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Read eBook ✓ Foundation Actionscript 3 ↠ danpashley ☆ ❴Ebook❵ ➧ Foundation Actionscript 3.0 Animation: Making Things Move! Author Keith Peters – This is the first definitive and authoritative book available on ActionScript 3 animation techniues ActionScript animationTechniues have been added to take advantage of ActionScript 3's new features including the display list and new event architecture The code can be used with the Flash 9 IDE Flex Builder 2 or the free Flex 2 SD I'm fairly new to Flash and wanted to dip my toe in Actionscript 30 to see what cool stuff I could learn I was actually very apprehensive about doing this as my background is graphics & web design rather programming scripting However this book is fabulous It has just about every cool thing you would want to do in flash and completely liberates you from the rather limiting and dull timeline based animations The book is extremely readable and very clearly explained Keith Peters really does hold your hand all the way through it and gradually builds up examples from basics into really jaw dropping effects and there are so many effects effects covered in this book I thoroughly recommend this book for beginner & intermediate Actionscripters you will be amazed at what you can achieve Don't be scared its great

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Been learned by many Flash developers through the first edition of this book This has now been updated to ActionScript 3 Adobe's new and improved scripting language All of the code has been updated and some new I knew virutally no actionscript when I got this book but I have programmed in a variety of languages in the past most relevantly probably C C and a little Java That said I am in no way a professional programmer but have done a bit over the year peripherally inscientific computing or hobby stuff Anyway for me this was an excellent introduction to actionscript and what you could do with it YEs there is plenty of stuff in here not covered as it really just gets you going straight into the fun stuff If you want to have a rounded view of the functionality of AS3 then get some of the general reference but if you 1 know a bit of object oriented programming this is a great fun introduction into AS3 certainly this book and the seuel are my two favourite AS3 books even though they in no way are complete references They explain the main detals and the fun stuff to make things move nd make things happen Keith Peters writes great educational stuff

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Foundation Actionscript 3 0 Animation Making Things Move This is the first definitive and authoritative book available on ActionScript 3 animation techniues ActionScript animation is a very popular discipline for Flash developers to learn The essential skill set has Foundation ActionScript 30 Animation Making Things Move is a new edition of Keith Peters' Foundation ActionScript Animation The main difference implicit in the title is that the code in the new edition has been updated to use ActionScript 3 in Adobe Flash CS3 ProfessionalIf you're familiar with Keith Peters and the tutorials on his bit 101 blog you'll have some idea of the kinds of things covered in this book Creating animation with ActionScript is all about math and this book dives right in Peters' writing style is clean and direct Even if you're not comfortable with math difficult concepts are explained clearly and simply I already have other books on my shelf devoted just to physics and trigonometry but Making Things Move comes very close to replacing those altogether by with its effective explanations of the concepts behind the codeAfter the introductory chapters which include an AS3 primer on that below Peters begins by covering the most basic type of animation Subseuent chapters build on the foundation created by the previous chapters As new concepts and formulas are introduced what started out as a simple ball moving across the screen becomes something much sophisticated In a relatively short period of time you'll have multiple objects zipping around the stage colliding and interacting with one another Seeing those basic elements repeated and tweaked helps reinforce what you learned earlier onThis edition follows the same well structured format as the previous edition Each chapter covers just the right amount of material so you never feel like you're taking in too much at a time Like any good book on programming it encourages and rewards a leisurely pace Simply running the sample code to see what it does before moving on to the next section will teach you something but it won't exhaust what you can get out of this book Peters points out where you can experiment with the code suggesting values that you can change to see what effect it has on the animation Playing around with the sample code will deepen your understanding of what's happening so it's worth taking your timeAs I mentioned earlier the book opens with a short primer on ActionScript 30 If you're at all familiar with Object Oriented Programming in ActionScript 2 the primer does a nice job of bringing you sufficiently up to date with what's newdifferent in AS3 to help you get the most out of the book If you've never done any OOP with ActionScript before the chapter provides enough information to get you going and you can use the framework Peters provides and concentrate on the animationIf you are familiar with AS2 and don't see yourself making the jump to AS3 in the very near future I'd recommend that you buy this book instead of the version specifically for AS2 The principles are the same and the code can be ported to AS2 Plus when you finally do start working with AS3 you'll be ready to goBesides what you'll learn directly this book is valuable for the ideas and inspiration it provides I didn't get very far into the book before I was adapting the code to work in my own projects and also thinking of games and user interface elements that I could build around some of the concepts in the book Just one such idea can repay your investment of time and money All in all if you have any interest in using ActionScript for animation this book belongs in your library