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EBOOK ☆ EPUB How to Rap ä ¸ PAUL EDWARDS ¸ [EPUB] ✶ How to Rap Author Paul Edwards – Danpashley.co.uk Clipse Cypress Hill Nelly Public Enemy Remy Ma Schoolly D A Tribe Called uest william—these are just some of the acclaimed artists offering tips and advice in this compelling how to DeliClipse Cypress Hill Nelly Public Enemy Remy Ma Schoolly D A Tribe Called uest william these are just some of the acclaimed artists offering tips and advice in this compelling how to Delivering countless candid and You send the songs out there 'cause it's true that things kind of land in your backyard like meteorites Songs can have a real effect on you songs have been known to save lives Some of them are little paramedics Or maybe some will be killers Some will die on the windshield And some of them will never leave home You beat them but they never leave Others can't wait to get out of here and will never write They're ungrateful little bastards There's only one reason to write songs It's what Miles Davis said Because you're tired of the old ones Tom Waits is a wise man and probably the coolest person who ever lived a real live life wirebranch for me to perch onhang on to for I hope it's gonna be a dear life That uote is not in this book of course but it just fits What I took away from it than anything else look for my first hip hop album to drop any day now was how conscious rappers are of other rappers Rappers LOVE to rap about rapping I recently came across something written by Slug of Atmosphere about a Brother Ali song Take Me Home being a first song in songs for rappers about rappers I have a hard time believing that baby didn't cut its own umbilical cord and announce It's a boy Followed by some glorifying rhymes and name dropping It names itself Battle rapping is infamous of course a venue to make a name or a place to die like one of those carcasses from The Lion King while the hyaneas laugh at you even while they are forgetting your name that's bad because those guys are like known for name calling Or it's exactly like in 8 Mile and the rag tag misfit in a hoodie outstrips Whoopie Goldberg in her returning champ Hollywood Suares track suit Has beens? Still making the circuit? Are you only as good as your last record? I would be a sucky rapper judging by how many times I just used name What surprised me is how it seemed like rappers are kids who have to knock their parents down in order to grow up The next movement impressive rhymes the new sound in some ways its backtracking It's acceptable now to rhyme a word with the same word At the same time they want their old hero to guest on their track Chuck D's old hunger will never grow cold unless it is best to be eaten like revenge I don't know if I believe them about the simple rhymes being old hat I mean The Cat in the Hat is awesome What appeals to me about rap is the idea of free styling I'm truly happy when I let my mind flow and where I can go surprises me People coming together and trying to knock each others socks off with ideas It's playing like kids You've got what's around you and what you can make out of that with what is in your head Not doing it to take away their socks I know that side exists but I don't really want to think about it when thinking about HOW to rap I think I'll just ignore william's cynical take on judging what your opponent is going to say before he has said anything Oh he's got a bit of 2pac in him so I'll come back at him with that Oh it looks like he's going to do LL Do you want to decide what someone is going to say before they say it? It appeals to me a lot about rap that these guys will be so taken with some swell rhyme that everyone knows those words They want to do that too People knowing what they said It's sad to think of those Kool G Rap guys trying to stay atop of the trends in rap when they should be making the trends not going with them Shouldn't it work for you? It's not raps fault if it doesn't if too many people sound the same Waits is right Those songs have lives of their own You can listen to them whenever Tired of the old ones maybe not I like that you can rap with past and now not over It's like how people get their hearts broken every day Uh maybe I meant people are born every dayPaul Edwards' book How to Rap The Art and Science of the Hip Hop MC didn't tell me much that I couldn't get from just paying attention There's sound advice from a who's who in mainstream and underground rap keep in mind the publication date is 2009 Kayne didn't loom as large as Eminem Def Jux was still in operation and I hadn't heard of interviewee Zumbi from Zion I until July of this year There's always going to be eye rolling when underground is dropped No one listens to Grieves They get 25000 youtube hits Tell that to the average giant KIA rodents I say Murs a good example of straddling the mainstreamunderground line in the shared bedroom advises to stay in shape to take your audience's breath away instead of your own Read a lot to keep up an impressive vocabulary things like that I imagine it would work as a sort of pep talk to remind oneself that they are on the right track Write all of the time send yourself voicemails to remember the flow Something to not feel alone in what could be a lonely creative process An aspiring rapper would probably already listen to a lot of rap right? I can see that it would be good for a rapper to have all of this stuff in one place The Lady of Rage felt better about taking time to come up with her rhymes when she found out that Eminem and Dr Dre take days to write their own Less lonely is goodThe book is divided into sections Topic Content umbrellas real life fictional controversial conscious and clubparty I liked the way the advice from all of the rappers was laid out like it was the same conversation although I doubt any of them were in the same room it wouldn't surprise me if some were lifted from other interviews It was kind of like reading The Beatles Anthology in that way I could drift off into the Apple corp board room and watch Neil Aspinall look all growed up in a Barbie hippie day to golf night suit dispensing money advice and still sound like he was still driving the tour van You can rap about whatever the hell you want to rap about if you can put people where you want them I'm not so sure about what Guerilla Black means about BIG's hands on the wheel of his Phantom becoming my hands I don't know about you but I've had it with musicians taking over my driving David Lee Roth can get his hands out of my seat That's for Jesus I