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Personal StatementGetting into college has never been harder Can't rely on a perfect SAT score or a 5 on your AP Mandarin exam any And field hockey and basketball? Please The real sport is Volunteering Change the world and tell Harvard all about itIn Emmy Award nominee Jason Odell Williams’ hilarious first novel PERSONAL STATEMENT it’s open season on admissions and a Category 3 hurricane is headed for Connecticut Self proclaimed tiger daughter Emily Kim drags her best friend apathetic test taking genius Rani Caldwell to the coastal town of Cawdor where Emily’s sure her humanitarian efforts will make her Harvard application stand out from the pack Problem is so does everyone elseWhen Emily and Rani arrive hundreds of other teenagers including Robert Clinton III gay black and meant for the Sorbonne are already in Cawdor with the same idea Observing the battle royale is Alexis J Gould aide to the Governor and a veteran of the college admissions rat race To the kids in Cawdor it’s This is a really difficult book to write a review for Reading it I was transported a year back when I was slaving over college applications and trying to draft the perfect personal statement What I wouldn't have given for a Hurricane Sandy then just to have something to write aboutI could relate to this story perfectly I could understand the pressure the characters were in with their future on the line the cutthroat competition and the need to excel above and beyond all others that drove them forward The fact that Williams infused a healthy dose of humor to show it surely helped This is a story that deserved to be told and Williams has done an excellent job of it I am usually wary of books written in multiple PoVs because the characters all sound like rinse lather repeat versions of each other Not here Each character's narrative has its own brand of uniueness that belies their personality andcue drumrollThey are NOT one dimensional Also the growth of the characters as they found themselves in the span of the book was smooth believable and completely relatable That is definitely a win win situation for me At the beginning it was sorta confusing with so many characters being introduced separately and me having to keep track of who's who But as their stories got intertwined and the the plot picked up I was completely and wholly hooked This book was unabashedly honest about the selfish workings of the human mind and as much as it made me laugh while showing me this bravo to the author Recommended to anyone who has ever been a student 4 Stars This ebook was provided to me by the publishers in exchange of an honest review

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Not a natural disaster It’s an opportunity Let the games beginADVANCE PRAISE FOR PERSONAL STATEMENT“For the striver and slacker in all of us 'Personal Statement' hits deliciously close to the bone with a mordantly hilarious satire of resume polishing and ambition For anyone who ever inflated a title or wished they did A page turning delight” Sarah Ellison Vanity Fair Contributing Editor and Author of War at The Wall Street Journal“A hilarious take on the merciless winner take all world of college applications A wild book” Tony D'Souza author of Mule“Don’t tell the person you hired to take the SATs for you that you are reading Personal Statement This delightful book has a lot of fun with college mania You will too” Gregg Easterbrook author of The Leading IndicatorsWhip smart and sharply observed Jason Odell Williams' PERSONAL STATEMENT is a hilarious take on the coming of age novel  I couldn't put it down Brenda Janowitz Author RECIPE FOR A HAPPY LIF I’m really glad Personal Statement was written College admissions and competitiveness is not a topic often discussed in fiction even though they define the lives of countless students all over the country The book’s focus on the ambitions of young people was refreshing especially considering how this generation is often referred to as “lazy” or lacking in drive Personal Statement makes it clear that high school students can be incredibly creative and innovative when given the opportunity Another interesting message that I thought came through really clearly in the book was about the students’ lack of any definite goals other than college It’s obvious Emily especially had a lot of energy and talent but seemed to lack any outlet for it other than college This sense of “tunnel vision” amidst so much ambition was one of my favorite aspects of the story Overall I thought the author did a great job communicating the characters’ personal frustrations with so much humorI was very happy with the range of characters in the book but was still left wishing I could have gotten to know them even better Despite the first person points of view I felt the book was missing something in terms of character development A big part of this had to do with how similar all the characters’ internal voices were despite being a very diverse group The repeated use of parenthetical statements largely contributed to this as did many of the pop culture references I was unsure whether or not this was intentional Further the first chapter for each character contained a lot of information about their backgrounds while none of the others did I think the story would work better if this exposition was spread out or expanded upon

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read doc À Personal Statement ↠ Paperback Ý danpashley ê ❮Read❯ ➮ Personal Statement Author Jason Odell Williams – Getting into college has never been harder Can't rely on a perfect SAT score or a 5 on your AP Mandarin exam any And field hockey and basketball?E “In a society where so many kids and families have accepted busyness as a norm it’s refreshing to find a book that inspires us to think deeply about our current culture and how we can create a healthier educational culture for our children And it’s invigorating to see such a call to action come in the form of smart humor and playful self deprecation Personal Statement is a must read for parents educators counselors and students”  Vicki Abeles director of the critically acclaimed documentary film Race to NowhereFour deeply intelligent motivated driven over achievers in a coming of age story and not a single one is a straight white guy This is the kind of diversity that YA fiction so very often lacks It is a breath of fresh air to see such well written well developed compelling characters like this Excellent an air of realism and depth that a lot of realistic YA novels miss Definitely high on my list Give this one a look It’s really fun Fandoms and Feminis Having just gone through the college application process last year with my daughter this book was especially relevant and funny It was a uick read that kept me engaged and I believe would probably lighten up the very tense time of applications