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Book È At Home with Madame Chic Æ Becoming a Connoisseur of Daily Life õ [PDF / Epub] ✅ At Home with Madame Chic: Becoming a Connoisseur of Daily Life ⚣ Join or create book clubs – Approach life at home the Madame Chic way a beautiful illustrated toolbox of tips anVing a happy fulfilling and passionate life at home Jennifer explains the morning send off need not be chaotic its possible to look stylish with minimal time and effort a little forethought makes it possible to serve a home cooked dinner every night and details like music and scented candles can set the tone for the whole familys evening Organized by the pleasures that can be found throughout the day this charming helpful book is full of ideas playlists recipes beauty routines and advice that can turn an irritating day into an enjoyable experien Whilst I loved the first book this book I had to skip past a lot of the sections relating to motherhood A must read for a young mum wishing to embrace the chic life Very little Madame Chic inspiration which I was hoping for

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Approach life at home the Madame Chic way a beautiful illustrated toolbox of tips and ideas for organizing entertaining and savoring a stylish lifeWhen she arrived at Madame Chics Parisian apartment as a foreign exchange student Jennifer Scott was a casual California girl who thought sweatpants were appropriate street attire Madame Chic took Jennifer under her wing and tutored her in the secrets of how the French elevate the little things in life to the art of living Years later Jennifer was back in California with a husband two young daughters I just read all the way thru LOVE this It is an extension of her first Madame Chic book with in depth lessons on moving through daily life in a graceful comfortable way I'm a fan of her writing having bought her first self published book the first Madame Chic before it got redone by a publishing company then buying the edited and slightly finished version of that book YES it's worth every pennyNow this one Well worth the wait I'm her mother's age group my dd is a married mother of 3 the first 2 being similar ages to Jennifer's daughters Some things sound like my daughter coping with daily life caring for small people and a husband dog house and a writing career Busy young motherBut it's also a compendium of things it took me YEARS DECADES to learn How to care for oneself in the midst of happy family chaos Setting priorities Dejunking Enjoying where you are at NOW not being so goal driven that you fail to appreciate the small moments of bliss in the presentWell done JenniferThis book will appeal to the francophiles but I hope it will have a broader audience because what she is getting at is universal and it's a toolbox as she calls it One that leads to a balanced and contented attitude in the middle of life being lived realisticallyYes it's written through a French woman who has it all together filter but that is just the beginning It's culturally applicable to most western lives and it's speaking to the need for all women to attain balance between being caregivers and caring for themselves as well Not being people pleasers but charting their own life pathThere is a bit California in this book referring to positive affirmations nothing wrong there and Feng Shui but the French connection is woven across the entire book One of the many things I enjoyed was her music recommendations in each chapter So much fun mixed into the practical reality of organizing a coherent lifeLove it well worth getting and I have the kindle version which I'm delighted to say has a great table of contents and a good easy layout with pleasant line art illustrating each chapter

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At Home with Madame Chic Becoming a Connoisseur of Daily LifeA dog and her first home Every day she confronted mundane duties like folding laundry and unloading the dishwasher and she began to think about Madame Chics homehow the breakfast table was set beautifully the night before the music that always played in the background the calm of Madame and Monsieur Chics ritual cocktail hour together Jennifer wanted that life She decided to see what would happen if she didnt perform her chores impatiently or mindlessly if instead she could live like Madame Chic At Home with Madame Chic reveals the secrets to ha When I need inspiration to love my home again I enjoy reading Jennifer's books She has a very positive outlook which rubs off on me when I need it mostI do however see a lot of British influence in her principles Maybe she could write about how her husband and his family influence her ideals and lifestyle?