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Download ↠ Dusty Author YellowBella 102 ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Dusty By YellowBella – Now published as InnocentsShe loves him He loves her crazy She's a hopeless romantic He's just hopeless She's afraid to let go He won't let her A story about a silly girl in love with a foolish boy He Now published as InnocentsSheGirl in love with a foolish boy Here forever is a lie Twilight FanficWords Complete. Love is draining skeptical relentless tempting concealed but it is concrete effortful strong unending sweet everything and permanently bound never saying goodbye forgiving and unconditional mean hurts relentless corrupt reassuring brave perfect forgives but doesn't forget love is what we make it love is loving you with my whole heart Love is a blissful wonder Love takes effort and I love him than I did yesterday Love will not betray you dismay or enslave you It will set you free There are not enough stars for this epic book I am in complete awe I don't know how to even write this review Words are just not adeuate enough to express how much this book moved me I feel like I grew up with Edward Bella Alice the boys and the sluts I'm in tears just thinking about it trying to write this I went through so many emotions so many times I honestly didn't think my heart would make it at certain points This book was filled with gut wrenching addictive all consuming love Love that knew no bounds and would go through anything and anyone in it's way Dusty is a story about addiction and what being addicted can do to you and the ones you love whether it is drug addiction or an obsessive love addiction This book is tragic and compelling truly heart wrenching Everyone should read feel dwell live breathe this book I will never be the same after reading love's tale How could I possibly go back to reading cookie cutter books after this epicness I plead with you for your own sake READ THIS BOOK My parents call me Bliss because it's my middle name I'm kind of a miracle My mom says it's because I was a blissful wonder He smiles slightly before sticking his hands in his pockets She was right I'll always want you baby he whispers coming to me brushing his nose along my jaw He takes my hand presses my palm against the pulse point in his neck Do you feel that Do you feel how fast it beats You make my fcking heart flutter princess I fcking reuire her Your heart makes my favorite sound he tells me so uietly in the whole world Your heartbeat calms me His hand around mine feels magnetic I'd follow him anywhere She held my eyes and all my love My life Baby holds everything Pulling away from her is like slow motion shredding Love burns just like fire inescapably and inevitably Our half heart carrying bodies are its natural habitat and unity that devours is its proper fate We are nothing if not grateful devoted and wholly impassioned kindling When we go down we'll go together We're both broken busted and scarred but my heart beats for him He's my life He has been since I was a little girl He's it for me The beginning The end Smiling I say Edward tell me a secret He says I love you Dusty is being published as Dusty Innocents July 14 2014httpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshow

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C He's just hopeless She's afraid to let go He won't let her A story about a silly. Exceptionally brutally beautifully realistic Love feels like triangles and sunraysIt feels like a good cry and the best chocolate ever It’s a tightness in your chest and an extra beat in your heart Love is completeness sappiness Hopelessness It’s a feelingLove is an indescribable cumbersome silly selfish consuming life changingLove is in the little girl with the yellow popsicle Dusty is a love story that will truly tear your heart apart It is consuming devastating and I loved every heartfelt happy tragic moment of it The story begins with Dusty otherwise known as Edward Cullen a young rule breaking tweenteen that lives dangerously He holds no regard for authority and is walking a perilous line with smoking partying and drugs As Dusty matures the partying and the drugs get heavier and addictive We watch the slow decent of his relationships and his life because of his addictive tendencies Isabella Swan Bliss for short is the new girl in town She is the epitome of perfection sunshine pink princess bubbles cotton candy and warm summer days Bliss has always followed the rules Being the daughter of the chief of police and a straight A student she appears to be the all American girl On the outside everything appears as perfect but lies and deceit begin to taint her well constructed life Lies and deceit all in the name of love “Love at first sight may not apply when you’re nine and eleven but I feel like I’ve always known she was my purpose in the truest sense of the word My be all end all Bliss and Dusty have an instant connection from the beginning