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Just Jessie mobi ´ My Guide to Love ä Join or create book clubs ä [Reading] ➿ Just Jessie: My Guide to Love, Life, Family, and Food ➶ Join or create book clubs – Danpashley.co.uk New York Times bestsellerFrom popular country music sensation and reality TV star Jessie James Decker and wiY and humor that have made her one of the most supportive voices out there she offers warm practical advice about dating decor fashion beauty parenting fitness keeping romance aliveand so muchIn addition Just Jessie features fifteen of her favorite go to recipes going step by step through her most Instagrammable and delicious dishes Whether at home or on the red carpet Jessie always finds a way to make it workand does so with style and charm Gorgeously illustrated with never before seen childhood photos and original photography Just Jessie is the essential guide to living life the way it works for Jessie inspiring your dreams as you learn how Jessie made hers a realit I will preface this by saying I have paid to see her live bought her very short full priced EP purchased makeup from her and now this book which I preordered Yes I am a fan Fans are not drones so here is my honest review I genuinely like her singing voice and think she has a spunky attitude One that is clearly infectious and charming However her mother’s voice came across in the majority of the book especially the parts that she shared about her upbringing The southern collouialisms and the classy well spoken demeanor Karen exudes in her posts and on the show showed through It was clear she had some help from mom writing this book The book itself read as a memoir Her take away was that dreams can come true so don’t dream small However not everyone has a parent who can drive them back and forth to Nashville and not entertain the idea of a formal education as a backup or a pro athlete husband who literally takes them from the brink of working at a makeup counter to riches in 3 months This is all after she dates “many” “formidable” men uoted from a paragraph in the book that sounded a bit grandiose?The lifestyle portion was minimal and the recipe portion was a let down All of us fans were hoping for things she hadn’t shared on Instagram Also a shake she said on live morning TV that Eric taught her to make banana and protein powder?That was a little disappointing after the anticipation she stirred on IG regarding further recipes That all felt misleadingOverall the book is good for a teen crowd not mid twenties as her dating advice is a little immature for anyone 25 Think; a lot about looks and being chased and not a ton about confidence stemming from intuition or intelligenceI appreciate that she stated in the end that she is grateful for her fans Without Eric and the show she wouldn’t have gained the platform she has now as we all took notice after ‘game on’I know her cute personality is what has encouraged me spend the aforementioned money on her House of Blues show eyeshadow palette and bookLastly I hope she gains momentum again with singing full time not part time as she really is talented The book however 3 stars for being misleading I am sure she will come out with a full cook book soon so I would save the cash for that as this is uite minimal recipe wise

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New York Times bestsellerFrom popular country music sensation and reality TV star Jessie James Decker and wife of former NFL player Eric Decker comes this gorgeously illustrated and highly inspiring lifestyle book fans have been clamoring forfeaturing delectable family recipes amazing fashion tips and practical dating secretsWhether she is belting out one of her number one hit country songs cheering on her NFL star husband in the stands working on her fashion label Kittenish or making dinner for her hubby and three children Jessie James Decker is constantly on the move For years she has been performing and singing for fans while also bringing people into her life thro I did not want to write this review but this book has bothered me so much in the weeks since I’ve read it First Jessie could have really benefited from a co author Her writing was so simple cold and at some times just plain lazy It felt like her publisher was pushing her to meet a deadline and she tried to cover too much ground too uicklyNext I think what draws people to Jessie is that she is real This book made me roll my eyes and hope that moms who read her words are not discouraged I thought she embraced ‘real life’ but her views on marriage breastfeeding and nannies is so judgmental and naiveLastly the bullying piece was conveyed in such a shallow way that I can’t believe it made it in printI came away with no real recipes no lessons no tips I respect her attempt but it was a huge miss for me I hope Jessie takes some time to understand other people’s lives before writing a book full of shallow advice again

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Just Jessie My Guide to Love Life Family and FoodUgh her hit E show Eric Jessie and Instagram where she posts about family food and whatever else happens to be on her mind Now in Just Jessie she invites you into her home her marriage and her kitchen like never before sharing the stories that have mattered the most and the secrets of how she balances everything with a smileand often a forkful of comfort food to go alongFrom following her childhood music dreams to her struggles with bullying to finding her soul mate Jessie doesnt hold anything back in this exclusive peek into her life going behind the scenes of the best and the hardest moments and providing the lessons to help you survive yours as well With the honest I was a huge fan until I read this book I found the beginning a little silly and contradictory she’s talking about how she got bullied next to stunning pictures of herself in high school and in the next breath says she got nominated for homecoming ueen At 2 separate schools She bails on moving in with her friend after chasing Eric to Denver even though her boy advice is to make the man work for it She talks about forcing her friend to breastfeed and then says it’s fine if you can’t Overall I thought she came off as a conceited know it all I’m so disappointed I really liked her before I read this book She did not come off as real at all; rather she seems like the type of woman that judges someone who doesn’t shave their legs and sleep in lingerie for their husband every single night So unrealistic On a positive note I liked her workout tips and she looks beautiful