remember finding all of that stuff boring as watching yet another video on YO MTV raps about rich people or was it MTV Cribs or Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? Can't remember It was boring Anyway it bordered a line between helpful or not helpful depending on who was talking The connecting with your audience is sound advice if you want to build up a following or have listeners at all 2Pac and Eminem have audiences that are all their own because they resonated with people who could see themselves in those men It seems that one would lose their audience if they stayed in Mariah Carey's castle and never opened up about mental breakdown Barbie day to night straight jackets Mainstream rap got real same old when it was eating caviar off of g strings Brother Ali insists that he writes his songs because they mean something to him and not to send a message Some do find him preachy I don't think he's the kind of guy to let that stop him If you need a book to tell you to be yourself Well essentially that is what this is tinged with mercenary sandman loops for smoking off the dreamers pipe Meanwhile william insists that the radio must be pushed to play meaningful content than the mindless party stuff Editor's note says that the audiences themselves demand it and On that note I don't understand why Nelly appears in this book at all Nelly I like to switch flows up a lot man so I thought it was great He reads like the grandmother from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who enters conversations with no clue on what her cue is If you want to learn how to rap as per Nelly just show up in the studio on the day of Thanks Nelly I'll call you when I uh need I'll never call youFormat section covers braggadiciobattling I don't have much interest in this one I'm as useful as Nelly here sorry Conceptual story abstract and humorous What better way to illustrate all of this than my heart of my heart favorite Aesop Rock? From 'Fumes' from the None Shall Pass record Pirouetting madly on a mirror full of baggiesIn the valley of the irritable AggieAny sincerity miraclesor memory buried in the back seat by the hazardous material was seriously gaspingHere he is in actionTrying to patch up the attractionFigured he would win her back if he act in a common passionPenned a couple chapters about a sassy pair of magnets with a cottage on a hill and a picket fence and a marriageNever having gathered her rabid enthusiasm over language was fashioned around the aspirin his cabinetsAsked her to read it expecting flattery after the factThis is an exact imitation of how she reactyou ain't shit man your story's a jokeYou should package it with a last smoke and 6 feet of ropeAnd she know 5 chores coke and all foursSaid leave me on the floor and leave the dope by the doorBounced all shook up she cook up aluminumConsuming every skull and crossbones in the room in under 2 minutesHe fuming with a flipped lidStorm into the cribAnd found her body on the tilesLike no she didn'tYes she did Metaphors similes vocab humor slang imagery wordplay punchlines Aes Rock robocop prototype and Jabberwocky superfly In this book he says he doesn't set out to listen to only abstract stuff and he likes when rappers do what comes naturally to them Me too Mr Rock I would need a website like goodreads to write about every Aesop Rock song I don't even know where to start on him He is my favorite writer let alone my favorite rapper Someone might come to you and say some shit like That Aes Rock is all gibberish I never know what the hell he's saying They are metaphors man You gotta listen Okay there are references to stuff that I might have taken a few years to understand such as a skateboarding video but that's nothing He's a storyteller in poetical puzzles Sometimes just listening to one of his songs and having to really listen to what he's saying is the only thing that takes over the painful edges of my own mind william is wrong I want to listen not predict That stuff means a lot to me Someone else's voice in my head Trying to rap pathetically myself You want someone to sing along with you not be alone The power of rap as far as this one person is concerned is being a person who is maybe not so alone Sometimes I'll feel so bad going crazy with insomnia that listening to Eyedea Abilities songs about being there and not being alone and smiling no matter how hard you fall keeps me going It's what Tom Waits says about songs saving lives He's right Rap means a lot to me I like that rappers talk about rap and rap about rap even if their own obsession with rap is the tails you lose side of the coin about obnoxious bragging down side of rap How to rap is why to rapI'm confused about flow I know it's how musically they say the words matching the rhythm in the beats slow or sped up How do you describe music? If it is really good you would have to spill your guts on the outside and the shapes wouldn't mirror the feelings any than a shadow puppet would the animal it follows out of light It's music Does it move you? There's a flow chart in here that I don't really understand Where you emphasize word placements Some rappers have symbols they use that are like musical notes to remember how to do the flow when they record I wouldn't have thought about rhyming after the beat to sound relaxed Snoop Dogg is given as an example of a relaxed rapper or before to sound urgent Eminem One guy says that some can rap directly on the beat but those aren't as flexible in flow if they are always on time I hadn't thought about that before I don't really want to think too much about how musicians record things lest I start thinking about that and not the music My ex boyfriend was a screenwriter and he couldn't watch films without eying the timer on the dvd player for pacing I was thankful that wasn't me The useful stuff is the kind of stuff I don't want to think about when listening to songs How many bars eight or sixteen is decided as the appropriate number by some Hey Mariel why you reading a book about how to rap if you're thinking about how to listen? I like the Tom Waits way of doing things He's talking about himself as he's talking about someone else Writing as he's listening How to rap is like that I imagine that making music is like listening to like ghosts in the air around you Some place to go to to relate that's not just you and not just them That probably wouldn't be in a how to book I'm worse than NellyI wasn't too impressed with their example of Eminem's Lose Yourself he's used a lot because he's kind of everywhere for how to rhyme words that don't