As they mature into young adults so does their passion and love for each other But life has a way of getting complicated; especially when a love like Dusty and Bella’s may not be understood by others Addiction also plays a prominent role in their story and becomes a character in itself This synopsis is just the tip of what you will experience I cannot even put into words how truly amazing this story was Very few books have impacted me the way Dusty has It’s been five days since I've read it and I still can’t move past this story I feel as though I’m not the same person after reading it I want to cry and scream for all their struggles and addictions My head was in chaos during a good bit Butfor all the angst and sadness there were moments of pure blissWhat is so great about this story is that you watch these characters grow from the innocence of youth to the gritty raw dark side of young adulthood You really get to know them and understand their actions faults and feelings The character development is superb Alice Dusty’s sister and Bliss’ best friend was fantastic She was skateboard tomboy cool with a touch of humor Dusty and Alice’s parents Carlisle and Esme Cullen were also well described As the reader you truly understood some of the reasons why Dusty made the choices he did Here is my disclaimer This incredibly beautiful story is not for everyone If you’re looking for a light romance with a predictable plot then Dusty is not for you If you are looking for a one of a kind story that will leave you feeling full of every emotion imaginable then I highly recommend this stunning story Just in case you are wondering this is Fanfiction based on Twilight However its as far away as you can get from the original Twilight story The writing is superb I'm hoping the authors would consider publishing this This is by far the best book I’ve read all year I’m not sure if I will ever come across another story like this Dusty is truly Epic and has made it to my all time favorites list I give this book 100 Stars INeedMore Looking forward to the Futuretake I’m hoping it’s soon IT'S HERE THE FUTURE TAKE IS OUT Oh Dusty Oh how I've missed you Donate to the Leukemia Lympoma society to receive the future take

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Dusty Author YellowBelNow published as InnocentsShe loves him He loves her crazy She's a hopeless romanti. When I started reading this book I knew what was I getting myself into only by number of pages yep 1700 pages I mean WTF But I read them all I did skim in the beginning because their childhood was stretched for 30% and I was bored as hell during that part but then then I got hooked when the CRAZY beganDo you have any idea how I feel about this bookI HATE THIS BOOKI HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT I HATE ALL THE CHARACTERSI HATE HIM I HATE HER I HATE THIS FCKING STORY I HATE THE WRITING I HATE IT ALL WITH ALL MY BONESAND I HATE THAT I LOVE IT SO FCKING MUCH♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥I was pretty much pissed 100% of the book yep I don't think there was a moment when I wasn't pissed pretty much everything pissed me ofThey said LOVE made them do all that stuff LOVE made them what they became LOVE LOVE LOVEwell I can tell you that HATE made me write this HATE will make me buy this book if it ever goes published in paperback just so I can torn it piece by piece and then burn it with smile on my face HATE made me scream how fcking stupid they areHATE whispers to me that he is selfish prick that he is asshole that he is spoiled brat that he is junkie only thinking about himselfHATE whispers to me that she is the biggest idiot I ever read about that she is spineless stupid so weak that she forgave EVERYTHINGHATE whispers to me until I scream scream screamMy heart didn't flip flip flutter my heart screamed screamed bloody screamed with rageMy pulse pulse pulsing heart wanted kill kill killing time This isn't LOVE this is obsession and holding onto something that destroys you second by second for 9 yearsMy heart whispers to me that I love them that I should stop denying myselfbut my brain pushes heart's whispering outDoes my writing style pisses you of Annoys the shit out of youWELL IMAGINE 1700 PAGES OF THAT ANNOYING SHITImagine hating something with all you got and then imagine how much can that annoy you because you end up loving it so muchI wanted non HEA because they don't deserve any type of HEA They deserve mental institutionBut this ending OOH GOOOOD My rage keeps boil boil boiling up It will only calm when I burn the paperbackTo all you BEAUTIFUL DISASTER non fans that hated the book without reading it I dare you all to read this and then comeback and tell me that BD was over the top you have no idea what a piece of cookie that was comparing to this I dare you to read this and then say that BD isn't right for molding young brains you have no bloody idea how BD is child story compared to this fan fiction of TWILIGHT