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Download Five Chapter Books 1 Book ´ Systematic Decodable Books for Phonics Readers and Folks with a Dyslexic Learning Style ß pamela brookes Ò ❰Read❯ ➳ Five Chapter Books 1: Systematic Decodable Books fo?t sound out the words However kids who have been taught the phonics in DOG ON A LOG Books can be proud when they are able to sound out and read almost every word Paper books have black and white images The books are optimized for learners with dyslexia They have cream colored paper and large Verdana font Research has shown Verdana is one of the most dyslexia friendly fontsMore DOG ON A LOG BooksDOG ON A LOG Pup Books Before the Suiggle Code Pre Reading Skills The Suiggle Code Learning Letters and Words Kids’ Suiggles First StoriesDOG ON A LOG Parent and Teacher Guides Teaching a Struggling Reader One Mom’s Experience with Dyslexia How to Use Decodable Books to Teach ReadingYou can read the complete DOG ON A LOG Phonics Progression Scope and Seuence at www dot dogonalogbookscomabout dog on a log booksphonics progressionYou can print a copy of the uick Assessment Tool What Step Should We Start With Word List at www dot dogonalogbookscomhow to useassessment toolWATCH FOR MORE STEPS AND BOOKS COMING SO These are in fact readable books if you follow the Wilson reading program the student will be able to read every word The chapter book format is very appealing for struggling readers who want to read books like their peers are reading However this makes them much less engaging and I can’t imagine anybody would want to read them I know controlled reading is part of the Wilson program but I will just stick with the dictation book from the program going forward I find my students are extremely motivated to read books by Mo Willems or Dr Seuss because they are a lot of fun Sadly these books are not so I returned them

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USE DECODABLE BOOKS TO TEACH READINGDOG ON A LOG Books follow a structured literacyOrton Gillingham phonics progressionDOG ON A LOG What Step Should We Start With Word ListHave your child read the following words If they can’t read every word in a Step that is probably the step they should start with For some kids you may want to start at an earlier Step so they can build confidence in their reading abilityStep 1fin mash sock sub cat that Dan’sStep 2less bats tell mall chips whiff fallsStep 3bangs dank honk pings chunk sink gong rungsStep 4silk fluff smash krill drop slim whiskStep 5hunch crate rake tote inch mote limeStep 6child molts fold hind jolt post coldsStep 7strive scrape splint twists crunch prints blendStep 8finish denim within bathtub sunset medic habitStep 9hundred goldfinch free wheat inhale play JoeStep 10be remake spry repeat silo sometime pinwheelMany early reader books or leveled books are written so they cannot be sounded out Kids often struggle and grow frustrated when they can? The book is decodable but a little too much of a baby book for my eight year old his word not mine Perhaps would be better for a younger kid

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Five Chapter Books 1 Systematic Decodable Books for Phonics Readers and Folks with a Dyslexic Learning Style DOG ON A LOG Chapter Book Collection5 books in 1The DOG ON A LOG Book series helps kids including kids with dyslexia learn to read They are sound out books that start with just a few phonics rules Each following Step of books adds a fewphonics rules and sight words This gradual progression lets kids learn to read without feeling so overwhelmed The word list below will help you decide where in the series your child should start For added practice free printable game boards flashcards handwriting sheets andcan be downloaded from dogonalogbookscomThe purple Let's GO books have less text for new or less confident readers The red chapter books are longer forreading practice Kids enjoy these stories that getcomplex and longer asphonics are added throughout the seriesBooks can be purchased individually or as collection volumes This is a collection volume of five Step 1 Chapter BooksThe “Look Inside” feature will help you see if this book is right for your childAdditional information on using this series is available in the kindle book HOW TO It is very encouraging to see the attention to detail in following a proven learning style These books will be a big help for dyslexic readers to advance their reading skills I found the text engaging and the pictures interesting Great work on the author's part to addressing the need for reading literature In addition the printables are intriguing as additional learning forms Kudos to the author for creating an inexpensive reading series