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FREE EBOOK ´ EPUB Ask the Oracle Revelations #1 ä ê DANPASHLEY á [PDF / Epub] ☀ Ask the Oracle Revelations #1 By J.J. Black – This is book one in the Revelations seriesWhen you absolutely have to knowGrayson Muir is a know it all No seriouslyhe really does know it alThis is book one in the Revelations seriesWhen you absolutely have to knowGrayson Muir is a know it all No seriouslyhe really does know it all The strength of his abilities has him rud to be the most powerful Oracle in the world Gray couldn’t care less All his life Gray has played by his own rules Whether through his own private clients or his work with the police his only goal is to use his gift to help as many people and paras as he can With abilities like Gray’s he doesn’t have time for any OracleWarning this is an extremely snarky review because I hated this book There are books that are just bad writing plot etc but this wasn't poorly written And the plot as it was outlined was fine It was the ridiculousness of the execution the desperate need for a content editor the gross errors of fundamental principles of logic and physics and history that just pissed me off so this is one giant rant You've been warned Why does he have to be so young? 25? Really?He grabbed his jacket they left then he's glad he left his jacket at home Dreo wraps his arms around Gray from behind and then he gives Gray a pitying look This is from Gray's POV Funny they never mentioned that he could see through the back of his head only the past Here we go again with the tiny feisty woman trope I need to start a shelf for this If Dreo is that much bigger than Gray his erection wouldn't be against Gray's thigh No condom Dreo basically started BDSM without preparing Gray and not establishing a safe word He ordered Gray to take his dick and he spanked him heavily When Gray simply said More The demon responded that Gray didn't give the orders And here I was loving the book It just went downhill from there They don't put tiny little children in an orphanage especially white children The kid would have families fighting to adopt him even if he were weird They might return him if the weirdness remained but he'd go through a succession of foster homes What country does this take place in? They don't have orphanages here any; they're too expensive and psychologically detrimental The last thing they would do is put a six year old in group care which is even expensive The excuses given are ridiculous The kid would jump from foster home to foster home maybe but there would be homes that specialize in insane kids like mine and others who would see it as a way to make gobs of money Or they would just think he had epilepsy And in group homes they do watch your every move because the kids in group homes are majorly fucked up and might set fire to something or someone And a six year old? Making his own decisions? In group care the teens aren't even allowed to make their own decisions They have to earn privileges This is from my almost 16 years of foster parenting the group care level kidsThis went from five stars to one in the space of a few pages He just accepts he's Dreo's mate and is all caring and sweet and tolerant even though he's supposed to be very independent Practically all they do is lust after each other It's boring They don't pay attention to what is going on around them just give each other lustful looks and maneuver to have sex They are going on and on about Gray's past and his friends and his created family They have assembled where they are there for a reason and everyone is standing around waiting while they talk about private stuff This went to excellent to bad almost as fast as Arresting Love 2 did and for a similar reason See my review of that gem for information although I have to say it was better than this by a large margin This better pick up Gray brought his friends down to guard him since he didn't trust the demons as he didn't know them Now not half an hour later Dreo assigns Grey's friends tasks and sends them off and he's leaving too leaving a demon we just saw lose his cool to guard Gray and no one even comments An almost kidnapping that was foiled almost as soon as it started Give me some real dramaI'm afraid this is going to turn into TPE 247 ds Oh my god the bad guys are TSTL They view spoilerjust confessed everything to each other right outside the room they knew the oracle was sleeping in and even raised their voices They knew he was looking for them too hide spoiler

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It’s his dark good looks or the startling knowledge that Dreo believes they are destined mates Gray can’t help but agree to offer his assistanceUnfortunately their road to happiness isn’t destined to be an easy one Between court intrigue their own unexpected mating and a murderer still on the loose they are definitely going to have their work cut out for them What are the chances they’ll get their happy ending? Ask the OracleReader Advisory This book is best read in seuence as part of a seri I adore these two together Lots of conflict and well worth the effort to read

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Ask the Oracle Revelations #1DistractionsUnfortunately that is exactly what he gets when Andreo Demos a six hundred year old lust demon pays him an unexpected visit Dreo has been sent by the Demon Counsel with an appeal for assistance The Lord of the Underworld has been murdered the demon kingdom has been thrown into chaos and Gray’s help is needed to identify the murdererGray has his doubts Demons don’t have the best reputations after all Still despite his reservations there is something about Dreo that calls to him Whether This was a cute story I loved the concept and the the plot of the story I did think it became a little shallow at times I loved the demon and how he knew that Grayson was his and sets out to get him Fun if a bit lighter than expected