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The Wild PDF #8608 His deadliest enemy will become his heart’s desireCaius doesn’t feel like much of a Christian He loves his life of learning as a monk in the far flung stronghold of Fara but the hot warrior blood of his chieftain father flows in his veins Heat soothed only in the arms of his sweet natured friend and lover LeofWhen Leof is killed during a Viking raid Cai’s grieving heart thirsts for vengea oh fuck my eye—that was so goddamned goodthat's all i gotwell—besides that this book is lush deftly plotted marvelously novel in setting and context and full of profoundly beautiful writing absolutely radiating compassion and love and kindness now that's all i gotalso ipads are not as easy to cry into as paperbacks

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Brothers of the Wild North SeaNce and he has his chance with Fenrir a wounded young Brothers of eBook #181 Viking warrior left for dead But instead of reaching for a weapon Cai finds himself defying his abbot’s orders and using his healing skills to save Fen’s lifeAt first Fen repays Cai’s kindness by attacking every Christian within reach But as time passes Cai’s persistent goodness touches his heart And Cai who had thought he would ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱Nope⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ The book centers around the monk of two years and healer Caius ‘Cai’ 24 and a Viking raider Fenrir ‘Fen’ After a raid Fen gets hurt by Cai and instead of finishing him off Cai instead heals him Weeks go Fen is healing and the patient and the doctor gets closer Can their love survive duty Here's what I don't understand Fen is supposed to be this badass Viking warrior yet he is defeated by Cai a monk who yes is trained to fight but nothing compare to Fen I mean Cai just ran at him and struck him down no fighting back I just don't see this happening And where's that wildness Cai keep referring to with Fen This ‘barely tamed man’ All I saw was a complete tamed man Fen was just there There was nothing special about himOn top of that where was the enemies to loves trope that was supposed to be here Where's the plot So to summarize consider me rather shocked that this book has so many good reviews It was way too long with nothing happening and the writing didn't work for me at all It left me rather confused at times This book is so far from Ragnar and Athelstan that it wasn't even funny Ugh Overall it was a complete bust I struggle to understand a lot of things I didn't feel the characters connectionchemistry nor did I like the story A bust Damn I had needed a good readOther Characters→ Brother Benedict ‘Ben’ a monk of Fara view spoilerHangs himself hide spoiler

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FREE PDF ß BOOK Brothers of the Wild North Sea Ä HARPER FOX ☆ [Epub] ➠ Brothers of the Wild North Sea ➡ Harper Fox – His deadliest enemy will become his heart’s desireCaius doesn’t feel like much of a Christian He loves his life of learning as a monk in the far flung strNever love again feels the stirring of a profound new attractionYet old loyalties call Fen back to his tribe and a relentless uest to find of the Wild eBook #9734 the ancient secret of Fara a powerful talisman that could render the Vikings indestructible and tear the two lovers’ bonds beyond healing Warning contains battles bloodshed explicit MM sex and the proper Latin term for what lies beneath those cassocks I think I can best sum up the power of Brothers of the Wild North Sea by simply telling you what it felt like to listen to Hamish Long’s narration of Harper Fox’s moving graceful and often sublime novel Hamish Long’s voice does not seem to be of our time and place but of the time and place of the novel itself 687 AD Fara The Orkney Islands His voice is frank and sometimes gruff but at the same time somehow muffled or restrained; its comforting gravely tones seem to have risen up from a deep place like a well or the bottom of the sea It is stonelike in its suggestion of stoical endurance but the stone is a standing stone and it is enchanted It is a voice that will draw tears down your cheeks before the book is done Listening to this book reuires patience It moves slowly and its narrative rhythms as Kaje Harper notes in her superb review are cyclical In fact it seems likely that Fox adopts this narrative style deliberately as a way of carrying the reader into a storyspace that predates the appearance of the novel with its linear pattern of rising and falling action The result of this stylistic choice is a kind of dreamlike immersion in religiously heterogenous 7th century Britain where denizens of old faiths and new clash and argue and fuck by the sea It’s the kind of novel in which the wavelike cycles of event and action imperceptibly intensify until suddenly you notice that your pillow is wet because your eyes have been leaking tears for the last 40 minutes The main characters of Fox’s romance are a Christian monk and a Viking warrior who fall in love against all probability when the wounded Dane Fenrir is left behind by his fellows at the monastery on Fara during a Viking raid There he is spared and nursed back to health by Brother Caius a Christian convert who is beginning to learn the new gospel not just of Jesus but of science at the feet of the eccentric abbott a displaced heretical Christian whose gnosticism jars with the official doctrine of the ascendant church of Rome In the permissive even wild intellectual atmosphere of Fara scientific knowledge that anticipates a Renaissance still centuries in the future seems poetically of a piece with the uieter but similarly subversive revolution in sexual permissiveness that also blossoms at night in the cells of the restless monks Meanwhile other religions in the region make their presence felt represented by the pagan “witch” who provides Caius with healing herbs and Ciaus’s estranged father and his clansmen who wonder suspiciously at Caius’s new faith I can only hint at the austere sumptuousness of this complex exuisitely evoked setting and the characters who pulse with life within it None are caricatures And the narrative’s commitment to unfolding the lifespace of this alien yet uncannily familiar world is deliberate and exacting The stark realism of the novel is often touched too by enchantment It is sometimes hard to tell in the moment of its occurrence when that sense of enchantment is simply an effect of Fox’s animistic lyricism and when it indicates a profound disruption of the world’s uotidian surface In both cases the effect is heart lifting and magical Despite the starkness of the world it evokes this is a novel about love’s power to transcend history The ideal lovers are drawn from rival traditions whose members were historically at violent odds There is something brilliant and amazing that Fox does near the end of the novel to concretize this transcendence in a symbol and when you consider the journey of this symbol not just through the pages of the book but throughout the long history to which it is attached that the book can indicate but not dramatize the radicalism of Fox’s treatment of love begins to take shape For many reasons it is a book that I will reread In part because I fell in love with the romance between the two main characters whose growing love for each other is beautifully recounted with surprising plausibility humor and heart On a purely visceral level it wrecked me and restored me in the best possible way But I will reread Brothers of the Wild North Sea also because it is an ambitious genre transcending work by an extremely talented author whose vision I greatly admire It is stylistically impressive dense and many layered I have no doubt it will repay multiple readings and I recommend it very warmly