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Er from finding true love Following a drug related arrest Angela is out of rehab and trying to make a fresh start in life Will Ben be able to trust Angela and the God who promises to make her new God has a special place for everyone

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Kansas Weddings Inspirational Romance ReadersContemporary Romance Three Kansas women have difficult decisions to make and burdens to bear After losing her parents in a fatal accident Marin must take care of her brother who has Downs syndrom Kansas weddings is a collection of three contemporary romance novellas by Kim Vogel Sawyer All of the stories drew me in and all of them bought this reader to tears There's a mixture of emotions weaved into all three stories that the author uses to make her Christian Fiction seem real Kansas Weddings is one of Kim's earliest writings Dear John Marin Brooks has just graduated from college when both her parents die in an auto accident The care of her Down syndrome brother has become her responsibility along with running her father's advertising business She struggles under the heavy load she's been handed in her life All Johns life up to this point has been sheltered from the public Family and friends advise Marin to put John in a home How can she run a business and take care of John too She wants to keep John at home with her Can she find a way to make things work and keep John with her That Wilder Boy Rocky Wilder had been a bully during his school years He picked on smaller weaker students who had trouble defending themselves against his attacks He even got caught stealing and was sent to a detention center for a while In his young adult years he excepted Christ as his personal Saviour and tried to turn his life around to make up for all those years he'd hurt people Carrie Mays step daughter of a very wealthy man works as a temporary fill in as manager of a assisted living community Rocky works there as a landscaper and grounds keeper They meet and are attracted to each other almost almost immediately Carrie just wants a man who desires to be with her because he likes her and not be motivated by her money When Rocky learns who Carrie really is he feels inferior to her Like he can never measure up to her level Can anything come of this relationship or will they fall apart Promising Angela Angela Fischer has it all Wealth good looks and popularity Then she falls into the wrong crowd and starts using drugs She gets arrested at a party where she has supplied drugs to her friends She must go through rehab then do community service for eight months She gets sent to work at New Beginnings where she must work with disabled people in order to train them for job placement Angela feels uncomfortable working around disabled people She's never experienced anything like this before Besides this the manager Ben Atchison doesn't seem to trust her Can Angela resist the temptation to hang out with her old friends who still do drugs Can she be strong enough to overcome this desire and rely on God's strength to stay clean I won a signed copy from the author in a giveaway on Facebook I was not asked to do a review but choose to do so since I found the book to be an interesting and worthwhile read I have been honest in this review on how I felt about the book and have rated it accordingly

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DOC ´ READER Kansas Weddings ´ Inspirational Romance Readers FREE î KIM VOGEL SAWYER Â ➽ [Download] ✤ Kansas Weddings (Inspirational Romance Readers) By Kim Vogel Sawyer ➲ – Contemporary Romance Three Kansas women have difficult dE Will she open herself up to a caregiver named Philip and provide her brother a chance for a real life Carrie is about to receive a large inheritance and is afraid the newfound money will keep h This is the first Kim Vogel Sawyer book I haven't loved after reading it I suppose it's mostly because the stories are set in modern times I generally like to read historical fiction But I didn't hate it either although I felt like the main female characters in all three stories were a lot alike Maybe it was intended that way