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Download It's Never Too Late to Sleep Train Doc ☆ The LowStress Way to High ↠ Danpashley ñ [Download] ➾ It's Never Too Late to Sleep Train: The Low-Stress Way to High-Quality Sleep for Babies, Kids, and Parents By Join or create book clubs – From aWhen it comes to kids bedtime routines Dr Canapari distills years of clinical research and experience to make sleep training simple and stress free Even if youve been told that youve missed the optimal window for sleep training Dr Canapari is here to prove that it's never too late whether your child is 6 months or 6 years old He's on your side in the battle against bedtime and with his advice parents and children alike can expect a lifetime of healthy sle Our 20 month old child's previously good sleeping had gone completely awry and she was waking up and getting distressed multiple times each night The only thing that settled her was one of us singing her back to sleep but this was happening and times each night which was killing us Fortunately we found this book Although desparate to get to the here's what to do aspects reading through the initial sections that set the scene around children's sleep what goes wrong and why was hugely enlightening Dr Canapari explains things in a clear compelling and credible fashion with honest references to his own experiences and past sleep training mistakes All of this gave us faith that the two stage approach of fine tuning the bedtime timing and routine coupled with a clear method to deal with the nighttime waking would be a good one And it has been And far uicker than we dared hope for After a first night of sleep training that felt like there was crying than sleeping we feared the worst for the nights ahead but nights 2 3 and 4 have been almost miraculous with our child waking just once briefly then settling back to sleep What's Dr Canapari was kind enough to reply to a uestion I posted on Twitter which gave us further confidence in the approach we were taking A good night's sleep is priceless so the book was money very very well spent

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From a leading pediatric sleep physician comes a revolutionary program that will have everyone in the house sleeping through the nightWhen Dr Craig Canapari became a father he realized that all his years of 36 hour hospital shifts didn't even come close to preparing him for the sleep deprivation that comes with parenthood The difference is that parents dont get a breakits hard to know if theres a night of uninterrupted sleep anywhere in the foreseeable fu I am a BCBA board certified behavior analyst working on challenging behavior with children with autism and I love the way things are written and explained in this book Of all the resources I’ve used in my profession sleep related or not this is one of the best in terms of explaining behavior and behavior change As a first time mom to a 5 month old I felt like I knew what I should be doing but was having all kinds of issues implementing any type of sleep program I read this book in one day and immediately started a bedtime routine and transitioning him out of our room It took about 3 4 nights of consistently implementing our sleep training plan and now three weeks later he is going to bed in his crib and sleeping about 9 10 hours through the night

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It's Never Too Late to Sleep Train The Low Stress Way to High Quality Sleep for Babies Kids and ParentsTure Sleepless nights for kids mean sleepless nights for the rest of the familyand a grumpy group around the breakfast table in the morning In It's Never Too Late to Sleep Train Canapari helps parents harness the power of habit to chart a clear path to high uality sleep for their children The result is a streamlined two step sleep training plan that focuses on cues and conseuences the two elements that shape all habits and that take on special importance I really like this book The author is smart and witty in a Dad joke kind of way; he gets what being a parent is like I have an almost 2 yr old with epilepsy and I was extended breastfeeding her so we have been really down the rabbit hole with sleep Since reading the book I decided to wean because the freuency of her night wakings was making me exhausted and it was pretty clear I would need to in order to get our sleep on track This book is cool bc it has a real choose you own adventure vibe He gives a lot of different options depending on your comfort level and child He also addresses all ages of kids up into grade school Honestly I'll probably implement some of his tactics with my 8 yr old too because he pulls some real nonsense at bedtime Good resource and gives me hope for sleep