woman Red Rain is the final and epic conclusion to the bestselling Night Serie Spoiler alertGod I loved these books Made me laugh out loud cringe in revulsion and ugly cry at the end That emotional roller coaster kicked my butt but it was worth the ride ;

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Red Rain Night #4 epub ó × danpashley ↠ ❮Read❯ ➱ Red Rain Night #4 Author R.S. Black – Pandora has been through hell and back Literally She’s been kidnapped and tortured found freedom and then lost it all over again She’s now the newest pawn in the age old war between Heaven and HeHese final days She knows she can’t afford to trust anyone and yet she can’t afford not to Armageddon breathes down her neck Her only hope at redemption might just lie in the hands of her one time lover now turned comatose enemy Luc Asher believes her a traitor to her people Bubba and Vyxen are out for her blood Friends are enemie The most tragically beautiful ending for a wonderful seriesThis book started out with the excitement that it should have I have read a ton of great books But this bookTHIS book was by far the best book ever The rollercoaster I was on was both brutal and beautiful I have never cried so much in reading a book But I was there watching it all take place the way she worded this book let you seep into the pages and world with Pandora and her family and be there smelling the smells and feeling the joy and pain This will be one of those books I will remember forever When someone asks me what book they should read next this book this series will always be there on top THAT is how wonderful it is This series is one of the best series I have read to date Do not pass the opportunity to live in Pandora's world This series is a must have I will be revisiting this series over and over again I love me some Pandora aka little demon