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eBook · ePub Silver Hair ê Say Goodbye to the Dye and Let Your Natural Light Shine Free º danpashley Ò ➳ Silver Hair: Say Goodbye to the Dye and Let Your Natural Light Shine: A Handbook Read ➻ Author Join or create book clubs – Danpashley.cAnd after photos of real women Going silver is not just about a certain look or saving time and money at the stylistits about fulfilling a deeper desire for authenticity empowerment and the freedom to be oneself at any age So lets get startedFeaturingThe many perks of naturally silver hairStyle and beauty to play up the silverToners and color blendingAvoiding the skunk lineHair care routinesDIY recipes including Lavender and Verbena Herbal Hair TonicFace framing silver strea Loads of american style chatty testimonial case studies with beforeduringafter photos useful but biased to curly haired women But lacking in british style text box summariestablesdiagramsscience Could have done with an overall table summarising pros and cons of different approaches to embracing the grey Also needs detail on make upclothing styles for grey hair with different skin and eye tones this chapter very minimal and disappointing Some of the 'during transition' photos looked horrendous and the women said they'd covered up with hats for a few months hardly practical when we spend most of our time indoors with friendsfamilywork colleagues that we want to look half decent in front off total strangers in the street are not so much of a concern

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D makeup to accentuate any shade of gray With uniue treatments and techniues from hair guru Lorraine Massey Silver Hair is a call for celebrating and enhancing your natural radiance with thrilling results Welcome to the inspiring guide for every woman whos ready to find her true colors Written by the authors of the national bestseller Curly Girl here is everything you need to know from going gray stylishly to living silver gorgeously including Silver Lining Stories and before In this book Lorraine teaches you how to grow your hair out naturally and say goodbye to dye and harsh chemicals I haven't dyed my hair in about 6 months I still have most of the color I was born with but I really wanted to honor my hair and who I am as a woman Now I have natural silver highlights I wanted to learn how to be natural and authentic The book helps you no matter what stage of the process you are in Lorraine will encourage and provide tips on how to be successful and feel confident

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Silver Hair Say Goodbye to the Dye and Let Your Natural Light Shine A HandbookDISCOVER THE POWER of Silver Whether youre naturally graying weaning yourself off the dye or coveting the chic #grannyhair trend your hair will shine with this empowering guide Here are step by step tips on letting nature take its courseor using lowlights highlights blending and toning to transition with minimal drama and avoid a skunk line Tips on haircuts tricks for the best care conditioning is crucial Products including the DIY variety Plus the most flattering clothing an I pre ordered this book almost a year ago back in March of 2017 and am so happy that it's finally out Although I've already transitioned to my silver hair and just passed my three year dye free anniversary this is such an invaluable resource for those who are thinking about transitioning for those who are in the process and also for those who have already finishedIf you're not familiar with Lorraine Massey she's the author of Curly Girl The Handbook and the creator of the Deva Curl line of hair products Her book helped launch the Curly Girl Method of not using silicones or sulfates on your hair and helped me make the transition to embracing my natural waves when I first discovered her book over seven years ago This new book does the same thing for the silver hair movement that her previous book did for the curly hair movement and is a wonderful guide to embracing your natural silver hairThe book is organized into several main sections The Glories of Being Silver explains the benefits of going dye free Enlightened provides suggestions for how to grow out your hair without adding any chemicals The Highs and Lows of Transitioning explains how you can use highlights and lowlights to help with the growing out process Silver Streaks explains how adding a few streaks can help make the transition easier Pixie Magic shows examples of how cutting your hair short can help start the process Dyeing to Be Silver highlights no pun intended how adding silver can jump start the transition Glorious Grey to Stay includes homemade recipes to help keep your hair healthy and shiny especially if you want to avoid silicones and sulfates Silver Wear covers how to select clothes and makeup for your new coloringWhat's great about this breakdown is that it covers all the various techniues that are out there for transitioning so that you can make the best decision as to how you want to go about it For me personally when starting the transition process I had considered adding highlights or going for a pixie cut but decided in the end to cut about 13 inches off my waist length hair and to gradually grow it out The first few months when it looked like I was just lazy about coloring my roots and had a skunk stripe as it's called going on were the hardest but using different styling techniues and cutting off most of my hair made the process easier for me After initially cutting it to that shoulder length lob about ten months in I decided to get it cut to just below my earsThe last two chapters are especially invaluable and I also love how many photos are included throughout the book to show what the process looks like on so many different women Seeing photos provides motivation and makes the process seem less scary It helps to know what to expect as you start this journeyAs mentioned at the start of my review I just passed the three year mark of being dye free When I made the decision to stop dying my hair at the age of 43 only a small handful of my friends were supportive; most told me that letting my silvers sparkle would age me and there were only a few books out there that helped with the process I decided to trust my instincts and stop dyeing and have been so happy with that decision Although I have much less grey than I thought I did and it seemed to take so long to grow out the process helped me learn a lot about myself The decision to stop coloring is such a personal one; many women stop because they can no longer handle the fumes or because they have allergic reactions to the chemicals in the dye For me it started because I wanted to move away from chemical color and had been doing my own henna for a few years but it had stopped covering the grey I finally realized that I also wanted to dismantle the stereotype that women can't look chic and youthful when they embrace their greys Whatever your epiphany or ah ha moment is this book can help you through those rough patches that are bound to crop upHere are a few other tips while transitioning If you're on Facebook consider joining some of the grey hair groups that are out there Checking in and seeing the process and the finished looks helped keep me on course during the process and kept me from wavering Take monthly progress photos It helps motivate you to see how you are making progress even when it may not feel that way Warning when you were dying your hair it seemed like it would grow so uickly and you always had to color your roots but when you're growing it out time seems to slooooow way down Start a Pinterest board of inspirational women with silver locks When I felt my resolve wavering and to be honest it's happened even recently looking at those photos helped remind me that silver hair doesn't age you I still pin new looks and images of silver goddesses to inspire me Check out blogs and websites for ideas Lauren of How Bourgeois in particular has some wonderful posts about the process as well as tricks for styling your hair during the grow out process Her half up style was my go to to help hide the demarcation lineMy hairstylist who does Deva cuts for curly hair said that Lorraine Massey may also be coming out with a line of hair products for silver hair and I sure hope that she doesWherever you're at in your journey I'd recommend getting this book The information is so helpful and important and I know I will return to this book again and again for ideas just as I do with the Curly Girl The Handbook Lorraine if you're reading this review thank you for shining your light on us and providing us with such wonderful information