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The Vampire's Betrayal Savannah Vampire Series Book #49734 no memory of being anointed the vampire slayer and her activation won't be complete until a mysterious sword materializes William orders Jack to kill her for Vampire's Betrayal Savannah ePUB #8608 her own good before she discovers her deadly mission After all if she dies before she is activated she will spend eternity in paradise with her baby son But if she lives to become the slayer she will be immortal doomed to the existence of a half vampire half Vampire's Betrayal Savannah Vampire Series eBoo. So I just finished this one and I am now NOT a happy camper How COULD you Ms Hart He was such a nice guy How the hell is this gonna get fixed now with just a single book left in the series I have given this one 5 stars as well because it was just as well written as the others but I am still really upset about the turn of events in this book However it's your story so I will continue to recommend to anyone who likes ParanormalVampire storiesbut we prepared to be upset On to the last book now

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Jack Betrayal Savannah Vampire Series PDF or risks his Betrayal Savannah ePUB #9734 life by opening a portal to the underworld to rescue Connie While in the land of the dead he witnesses an awesome ceremony as a band of honest to God angels swear Connie in as the vampire slayer Using the power of his love Jack The Vampire's PDF or manages to bring Connie back to the land of the living even though she threatens the existence of him and his kindConnie has Vampire's Betrayal Savannah Vampire Series eBook #. Why is it some of the really good books I read are always number three or four in a series and the first few books are stashed away in the TBR mountain not within easy reach Such is the case with this book I always think I’ll be lost if I don’t read a series in order but of course an author worth her salt can make sure you don’t feel that way Ms Hart’s storytelling voice characters and humor all add up to a terrific book even one read out of order Ed Book 5 Vampire’s Revenge released 27 Jan 09Now as much as I’d have liked to have started at the beginning of this series just to know the characters better I still had fun with them I still laughed with them and definitely hurt with them when things went wrong The main thing I want after reading this part of the series is to know about the relationship between Jack and his sire William They are for all intents and purposes father and son the relationship coming across uite well I like how Jack blocks William from his thoughts and feelings most of the time as I’m sure any son vampire or not would want to do when a father is telling him something for his own good but when the chips are down Jack throws himself wide open and does what needs to be doneI also enjoyed the twist of the story of Connie being the long awaited vampire slayer and she’s Jack’s girlfriend Talk about a dilemma For most of the book she doesn’t yet know what her destiny is and Jack tries everything he can think of to keep her alive knowing that any and all vamps near will take care of her themselves even those he loves and cares for When nothing works and he’s thrown for a loop when he does try the seemingly only solution he then does the honorable thing and lets her go When Connie comes into her own however a whole new story opens up and the next book should have all kinds of crazy happenings going on But besides just great scenes like these it’s also the little things those little details that cause these characters to get under your skin and into your heart and Ms Hart is one for detailsThere are other relationships in the book that although Ms Hart does a fine job of giving you the short version of their developments I think starting at the beginning would be best; William’s past with Eleanor being a good point But there’s plenty of other characters throughout that also make this a fun story Huey the zombie and his Chevy Corsica is a perfect example And on the other side of the coin the villains are plenty nasty Besides just Reedrek William’s sire Eleanor William’s ex mate and Damien there’s the Council full of evil like Reedrek and every one of them are on a path of destruction all for personal gainOf course if you’re one of those readers who has to have an ending to each and every book you read you probably won’t care for this series This one was totally open ended so I’m assuming every book that came before is too I didn’t mind it at all As long as an author gives me a satisfying read in the moment which Ms Hart does very much so I’m plenty happy until the next release That is if I can find the first three and get them read before thenSee my complete review at

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The Vampire's Betrayal Savannah Vampire Series Book #4 review × eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ [PDF] ✪ The Vampire's Betrayal Savannah Vampire Series Book #4 Author Raven Hart – Jack risks his life by opening a portal to the underworld to rescue Connie While in the land of K #9734 human killer But how can an anguished Jack kill the woman he lovesMeanwhile the bloodthirsty Old Lords work to harness elemental powers to raise the evil dead Their wicked plan would free every twice killed vampire from hell and turn them loose on the citizens of Savannah William weakened by a power he doesn't understand must do battle with the Vampire Council before they can unleash their bloodthirsty minions Will he be able to survive the double onslaught of the Old Lords and the vampire slaye. The Vampire's Betrayal is by turns romantic tragic horrific fantastic and fun—a huge range for just one book Jam packed with vampires werewolves voodoo demons zombies and faeries there is plenty here to entertain fantasy and vampire fans alike