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Read & Download After Alice Fell 109 Û [BOOKS] ✰ After Alice Fell ✺ Kim Taylor Blakemore – Best Kindle, After Alice Fell by Kim Taylor Blake The way the author shows is genius and it really helps me connect with the story. Best Kindle, After Alice Fell by Kim Taylor Blakemore The way the author shows is genius and itLake The way the author shows is genius. I received a complimentary ARC copy of After Alice Fell A Novel by Kim Taylor Blake from NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing in order to read and give an honest review exuisitely written atmospheric and rife with edge of your seat suspense that kept me captivated  Author Kim Taylor Blake gives us a beautifully written suspenseful American gothic tale brimming with family drama secrets and lies Set in 1865 Post Civil War New Hampshire former army nurse and newly widowed Marion Abbott is forced to move in with her newly remarried brother Lionel and his second wife Cathy into their old family home filled with memories Cathy who was best friends with Lionel's first wife Lydia is trying to establish herself as matriarch of her new family and tries hard to create a home for Marion While Marion was working during the war Lionel in her absence was forced to put their mute and disturbed sister Alice in the Brawders House Asylum after he catches Alice hanging his son out of the top floor window by his ankles When Lionel and Marion are summoned to the Asylum on scorching summer day they learn that a despondent Alice has jumped to her death from the roof  Upon preparing for Alice's funeral Marion cannot bear the condition her sister's body is in; bruises and evidence of restraints do not sit right with Marion Reeling from guilt and haunted by memories Marion struggles to believe that her sister committed suicide Marion's thoughts are justified when she is contacted by a witness to the incident who paints a vastly different picture that the one her family had been given Marion is convinced than ever that Alice's death was not of her own doing Driven by sisterly love and overwhelming regret Marion is determined to get to the bottom of what happened even if it puts her in danger of a similar fate  I have been a fan of Kim Taylor Blake since I read and reviewed her novel the The Companion and true to form she has not disappointed with After Alice Fell  Both books have been exuisitely written atmospheric and rife with edge of your seat suspense that kept me captivated to the very last page

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And it really helps me connect with the stor. After Alice Fell is the story of two sisters one who goes to nurse the sick in the Civil War the other to an asylum for the insane shortly thereafter When Marion the nurse returns from the horrors of the war she finds she must face another tragedy the death of her unusual if beloved sister Alice While the asylum doctor rules the tragedy an accident there is a strong indication of suicide—Alice fell from the asylum’s roof What was Alice doing there And who at the asylum is responsible From the beginning pages Marion is after the truth She doesn’t believe her sister took her life She believes someone else did She must also grapple with her own guilt for leaving her sister when Alice needed her mostIn her unending uest for the truth Marion learns that the asylum’s head doctor her sister in law not even her brother—want to drudge up the truth They want to bury it along with Alice for it will only reveal Alice’s increasing derangement and embarrass the family further Marion is having none of it and works relentlessly to find the culprit Once she is admitted by a sympathetic staff member to the asylum’s protected top floor and finds secrets there and uncovers clues Alice left behind for Marion to discover the pace uickens at breakneck speed that kept me turning pages even as I was peeking through my fingers as I readI devoured this darkly vivid tale of death deceit and betrayal Kim Taylor Blake weaves clues like a master but the real genius of the story is where she uses her great powers of misdirection to keep the reader caught up in the suspense Nothing is what it seems Just when you think things can’t get any worse or dangerous for Marion Blake ratchets everything up a notch as the stakes get higher and higher Not to be missed—a crazy ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the startling terrifying endThanks to the author and Lake Union for the advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review

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After Alice FellBest Kindle After Alice Fell by Kim Taylor B. Good Evening My Fellow Book Dragons I have combined Mystery Monday and Time Travel Thursday due to all the internet and computer issues I had last week I do appreciate your hanging in there because this week is a fantastic tale Please remember to look for italicized words so you don’t miss any clues for our Halloween TreatTonight’s Gem is by a well beloved Dragon Feeder here Kim Taylor Blake She has fed us the delicious Gem “The Companion” tonight we are given a delicate Gem of Seafoam and Frost it looks like something a hard breath might whither But it is indeed strong and will withstand a stormThis is “After Alice Fell” This is the story of Marion Abbott who moved back to her brother’s home shortly after the American Civil War A Union Army Nurse and now a War Widow Marion has only her husband’s pension to live on She and her brother are summoned to Brawders House Asylum on a hot summer dayTheir youngest sister has been committed there by Marion’s brother while Marion was away Alice beautiful delicate Alice of the strawberry curls and porcelain skin Alice of the ueer nature and voices only she can here Alice whom only before this Gem could have been conjured by Poe Mr Edgar Allan Poe himself would have done justice to sweet AliceYes my Dearest Book Dragons this is American Gothic at it’s absolute best A Civil War Era Insane Asylum described to Tee The sprawling New Hampshire home of her brother Lionel and his second wife Cathy Cathy who has done over the house his first wife Lydia had put so much time into Cathy who tries to raise Lionel’s small son but seems one minute to be a doting mother and the next a borderline abuser Lionel so hale and thick with cash from the armaments he made for the war now up to his knees in stock and nowhere to sell them And then there is MarionMarion is made of tougher stuff as my old Nan used to call women like her She has backbone she is smart she is crafty in her own right She loves and she hates but she does all in truth If anyone can figure out if Alice committed suicide in her haze filled delirium or if she was murdered surely our Marion can do itKim Taylor Blake is a National Treasure She is our Modern ueen of American Gothic I wait for her books to be forged in whatever old house she lives in somewhere near Sleepy Hollow Oh yes and don’t give me that gobbledygook about her living in Oregon anyone who writes Gothic like this has got to be living in an old Manse with seven gables near the sea with 6 cats and a cavernous cellarDon’t believe me You can win an Audio Copy of her last book The Companion while waiting for this one to come out in March of 2021 How you ask By signing up for her Newsletter here You can preorder “After Alice Fell” for only 499 from now Until tomorrow I remain your humble Book DragonDrakon T Longwitten