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characters ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Julia Fox In’s Ferdinand and Isabella whose family ties remained strong despite their separation Looking through the lens of their Spanish origins Fox reveals these ueens as flesh and blood women euipped with character intelligence and conviction who are worthy historical figures in their own rightWhen they were young ueens The Noble Tragic Lives ePUB #232 Juana’s and Katherine’s futures appeared promising They had secured politically advantageous marriages but their dreams of love and power uickly dissolved and the unions for which they’d spent their whole lives preparing were fraught with duplicity and betrayal Juana the elder sister ueens The Noble Tragic Lives ePUB #232 unexpectedly became Spain’s sovereign but her autho. I won't read anything by this author Sadly this is not good history; she makes far too many inferences that can't be verified and then refers to them later in the text as if they were established fact She writes very readably but often seems unsure whether she is writing fiction or history it is meant to be straight history telling us how this one or that one was feeling or may have felt She managed to sueeze in a reference to Prince Charles and Lady Di's wedding which I thought uite bizarre Fox is no trailblazer She peddles a lot of uncritically repeated 'accepted history' Yet another historian who describes Richard III as having usurped the throne and declared his nephews controversially illegitimate How any historian writing today can present this as if it were fact astounds me I know she is writing about Henry VII's reign but she doesn't have to use his propaganda I refer the reader to Titulus Regius 1484 in which Richard was elected to the throne This is on record and well known so it's pure sloppiness at best to refer to the 'usurpation' My bee in the bonnet about Richard aside she repeats a lot of 'accepted' stories My main complaint is her telling us how someone felt when we actually have no idea of that person's internal life That is not history it is tittle tattleI would suggest she should become a gossip columnist I find it amusing that the other book of hers I had planned to read was about Jane Rochford; hardly a woman of unblemished reputation with regard to gossip I read Hilary Mantel's review of it just now and I think I will leave it alone Mantel refers to Fox as a serious historian who is loath to make her books too light I would think she could have done the opposite in this book

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characters Sister ueens The Noble Tragic Lives of Katherine of Aragon and Juana ueen of Castile 109 Ë ➛ [KINDLE] ❅ Sister ueens The Noble Tragic Lives of Katherine of Aragon and Juana ueen of Castile By Julia Fox ➥ – The history books have cast Kath Rity was continually usurped first by her husband and later by her son Katherine a young widow after the death of Prince Arthur of Wales soon remarried his doting brother Henry and later became a key figure in a drama that altered England’s religious landscapeOusted from the positions of power and influence they had been groomed for and separated from their children Katherine and Juana each turned to their rich and abiding faith and deep personal belief in their family’s dynastic legacy to cope with their enduring hardships Sister ueens is a gripping tale of love duty and sacrifice a remarkable reflection on the conflict between ambition and loyalty during an age when the greatest sin it seems was to have been born a wom. I received this book as part of the first reads program from goodreadsThis book tells the story of two remarkable women that were sisters who became the ueen of England and the ueen of CastileThe book covers of Katherine of Aragon than it does Juana of CastileJuana of Castile doesn't have as many historical records and accounts left for us today as Katherine does so I found that to not be the fault of the authorThis book was well researched by the author and written in the manner of a historical fiction than a dry history bookI truly loved this book and have read many books about Henry the VIII and Katherine of Aragon yet this writer still taught me a thing or twoI loved reading the parts about Katherine's wedding to Authur because the author painted a very vivid account of the grand scale of what was involved and who was present to the clothes they were wearing and the cost involvedKatherine and Juana came from an amazing and powerful family and in this book you get to learn about them as wellThis book is not just about the sisters themselves but about the most powerful men and women ruling Europe during the timeI highly recommend this book to anyone that loves historyroyalsor historical fictionI have to say Julia Fox did an amazing job with this book and I look forward to reading from this authorI give it 5 starts for the ease of reading and the research that went into this wonderful book

