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Teatro do OprimidoBoal and his work are marvelous examples of the post modern situation its problems and its opportunities Twice exiled Boal is 'at home' now wherever he finds himself Teatro do eBook #243 to be He makes a skeptical comic inuisitive and finally optimistic theatre involving spectators and performers in the search for community and integrity This is a good book to be used even than to be read Richard SchechnerAugusto Boa. 6 stars Super highly recommended if you are of the type that likes to do things differently If you just like to roll with the roles and chill and float with the times you will not like some of the simple suggestions this book makes about changing the status uo which the world is currently frozen in In a nutshell it’s by a South American dude who suggests the use of theatre to start a revolution He basically surmises that theatre has typically and conventionally been created by the bourgeoisie for a bourgeoisie who then go ahead and foist the ideas they have learnt and come across subliminally and subconsciously and I dare say in some cases consciously onto their seuacious minions who work for them – the common people essentially The book gives multiple examples of how theatre can be used as a blueprint for true revolutionary action The book was published in 1974 when all things were not that hunky dorey in South America and all sorts of dicktators were doing their rounds in that region Boal’s theory was that the physical rehearsal of spectators getting up off their backsides in theatres and directing and potentially even joining in the plays could be a precursor for them to act our larger and directed forms of resistance in the real world When you read something cool you may post it on Facebook twitter and wait patiently for all the likes and feel vaguely happy about your proactive cyber self When you act out an action in some form of theatre environment you have rehearsed the act itself –it’s a step close to carrying out the real thing Some of the key bits in the book were as follows• Poetry is the first lesson that the State must teach the child; poetry is superior to philosophy because the latter is addressed to a minority while the former is addressed to the masses’ Plato on the contrary thought that the poets should be expelled from a perfect republic because ‘poetry only makes sense when it exalts the figures and deeds that should serve as examples; theatre imitates the things of the world but the world is no than a mere imitation of ideas – thus theatre comes to be an imitation of an imitation’• If there is ineuality no one wants it to be to his disadvantage It is necessary to make sure that all remain if not uniformly satisfied at least uniformly passive with respect to those criteria of ineuality How to achieve this Through the many forms of repression politics bureaucracy habits customs – and Greek tragedy• In the film It Happened One Night in a certain scene the actor Clark Gable takes off his shirt and reveals that he does not wear an undershirt It was enough to bring several manufacturers of this article to bankruptcy as they lost those customers who were members of the various Clark Gable fan clubs and anxious to imitate their idol The theatre influences the spectators not only with respect to clothing but also in the spiritual values that can be inculcated in them through example• We must emphasise What Brecht does not want is that the spectators continue to leave their brains with their hats upon entering the theatre as do bourgeois spectators• Brecht wants the theatrical spectacle to be the beginning of action the euilibrium should be sought by transforming society and not by purging the individual of his just demands and needs Therefore we must repeat catharsis takes away from the character and thus from the spectator who is empathically manipulated by the character his ability to act• In this case perhaps the theatre is not revolutionary in itself but it is surely a rehearsal for the revolution The liberated spectator as a whole person launches into action No matter that the action is fictional; what matters is that it is action I believe that all the truly revolutionary theatrical groups should transfer to the people the means of production in the theatre so that the people themselves may utilise them The theatre is a weapon and it is the people who should wield it• Instead of taking something away from the spectator evoke in him a desire to practise in reality the act he has rehearsed in the theatre The practice of these theatrical forms creates a sort of uneasy sense of incompleteness that seeks fulfilment through real action

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L's achievement is so remarkable so original and so groundbreaking that I have no hesitation in describing the book as the most important theoretical work in the theatre in modern times a statement I make with having suffered any memory lapse with respect to Stanislavsky Artaud or Grotowski Goerge E WellwarthOriginally basing himself at the Arena Stage in Sao Paolo Brazil Augusto Boal developed a series of imaginativ. Yooooo my mind is blown for many reasons although I was sick at my stomach of all the references to European perspectives subject of theatre Reading on I learned and fully understood why those references were so important I won't give away the details but I urge any one who is conerned with the conditions of the impoverished people in their communities and want change to read this book We in the artistic community have power to influence great change and I was encouraged to continue using my talents in this way I hope other artists will read this book and implement the concepts in everything thy do Revolutionary Reading

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Summary Teatro do Oprimido ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¼ [Reading] ➽ Teatro do Oprimido By Augusto Boal – Boal and his work are marvelous examples of the post modern situation its problems and its opportunities Twice exiled Boal is 'at home' now wherever he finds himself to be He makes a skeptical cE theatre exercises which promote awareness of one's social situation and its limitations individual attitudes and even how our bodies are bound by tradition Boal is continued his explorations in Paris where he directed Le CEDITADE Centre d'Etude et de Diffusion des Techniues Actives d'Expression Methode Boal in addition to traveling and lecturing extensively in other countries On MayBoal died at age in Rio de Janeir. This book floored me Taking readers through the historic roots of theater Boal highlights the uses and limitations of the stage explaining Aristotle Machiavelli Hegel and Brecht Studied this book while a community organizer and the theory allowed me to set an organizing context where we could push past the day to day constraints we were living in and reimagine a new theater for our lives