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It's 1940 In a small advertising agency in Soho London Catrin Cole writes snappy lines for Vida Elastic and So Bee Fee gravy browning But the nation is in peril all skills are transferable and there's a place in the war effort for those wh Dunkirk at the OdeonI so loved Lissa Evans' recent novel Crooked Heart about a precocious boy and crafty woman making common cause in the London Blitz that I immediately ordered this earlier book set in the same period Besides I was tickled by the title and its cheeky rewriting of Churchill's famous phrase about the Battle of Britain heroes Only it is not so cheeky as it sounds for Evans' subject is the making of a patriotic movie about Dunkirk and ninety minutes in those days was the standard running timeEvans credits Norman Longmate's How We Lived Then for sparking her interest in the home front in WW2 But she has clearly absorbed a lot of novels movies and magazines of the period for she has got the language and stock types down pat It is the same seam that Kate Atkinson mined in Life After Life the popular literature of my own childhood Evans has just about as many plot shifts and rapid gear changes as Atkinson but she uses them for comedy This is after all the world of make believe advertising propaganda entertainment what's the difference? And just about anyone can come along and stick their oar in So the story of two twin girls who stole their father's boat to assist in the rescue at Dunkirk gets made whether the basic facts are true or not But they have to add a gallant Tommy boyfriend the rescue of an abandoned French dog a drunken uncle who nonetheless manages to save the day despite being mortally wounded—and oh yes at the last minute insistence of the War Office a handsome American journalist wished upon the all Brit Dunkirk in the hopes of persuading the United States to enter the warAll this is very funny actually and the typed sections of screenplay that pepper the pages look pretty authentic They are the work of a lonely bachelor named Buckley his colleague Parfitt who supplies the gags and increasingly a twenty year old girl named Catrin just up from Wales who gets recruited to do the women's dialogue otherwise known as slop Catrin who has many resources than first appears is the nearest thing to a protagonist the book has and the story is always interesting when she is on screen But she is only one of a large number of characters among them an aging enormously conceited moderately talented and tiresome actor his hard pressed agent an unmarried woman who works for Madame Tussaud's and gets roped in to the wardrobe department and a mild mannered male virgin in his thirties who somehow becomes military adviser on the film Of course the large cast of lovable or at least bizarre comic types is also typical for films of this era as is the addition of a spoonful or two of pathos and a pinch of tragedy to the general comedy so Evans is right on the money But I still prefer the tighter focus of her recent novel2017 Two movies have recently brought this back into focus One is the blockbuster Dunkirk a big screen look at the evacuation technically brilliant but almost totally lacking the human touches that—Evans is right—would have been essential to a film at that time I found it dry and emotionally unaffecting The other is the movie adaptation of this novel called simply Their Finest I liked this even than Evans's original It reduced the number of characters and incidents but made them realistic less blatantly comic The result was a finer balance between comedy and drama still a minor film perhaps but often uite moving

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Their Finest Hour and a HalfBut largely fabricated 'true story' about rescue and romance on the beaches of Dunkirk And as bombs start to fall on London she discovers that there's just as much drama comedy and passion behind the scenes as there is in front of the came Set during the blitz a screenwriter writes a script for a film about Dunkirk There are many uirky and endearing characters with lots of humor and sadness Outstanding

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read kindle ¾ Their Finest Hour and a Half Ñ Hardcover Å lissa evans ¼ ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Their Finest Hour and a Half By Lissa Evans ✐ – It's 1940 In a small advertising agency in Soho London Catrin Cole writes snappy lines for Vida Elastic and So BeeO have a knack with wordsCatrin is conscripted into the world of propaganda films After a short spell promoting the joy of swedes for the Ministry of Food she finds herself writing dialogue for 'Just an Ordinary Wednesday' a heart warming This book is just about perfect expertly written in a style reminiscent of the literary fashions of the 1940s; full of wonderful characters that begin as stereotypes and take on flesh in an extraordinary way; expertly plotted and paced with each development and surprise perfectly timed; unsentimental yet full of feeling; painstakingly researched; and on top of all that it tells an absolutely fascinating storyThat story is set in 1940 41 and tells of the making of a British propaganda film about an incident that allegedly took place during the Allied withdrawal from Dunkirk Three plot lines intertwine The first features a fading former leading man in B grade British films of the 1930s who has not yet realized that his career has tanked; he’s a typical second rate thespian all vanity and superficiality and contempt for humanity at large The second follows the career of a plain shy lonely seamstress who works in the wardrobe department at Madame Tussauds the famous London wax museum and has a tendency to attract German bombs The third storyline centres on a young pretty Welsh woman the taken for granted mistress of a famous painter who uits her copywriter’s job at a moribund advertising agency to go and work for the Ministry of Information as a scriptwriter on propaganda films It is her determination to turn the Dunkirk incident into a film that tells the ‘truth’ about it – not the factual truth which turns out to be somewhat disappointing but an emotional truth – which results in the making of the film on which the plot of the book centres That film incidentally is shot on location on a Norfolk beach and in a somewhat dingy studio in South London Each of these plot lines contains a love story but the point of the story is not the progress of the love affair but the redemption or self realization that results from it Not all of the stories have happy endingsFinally the book contains two really excellent canine characters who are uite as well rounded and memorable as the human ones No kiddie business here; the dogs are dogs not humans in disguise but anyone who knows dogs well will be able to vouch for the veracity of the character drawingAll in all an unualified success I tend to reserve my five star ratings for world changing or life changing books but this novel while it certainly doesn’t fall into that category probably deserves the extra star It really is that good; my compliments to the talented and capable Ms Evans