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read Exercises in French Phonics kindle â ✓ danpashley ¹ [PDF] ✩ Exercises in French Phonics By Francis W. Nachtmann – Exercises in French Phonics Exercises in French Phonics.In Frenc I agree with the other readers that this is a very helpful resource for pronouncing French It will certainly help you a lot with your French pronunciation especially if you use it along with other resources such as Pronounce It Perfectly in French with Audio CDs Pronounce It Perfectly CD Packages These two products will help you improve your French accent tremendously and the resource I mentioned is well organized and comes with a CD you can load on your iPod Another approach that helps is getting a recording of all possible French syllables and drilling them I don't know if anyone packages this but you can certainly find it on UTUBE A digital recorder is also an extremely useful tool along with reading out loud and checking this against native pronunciation You can do this with products such as Easy French Reader wCD ROM A Three Part Text for Beginning Students Easy Reader Series

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Exercises At 79 pages this little one did for me than few other heavier offerings with CD ROMs included In my French studies I got to the level of being able to read an article in say Le Monde but not being able to pronounce any of the words I just readYou can of course try memorizing the spelling of the words as well but this would not get you too far you get overwhelmedSo what I was looking for was a book that would explain me how knowing some rules to pronounce a French word that I've never seen before And this book does that excellentlyTo learn to understand the spoken French you will need audio supplemented material though

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Exercises in French PhonicsH Phonics At our language school in NYC we include a copy of this book when a student signs up for our French Pronunciation workshops It is one of the only books I have ever seen that defies the fact that a phonetics book is an oxymoron How can words on a page in a book help you pronounce things better? This book does a pretty good job Of course we always recommend a class with a teacherbut this book makes their job a lot easier It is so well written