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Silk Roads Characters Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ê [KINDLE] ❀ Silk Roads By P. Frankopan – Light wear to cover Shipped from the UK All orders received before 3pm sent that weekday Light wear to cover Shipped from the UK All orders received before pm sent that weekday.D before pm sent that weekday. I liked this book It's a very well balanced account of trade between individuals nations and political systems over thousands of years and as such it's uite long from about the halfway point on I was starting to tire but persevered This is why I'm making it a four star read not uite fiveThe writing isn't uite as vivid as say Gibbon's Rise and Fall You're not uite there on the Silk Road the same way Gibbon put you in the Roman agora But this book is important for a different reason It's one of very very few books from any culture that takes global trade as a whole without being biased towards one culture or viewpoint which makes it deeply admirableFrankopan has made a genuine effort to be even handed across thousands of years of history and does so very well The rise of the West is seen in its proper context as a fairly recent event coming after centuries of Asian dominance It's in the early chapters that the book feels strongest with the most vivid anecdotes and stories At the halfway point it loses a lot of colour so it's a struggle to finishBut carry on once done you'll be pleased you did

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Light wear to cover Shipped f. An interesting start gives way as the book progresses to an increasingly bizarre and hysterical insistence that the premise of the thing is relevant when it is clearly not True from late antiuity through the early modern era central Asia when not the heart was at least the crossroads of the world or at least the Eurasian world; the book suggests that the Americas outside of the United States and most of Africa have little relevance to mankind However in screaching to claim central Asia’s central place in the world the author resorts to strange and deperate means For one thing his definition of central Asia eventaully stretches from well into China westwards well into North Africa In the author’s view Israel is of tertiary relevance to the modern history of the Middle East The list of distortions and deceptions most probably self deceptions built on a world perception distorted by the lens of the British Empire and modern academic faddihness is too long and ridiculous to dwell on Suffice it to say a perspective on how the silk road and the territory surrounding it affected world culture is adventageous However it won’t be found here as the author passes from assertion to fantasy in making his case through the book and the reader is left wanting

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Silk RoadsRom the UK All orders receive. The scope of this book is immense taking us from the battles between Ancient Greece and Persia up to the present day It is both illuminating and depressing to be reminded that in the last 2000 plus years of human history so little has changedInternational trade has enriched us in the West and made the elites in other corners of the world very wealthy but with that wealth comes exploitation ineuality and the great games of empires who seek advantage at the expense of human livesThere are no answers here but there are lessons We are all connected and interdependent