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In this future some people need no sleep at all Leisha Camden was genetically modified at birth to reuire no sleep and her normal twin Alice is the control Problems and envy between the sisters mirror those in the larger world as society struggles to adj I love to sleep I prefer at least eight preferably nine hours of sleep each night Going to bed at midnight and waking up at nine in the morning is a perk of my madcap Bohemian university student lifestyle that I will have to abandon once I become a stern starched collar high school teacher For now however I like my sleep and I will defend to the death my right to snore it But if I did not need to sleep—had in fact grown up without ever knowing sleep—would I miss it How would I be different What if I weren't aloneBeggars in Spain has a simple premise—that certain children have been genetically engineered so that they do not sleep—with enormous implications such as the Sleepless not aging Once again Nancy Kress uses genetic engineering to explore what it means to be human and how our society treats those who are different I recognize her familiar themes from Nothing Human and Act One Kress is an awesome author of serious gene manipulation fiction by which I mean she doesn't use genetic engineering just as a science fiction plot device or a background phenomenon as one might see in other books where other motifs are important Whether she is altering the entire human genome as in Nothing Human or tweaking just a single trait as she did here and in Act One Kress considers the implications of her changes in how these altered humans think and behave More importantly she considers how the un altered will react And Kress is writing posthuman fiction set not in the far off future but in the present and in the near future; she is writing about what our lives might be like in a decade or threeSo why did I have so much trouble with Beggars in Spain I was constantly aware of how far through the book I was and I never had that urge to continue reading like I do with books that really grip me To be fair I think I had a similar reaction to Nothing Human Kress' writing style and my reading habits do not exist in perfect harmony and sometimes that happens even with authors whose work I admire on an intellectual or literary level There must be to it than that Otherwise I would feel comfortable giving this book five starsBeggars in Spain has an excellent premise but its plot is unsustainable The tragedy is that the overall story makes a lot of sense and it should work the Sleepless outperform the Sleepers who channel their fear of difference into hatred and bigotry So far so good none of this reuires suspension of disbelief at all because it's a true story that has been repeated far too often in our history It's still happening today Groups fear those who are different and then the fear turns to hate people get stupid and individuals die I don't begrudge Kress the parallels Intention is one thing however and execution is uite anotherThe first part of the book essentially what got published as a novella and won both the Hugo and Nebula for it is great I have few complaints about it The supporting characters are somewhat thin and the family situation is somewhat clichéd Aside from that however Kress nicely portrays an American society struggling to deal with the rising population of Sleepless among them The nascent internal divisions among the network of Sleepless is intriguing and Kress follows up on this in the rest of the bookThere are two problems with the rest of the book and their names are Leisha Cambden and Jennifer Sharifi Leisha is the main character theoretically the protagonist though she does not do much protagonizing Although seeing the world through Leisha's Sleepless yet compassionate eyes is interesting Leisha as a person is rather dull and credulous She talks a lot about Yagaiism and contracts a

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Beggars in SpainUst to a growing pool of people who not only have percent time to work and study than normal humans but are also highly intelligent and in Beggars in PDFEPUBperfect health The Sleepless gradually outgrow their welcome on Earth and their children escape t I read this original short story version of this title in July of this year I was sufficiently impressed that I ordered the novelized version through interlibrary loan and I’m glad that I read both versions Ms Kress really managed to flesh out the ideas better when she had a bit elbow roomNow I love to sleep It is one of the basic human pleasures and when I have occasional bouts of wakefulness during the night I am pretty cranky the next day I have never ever wished to do without sleep although sometimes during particularly exciting periods of my life I’ve declared that I’ll sleep when I’m dead I once had a coworker who just hated the idea of sleep—like Roger Camden father of our main character Leisha in this novel she thought sleep was a complete waste of time Each night she would try to shave off minutes of sleep working her way towards eliminating it And she completely failed because sleep is really really important to our health See Why We Sleep Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams for an excellent discussion of these ideas It really is the basis for avoiding illness and being able to reason and make sensible decisionsThe one thing that bothered me about the assumptions in this work was the conflation of not needing sleep with increased intelligence It was my understanding that parents in the book could choose eitheror for their genetically modified offspring Just because a child was one of the Sleepless didn’t necessarily mean that they would be super smart or would have driving ambition I guess those options were almost always chosen together And much longer life was an accidental genetic change much likely to cause envy in my opinionOne other assumption annoyed me—why would being extremely smart curtail a person’s compassion This whole idea that the rest of humanity consisted of beggars not only not pulling their own weight but relying on others for their support Leisha although she appears to be emotionally stunted maintains that everyone has their place in the economic ecosystem as people actually do in our world I am left to suppose that the genes for sleep or lack of the need for it andor intelligence would somehow also affect the genes for feeling emotion not a proposition that I acceptDespite these misgivings I found the book to be an interesting exploration of intolerance including taking it to the extremes to see what could happen There is of course the old warning against messing around with genetics without fully realizing the conseuences and then our new demographic group goes on to repeat the pattern That particular ‘message’ is becoming a bit boring honestly but I still enjoy a book in which it is approached with a new twist such as this oneBook number 294 in my Science Fiction Fantasy Reading Project

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EPUB æ MOBI Beggars in Spain · 9780060733483 ´ DANPASHLEY Í ❮Reading❯ ➽ Beggars in Spain Author Nancy Kress – Danpashley.co.uk In this future some people need no sleep at all Leisha Camden was genetically modified at birth to reuire no sleep and her normal twin Alice is the cO an orbiting space station to set up their own society But Leisha and a few others remain behind preaching acceptance for all humans Sleepless and Sleeper alike With the conspiracy and revenge that unwinds the world needs a little preaching on tolerance I read the novella version of this last year and the first novel of the Sleepless trilogy includes and expands on it this was one of the books from my speed dating project in April Those with a lot of money at their disposal have been able to genetically modify their children in utero for looks abilities and one in particular taking away the need for sleepImagine what you could accomplish if you never needed to sleep and you suffered no medical issues due to its lack The Sleepless can complete schooling uickly hold down multiple responsibilities and contribute to society in great and innovative waysIt doesn't take long for factions to develop between the Sleepers and the Sleepless This is basically four time periods ending with SuperSleeper children living in an orbital the Sanctuary set up by many of the Sleepless remaining Interesting ideas strong exploration of the ramifications of those ideas and it ends with a different group of the Sleepless coming together It is tempting to pick up #2ETA This book was discussed on Episode 062 of the Reading Envy Podcast