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Dominus by J.P. Kenwood reader Ê 29 pages Download » J.P. Kenwood ↠ [Reading] ➻ Dominus By J.P. Kenwood – THIS BOOK IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE ANYWHERE It has been republished re edited expanded new cover with a second brand NEW story and now available for sale through and PaTHIS BOOK IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE ANYWHERE It has been republished re edited expanded new cover with a seco Full Reviewage on Prism Book AllianceThis story is set in AD 107 Rome with ultra high society the arena in which all of the characters are doing their best and worst to make their way However this isn’t an historical book in the traditional sense not when you take into account the language and tone Favorite examples? “Hissy fit” “twit” and “bloody brilliant” to name a few Know what this means? When you read this take the language as seriously as a birthday balloon and just enjoy the ride There are some POV changes early on and this made it confusing sometimes and difficult to determine who is thinking or saying what I crinkled my brow here and there thinking “now who was that?” Once I figured out the rhythm of the less obvious changes I did start to enjoy the various voices of these charactersAlso? There be some funny shit in this here story Yeah I could get all fancy schmancy but it would all just lead back to humorous which this is True humor isn’t easy and it’s pretty well done hereOh also? Plenty of swearing going on here to satisfy anyone’s love and appreciation of such bawdy talk That’s me DDaft Bugger Shagging Oops Excuse me I was having a flashback ;These characters range in age from around 21 up to nearly 40 and everywhere in between This did help greatly in aiding the “buy in” for this story the motivations for characters some very obvious some not so much at all and some of the serious events throughout Most of all the many different relationships were given weight due to some of their ages and how long they’ve known and loved hated cared tolerated and dealt with each otherI think we can add one thing to the up and down nature of this read the sex Some is hot and will cause the heart to race while some is not really at all I couldn’t ever decide if that was the sex as described itself or partly due to the circumstances of some of the scenes I almost have to say it was the former because some of those settings were meant to raise one’s temperature and didn’t uite get thereAlong these same lines it took me awhile but I finally realized a thread running through much of this that just didn’t uite site well It also surprised me because when it works it doesn’t bother me at all I guess it comes down to the fact that you can’t just say someone is “mine” there needs to be backup history something to make that believable and have the intended impact Everyone seemed to “belong” to someone else physically and emotionally I know we’re talking about things like slaves rules partially freed staff Dominus Domina etc but it all felt heavy handed It sometimes dampened the humor and the heat for me This also means that the featured pairings old and new sometimes suffered from a feeling of being forced not organically grownOn the flip side there is some unexpectedly strong emotion in this story It comes from two characters that feel like they are the real stars here despite their smaller font size on the front of the maruee Really damned good and is a perfect example of the opposite of what I was just describing up there History and tenderness and loyalty and pain and caring and love All of these are demonstrated in both small gestures and those of a grand nature This was a relationship that deserved explorationThere may not be a lot of story here not a lot of movement in plot but the characters are front and center and they do highlight well the skill this writer possesses when it comes to people and their secrets desires fears and hope It’s not easy to juggle so many characters and yet make them all feel relevant complex and worthy of spending some time with and I got a good dose of that hereI think it’s safe to say this was an uneven read a gentle roll downward with the modern language then on the upswing with the funny then down again with the unclear changes in point of view only to head back up towards the summit with some of these characters