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Sister ueens The Noble Tragic Lives of Katherine of Aragon and Juana ueen of CastileThe history books have cast The Noble eBook #9734 Katherine of Aragon the first ueen of King Henry VIII of England as the ultimate symbol of the Betrayed Woman cruelly tossed aside in favor of her husband’s seductive mistress Anne Boleyn Katherine’s sister Juana of Castile wife of Philip of Burgundy and mother of Sister ueens PDF the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V is portrayed as “Juana the Mad” whose erratic behavior included keeping her beloved late husband’s coffin beside her for years But historian Julia Fox whose previous work painted an unprecedented portrait of Jane Boleyn Anne’s sister offers deeper insight in this first dual biography of ueens The Noble PDFEPUB #233 Katherine and Juana the daughters of Spa. Katherine of Aragon is known for suffering in the hands of Henry VIII or accurately because of Anne Boleyn Juana “the Mad” is known for simply being crazy and spending 46 years incarcerated resulting in us never knowing what the Spanish Empire had been like had she been able to rule in her right at least her descendents spanned two centuries There is to these two sisters however Julia Fox attempts to show their characteristics and legacies in “Sister ueens”Fox’s “Sister ueens” begins in a very colorful and illustrated manner which can satisfy the reader whom doesn’t welcome overly scholarly history books however; it can also be perceived as too narrative and fictional This is cemented by Fox’s tendency to describe thoughts and emotions than annotated facts For instance as early as page 14 Fox asserts that “Katherine shared her mother’s joy” and on page 16 states “Katherine and Juana would have seen” These are comments which have no factual merit Fox’s writing style is simply better suited for a historical fiction novel in which she could implore glitter and emotionally packed statements In fact I could see it as a strong bookit just isn’t best used for history per se “Sister ueens” is very fast paced which also relates to the historical fiction like attributes This results in an easy to read page turner However there is a veil between the reader and Katherine and Juana Fox’s work is of a historical re telling of events than a strong biographyportrait and there is a blockage to become close to the sisters as they are less in the fore front of events in terms of their personal psyche The essence of “Sister ueens” and Fox’s writing style is better targeted toward newer readers to the lives of Katherine and Juana For those versed there isn’t any new information and the book is of a light refresher course Although seemingly minor I was uite annoyed by the constant habit of beginning a sentence with the word “and” and calling Margaret Beaufort the “King’s Mother” every time she was addressed This then continued with calling Mary Henry’s sister the “French ueen” The use of uotations with these names simply degrades their roles Diving further on Fox’s language; it is oftentimes too flowery to take seriously Plus her vocabulary is rather narrow constantly using the same words such as “extant” Fox suffers from learning a new word and trying to incorporate its use into every line Another annoying feature Each chapter begins and ends with a character epitapheulogy Fox tries much too hard to create a cliff hanger leading into the next chapter but in reality the efforts are over the top As “Sister ueens” progresses it sadly forgets about Juana Clearly there are resources available regarding Katherine’s life but the book is supposed to be a duel biography and is not convincing Juana barely received ¼ coverage and is hardly mentioned during the second half Fox’s goal of presenting Katherine and Juana as strong but tragic figures fell short In fact they were almost desensitized The major irony of Fox’s work was her attempt to show the sisters’ links to each other with not only their blood bond but through the events of their lives and yet Fox stressed how they barely spoke or knew about one another’s trials and tribulations At least from an accuracy standpoint “Sister ueens” wasn’t terribly ill conceived Although I did come across some small errors mostly chronologydates and an error is an error no matter what its size; overall the facts were solid although I do wish some new facts were unearthed However some minor views were aggravating such as Anne Boleyn’s coronation being portrayed as a happy feast for the Londoners when in reality they weren’t that impressed and even joked about the “HA” look of Henry and Anne’s intertwined initials Although I would have liked Juana facts there were some Katherine areas which could have been captivating had they been further explored and executed such as Fox’s interest in whether Katherine’s letter written to Henry during her final hours was indeed authentic or not The Notes were not up to my personal par as they weren’t organized in an easily identifiable way and neither was the Bibliography split into primary and secondary resources like most books of this nature But that is just me nit picking Despite my long list of complaints “Sister ueens” isn’t terrible as I did finish it and I did NOT skim It is also much enjoyable than Fox’s “Jane Boleyn” Fox’s writing style and works are suggested for those newer to the topic or for a little breathing reprieve for the brains of the Tudor obsesses Just don’t expect hard hitting world rocking facts