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reader ↠ Slammer AUTHOR Tabatha Vargo Kindle Edition Read á danpashley ê ❰Reading❯ ➸ Slammer Author Tabatha Vargo – READ AT YOUR OWN RISK The last place Christopher Jacobs aka X thought he’d find himself was behind bars Ten years later the boy he used S on a prison employee will get you the hole but some things are worth their punishment and something tells him Lyla will be worth than he bargained for Lyla Evans isn’t sure about her new job at a maximum security prison but showing uncertainty and weakness isn’t an option Taking care of murders and rapist isn’t ideal but survival is key She’s warned ahead of tim 45 X Stars Tabatha Vargo delivered her best writing to date while going very dark for her fans The story mostly takes place at a maximum security penitentiary where our heroine Lyla meets inmate X Evil radiated from him even though he had a face that was obviously chiseled by angels The two develop a hot chemistry and fall in love as our nurse falls for the convicted murderer and feared prisoner The story is told in alternating povs and the author sure did her homework gifting a very believable prison setting with terrific characters and plot Lyla feels that Christopher has been wrongly imprisoned how else could she want someone so very bad? She starts snooping around and puts her own life in danger looking to prove his innocence Finding out he wasn't the monster everyone thought he was would make me feel a lot better about that desire The story had very hot scenes with a well developed relationship and one SAD and TWISTED ending hea or no hea view spoilernope no hea hide spoiler

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E about a prisoner named X but when she’s attacked it’s the dangerous X that saves her Fraternizing with the prisoners is forbidden but sometimes the most forbidden things are the sweetest WARNING This book is NOT for the faint of heart If you have issues reading about abuse physical or mental then please DO NOT read this book 18 for sexual content language and violen 4 Stars Damn this books was different for sure I kinda loved it I mean yes it’s twisted and sad and right there at the end it kinda makes the creep factor sky rocket but not every story is perfect or ends in a happy tone Most people live lives that are tainted by their choices desires or biology and in this book you got all 3 It’s not the kinda thing you read every day and I need to pick up a rom com just to cleanse the palate but I’m glad I picked this nonetheless I was heartbroken for Chris tho its one thing when we have agency over our actions and we control our decisions be them bad or good and it’s a completely different thing to battle with yourself and know that you are literally your own enemy As for Lyla well she’s the best example for the cliche “you don’t choose who you fall for” and her life takes a different path from there onwards

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Slammer AUTHOR Tabatha VarREAD AT YOUR OWN RISK The last place Christopher Jacobs aka X thought he’d find himself was behind bars Ten years later the boy he used to be is gone In his place is the shell of a man with murder under his belt Any emotion he once had was left under the gavel when he was given life in prison That is until the new nurse in the infirmary joins the block Putting your hand An Engrossing Suspenseful And Fast Paced ReadI devoured this book over the course of several hours today This story completely sucked me in and held my attention from start to finish What a ride When Lyla accepts a job as a nurse at a maximum security prison she realizes immediately that she isn't cut out for the job She's too sweet too pretty and far too soft The only thing that keeps her coming back is desperation She needs the money and jobs are hard to come byIn no time she catches the eye of X the most feared and dangerous inmate While she's heard the warnings about him she can't help but be drawn to him His attraction uickly evolves into and he becomes fiercely protective of LylaAfter being rescued by X when he thwarts an assault on Lyla by another inmate she begins to uestion the stories that she's heard She senses an innate goodness in him that doesn't correlate with the crimes he's been found guilty of committing Following her gut she uses her connections to have his case reopened Only the evidence that seems to come to light indicating that he was framed the dangerous her situation becomes Soon she becomes a target and there is little that X can do to protect her from behind barsThis was a fast paced and addictive story I could not put this book down The ending blew me away even though I kind of guessed where it was heading I kept trying to brace myself for what I knew was about to happen but when it happened I still felt shocked and awed It is a stand alone so everything does come full circle and all your uestions will be answeredAnd ohhhh that Epilogue Definitely a book that is worth a read It would have definitely been a 5 star rating for if there hadn't been a fair amount of grammatical errors The story was definitely still enjoyable but the number of missing or incorrect words was mildly distracting