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Enforce Eagle Elite #15 Book Ï 386 pages µ ☉ Enforce Eagle Elite #15 PDF / Epub ❤ Author Rachel Van Dyken – Danpashley.co.uk There’s two sides to every storyAnd ours Isn't prettyThen again what's pretty about the mafia Trace Rooks that’s what But she only wants one of us and I'll kill him before I let him have her TLl him before I let him have her The only problem We're cousins And she may just be our long lost enemy Whoever said college was hard clearly didn't attend Eagle I am NEVER disappointed reading one of Rachel's books especially the Eagle Elite series Enforce is book 15 in this mafia story and it is the male POV's MmmhmmmmAlthough some of us have already read books 1 and 2 of this series this book gives a look into the men's brains when things went down and also fills in some gapsI don't want to give anything away but Rachel is brilliant If we would have had Nixon's point of view through the beginning of this action packed twisty love story we wouldn't have built up so much grrrr for himWell done Mrs Van Dyken This addition to a well loved series will make a reader fall in love with these men even harder Krissy 5 Blood in no out stars

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There’s two sides to every storyAnd ours Isn't prettyThen again what's pretty about the mafia Trace Rooks that’s what But she only wants one of us and I'll ki I honestly didn’t intend to read this book I’m not one of those readers who dislikes a book to then go on to read and slam the next one and so on and so forthI didn’t like the previous book Elite so I was done Or so I thought but I couldn’t settle on anything else I started and uit several books this weekend and so I returned to thisThis is in my opinion a better book than Elite It answered some of my uestions and gave a rounded view of eventsI’m not a fan of love triangles in fact I’d you as far as saying I avoid them if possible So things were stacked against this from the beginning but I wanted to give it a fair shotWhile I liked this book it still felt like kids playing at being grown ups Seriously Imagine taking every single rich kid with a daddy god complex and placing them —no scratch that —locking them in a fifty mile radius Oh and giving them as much money as they want without a curfew Right it was like Sodom and Gomorrah up in hereI’m not surprised Tracey cries so much even her grandpa used her I only meant to appease my dying wife while at the same time allowing Trace to be used as bait only if necessary

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Enforce Eagle Elite #15Elite University Welcome to hell also known as the Mafia where blood is thicker than life and to keep yours Well keep your friends close and your enemiesEven clos 45 StarsReview by Lisa KaneI love Rachel's Eagle Elite series and this one didn't disappoint There were many times in Elite that I wondered just what was going through Chase and Nixon's minds especially when they would blow so hot and cold with Trace Enforce fills in all those gaps Being inside Chase Nixon Phoenix and Tex's head can really mess with you They are so jaded and violence is such a part of their DNA that sometimes the reader has to take a step back and take a minute But these are our guys the ones we have come to love from this series and we have accepted them warts and allMy heart broke for Phoenix he has so many different sides to him but he is one tortured character and for Chase but since I've read the series I knew he would get his HEAThis is a great addition to the series loved it