usually rhyme It was pretty lame the arms heavymom's spaghetti line Why not Doom's Madvillainy rhyme of 'needles' with 'fritos' from Accordion? I was impressedI don't remember the book mentioning that if you use recorded samples parts of your proceeds go to the original artist Artists like to cover the music with live musicians and then they don't have to pay anyone Since I'm Nelly's long lost cousin I don't remember the term for that Don't look for my own how to rap book to hit shelves tomorrowPicking producers or recording your own beats Some rappers produce for themselves and for others If they share producers one rapper can use beats that another couldn't rap to Slug of Atmosphere shout outs to Brother Ali that a friend of his tried to kill himself to the same song when the latter couldn't do his suicide song to producer Ant's beats There's probably a hierarchy in the upper tier for who gets first pick Often the beats grab the audience before the words do That's important you wannabesI liked the advice to half memorize your lyrics so you don't get sick of the song and lose emotion in recording or sound like you just memorized it There is some good stuff in here that I wouldn't have thought of Not that I actually need any of it Don't tell anyone but secretly I wish that I could be a rapper this is even top secret than my secret dream of being a stand up comedian Don't laugh It's like a torture dream for someone who is painfully shy Just because I COULDN'T do it Sometimes I like to think of rhymes about stuff throughout my days just to keep me interested throughout my days I still think it's really cool that people would want to do itI really liked about this book that none of the rappers interviewed talked like anyone who was reading it couldn't do it You might be recording these songs for twenty years so you want to write something you can live with that kind of stuff they don't say here but you might want to keep in mind that you'll be performing live and maybe loading up your lyrics with as many syllables possible will come back to bite you come show time You ever listen to actors giving advice to potentials like it would end the world if anyone else ever tried to do it? How do they know that person wouldn't be better than them? Maybe that's what they are worried about As competitive as rap is I get the feeling that they all really want a breath of fresh air to come out Someone who is going to renew their interest in rap just like that first artist who made them fall in love with rap in the first place I really like that My first rapper? Will Smith when I was in elementary school My class would jam to Summertime Good times Debating with myself whether or not raps real 'cause broke motherfuckers are the only ones who got skill Blueprint It bugged me a bit that the lineup in the back of the book prints how much money the records made pretty much any time one of those famous albums is mentioned actually Four million for Doggystyle This number is ingrained in my brain I will go to sleep tonight knowing that Tha Doggfather did not make as much money as Doggystyle It was like reading a press bio for Catherine Keener back in the days before she became famous Catherine Keener About Last Night If you don't know About Last Night was an '80s Rob LoweDemi Moore fluff piece in which Keener has a walk on role as a waitress I don't need to say that she had many memorable roles for anyone who was paying attention Del the Funky Homosapien is credited with his guest track for Gorillaz Clint Eastwood and relation to Ice Cube cousin No mention of Deltron 3030 I blame Nelly If it weren't for him this review would go into how to write poetry single line rhymes and double rhymes Guest appearances and all the mainstays of hip hop would feature Practice practice practice Keep writing Be yourself I don't need to regurgitate the book If you want to read a book about this in the first place then it's the book for you probably

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Current and classic and covers everything from content and flow to rhythm and delivery A first of its kind guide How to Rap provides a wealth of insight and rapping lore that will benefit beginners and pros alike This is the definitive guide for anyone looking to learn how to become a rapper Out of all the books I've read so far this particular guide received a lot of attention from friends and some people even ridiculed me for reading it Yet even though the advice and tips in this book seemed basic and came across as common sense it was awesome how different MCs all offered alternative perspectives on the construction practice and execution of the art The flow diagram also works wonders the other reviewers were right about how useful it actually is Before reading this my flow was incredibly awkward and now thanks to the flow diagram I understood the rhythm behind the flow much easier An extra bonus of reading this book is that you'll learn of hundreds of other MCs who you can listen to for inspiration There's someone here to suit anyone's taste This book is a goldmine of talented artists with every additional MC that gave their input providing me with another new MC to listen to online Basically the book covers practically everything you need to know about rap and I think that in order to fully take everything in you'll need to occasionally glimpse through any sections that you're unsure ofwanted to revisit But asides from that this was a wonderful guide to read and I heartily recommend it

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How to RapExclusive first person insights from interviews with than one hundred of the most innovative artists author Paul Edwards examines the dynamics of rap from every region and in every form mainstream and underground I love raphip hop music after reading this book my love for raphip hop music is even greaterI had no intention of learning how to rap but curious about what the book would say on hip hop While the book is going through different techniues I started to pay attention to details while listening to rap music and realize how really beautiful this music genre is I thought I knew rappers but then realized I did not know 34 of the ones interviewed for this book Went on and get their music to find out that there are so many so many great rappers out there that don't get noticed on the main streamI will recommend this book to hip hop lovers future rappers to people who want to know on hip hop and mostly to the ones who think hip hop is only about bi n ho and bling etcGreat work by Paul Edwards