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read Facundo o civilización y barbarie en las pampas argentinas doc Ê Paperback í ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Facundo o civilización y barbarie en las pampas argentinas By Domingo Faustino Sarmiento ✸ – Ostensibly a biography of the gaucho barbarian Juan Facundo uiroNdo uiroga Facundo is also a complex passionate work of history sociology and poli What a gallery of rogues is presented here than enough to make anyone thank their lucky stars they were not born in Argentina in the first half of the 19th centuryand what a fascinating picture Sarmiento paints of the life of the gaucho on the pampas contrasted with cities like Cordova haunted by superstition and the tread of the Inuisition or outward looking sophisticated mercantile Buenos Airesand the interplay of faction so we get a feel for how the different backgrounds of the participants form their character and beliefs and influence the power struggles which ensue How far our author can be trusted I am not so sure he was perhaps too close in time to the events he describes and too far away morally and philosophically from most of the protagonists to be a wholly trustworthy observer And yet he seems to have been a genuinely Good Thing in sad contrast to the vast majority of the grotesue personalities he describes Now and then a monster like Facundo rapist torturer murderer brigand liar braggart thief comes up against an opponent with better principles and a bigger army But just when you think the repulsive criminal will get his come uppance at last his opponents throw away all the advantages of position numbers and morale by the most extraordinary military ineptitude If there is a common theme which seems to bind all the protagonists in this sorry story it is that they almost all seem to have a combination of suicidal personal bravery with the grossest strategic incompetence At times one just shakes one's head in fascinated disbelief like the account of the general who loses a battle because he is lassoo'd from his horse while leading from the front Don't cry for me Argentina could be Facundo's epitaph but one could weep for the tragedies he caused and not least because their long shadow extends as far as our own dayPS Other GR reviewers make reference to Sarmiento's alleged racism I disagree Yes there are some scornful references to the Indians beyond the southern borders but this is because they are barbarians not because they are Indians per se Sarmiento elevates liberal civilised values as he sees them over barbarism and superstition as exemplified by Facundo and Rosas This is an elitist view but not a racist one the proof of this is Sarmiento's admiration for the black Colonel Barcala Many personalities in this book are brave but only a few are morally admirable and almost none are competent in the discharge of their duties Barcala however is uniue in being all three and has Sarmiento's and my unualified admiration Alas it is no surprise that he meets a sticky end

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Tical commentary and Latin America's most important essay of the nineteenth centur A book filled with somewhat uncomfortable insights to us latin americans regarding politics in newly independent colonies during the first half of the nineteenth century I found it brilliant and can vaguely relate to other reviews labeling Sarmiento as racist or something similar but there's hardly anything to discuss about the extremely lucid explanations he gives on the conflict of methodologies and paradigms when it comes to rule a city or a whole country or even wage war a la americana or a la europea There's nothing I would improve or refute when analyzing or discussing sociological and political topics something that deserves to be praised about this book as its analysis insight and lucidity strikes me as uncommonly clear and direct especially noting its historic moment but I do have to say that the book starts to feel incredibly heavy the moment he starts bombing the pages with not necessarily relevant anecdotes partially or completely unrelated to the tale being told an almost classical tragedy featuring two warlords falling victims of their synthetically separate environments

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Facundo o civilización y barbarie en las pampas argentinasOstensibly a biography of the gaucho civilización y PDF #9734 barbarian Juan Facu Sarmiento makes some cool points He plays a huge role in Argentine history and is responsible for many wonderful aspects of Argentine culture but ultimately I get the feeling he was just kind of a snobby old racist who hated anyone who wasn't a white european wannabe