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Scourge By Jeff GruI is killed and the motive for his murder remains shrouded in mystery Now his former Master Jedi archivist Mander Zuma wants answers even as he fights to erase doubts about his own abilities 5 starsNice to read a book set in the older times

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In the heart of crime ridden Hutt Space a Jedi Scholar searches for justiceWhile trying to obtain the coordinates of a secret peril packed but potentially beneficial trade route a novice Jed Size matters not Inertia however is a pain in the buttAt the death of his apprentice Toro Irana Mander Zuma arrives on Makem Te to investigate why his apprentice died under such unusual circumstances and to finish up the mission It becomes clear that Toro was addicted to a new dangerous drug called Tempest As he investigates he teams up with Toro's sister Reen a Bothan named Eddey and a CSA agent named Angela Krin Where is the spice coming from and can Mander the unconventional Jedi archivist from Yavin 4 stop it?These days Star Wars books have been mostly set in the Fate of the Jedi era or the long long ago The Old Republic era This little book written by Jeff Grubb Star Wars novelist newbie though not unfamiliar with the franchise bucks the trend It stars all new characters and none of the Big Three It is set in the uiet era between Timothy Zahn's Hand of Thrawn duology and the New Jedi Order series And it's story is a basic mystery not a Superweapon of the week And I think those all make this book as great as it isStar Wars is an expansive universe and while I love stories about Luke Leia and Han I also love it when an author can move away from the Big Three and make his or her own creations Grubb has done this with his main characters Mander Reen Eddey and Angela Firstly THANK YOU GRUBB for the diversity Taking a uick peek at the Character List shows that few of the characters are human out of the 11 listed only 2 are human Angela and Mander This carries true for lesser characters not mentioned in the List I've complained endlessly about the humancentric stories and it is SO nice to see such a variety of speciesThe characters that Grubb has developed are uniue and interesting Mander Zuma is a Jedi archivist at home with scrolls and books than with swashbuckling and adventuring I do feel that his bookishness wasn't as pronounced as it could have been and we don't get a really good description of what he looks like apparently he wears magna lenses aka glasses shame on the cover artist for missing this However it's nice to have a Jedi that isn't all lightsaber swingin' star pilotin' rip roarin' adventure seeker Reen Irana was Toro's sister and looking to find out why he died She was competent and capable not reuiring some male to rescue her every two seconds or swooning over whether Mander liked her Eddey was super amusing; he was the brains of the operation and while that did get a bit stereotypical he was a lot of fun and I felt he bucked the Bothan stereotype Angela was another competent capable female; the Hutts really pushed the envelope of what we expect but I have some complaintsI liked the concept of the story; I felt the execution was a bit all over the place I was kinda hoping that the main character Jedi Mander would be the one addicted to the spice; however that wasn't the case But honestly the story idea was interesting; sure it's a common plot to have book nerdy guy go to solve a really actionadventure case but Star Wars hasn't done that very much And I really do like this idea of having mystery stories set in Star Wars if only we didn't have a 10 page And this is how I the Bad Guy did all this exposition at the endThe thing I found challenging was figuring out where the story was going at any time It seemed at times the characters were just floating from scene to scene that they didn't have so much of a focus that things were happening because A it was exciting or B that needed to happen to move the story Some of the investigating was weak; a lot just falls into Mander's lap The last half is probably stronger and has of a focus but I did find my attention wandering at times or asking myself Andwhy are they here?Writing wise Grubb is very adept Good pleasing prose some funny scenes I love me some humor a really good understanding of the Star Wars universe And for a newbie to the Star Wars novels that is a big plus in my bookAnd now for the part you've been clamoring for NERD NITPICKS1 I hate species stereotyping Bothans are all sneaky spies Mandalorians are all bounty hunters all Corellians are gamblers all Hutts are involved in crime all Gamorreans are stupid security brutes And so on And so forth While this book is certainly not the worst offender there are hints of it The Bomu clan of Rodians for example are completely inept at handling the Jedi situation Most of the Hutts are pretty duplicitous and involved in crime There were notable exceptions Mika and the Hunter Hutt who NEEDS A BOOK OF HIS OWN but it was still there2 The identity of the Spice Lord was a disappointment Some serious spoilers follow so don't read unless you are okay with being spoiled view spoilerIt's Mika the Force User I was hoping that we could have a Hutt Force User without him or her being evil unlike the Hutt from Planet of Twilight I didn't like the other option of Vago whose family was killed at the hands of Popara The one I was REALLY hoping for was the Twi'Lek handmaidens Now THAT would have been AWESOME hide spoiler

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PDF í BOOK Scourge By Jeff Grubb FREE Ò ❂ [EPUB] ✺ Scourge By Jeff Grubb ➛ – Danpashley.co.uk In the heart of crime ridden Hutt Space a Jedi Scholar searches for justiceWhile trying to obtain the coordinates of a secret peril packed but potentially beneficial trade route a novice Jedi is kille In the heart of crime As a Jedi What Mander gets is immersion into the perilous underworld of the Hutts as he struggles to stay one step ahead in a game of smugglers killers and crime lords bent on total control Star Wars Scourge is another late period Legends continuity novel However it is pretty much standalone and aside from a few side mentions of Luke’s Jedi academy this story could be placed anywhere in the Star Wars timeline in either continuity It begins with the death of a young Pantoran Jedi and follows his master’s investigation into how he diedFor the most part I found this to be an entertaining read It’s not pretending to be anything than a minor story about a bunch of characters we’ve never seen before and will never see again so it doesn’t try too hard to be epic or groundbreakingThe plot moves along at an appropriate pace neither lingering too long on irrelevant details nor careening headlong without pausing between action scenesMander Zuma the main character was a little bland It is difficult to find something new to say about a Jedi particularly a human Jedi one thing the preuels taught us is that the Jedi code was pretty restrictive with regard to appropriate behaviour so writers have tended to substitute alien characteristics for character depth We got to know him well enough and I wouldn’t be opposed to reading other stories with him in I would just want a little something to make him feel distinctiveThe supporting cast were also uite vanilla with nothing strikingly original to make them stand out in such a crowded fictional universe None felt out of place but I doubt if any will stay with me like Ton Phanan Talon Karrde or HK 47I found the villains to be a little flat as well The small amont of misdirection to place another character under suspicion of being the big bad was appreciated but the eventual reveal was simply a reversion to type And to be honest the evil Force wielding Hutt was done before in Barbara Hambly’s Planet of Twilight so it comes off again as some Science Fiction ethnic stereotypingThematically there is the notion that it is wrong to make assumptions about an individual based upon their species as exemplified by Popara and Mika though they are Hutts We are constantly reminded that Hutts are untrustworthy and then provided with apparent evidence to the contrary This is all very laudable but not really extended to the other alien speciesWe have lazy xenostereotyping of Rodians violent criminals and Bothans talented intelligence gatherers something that never sits right with me Additionally although I’d only encountered the Sokes Swokes as background characters in The Phantom Menace they are the fang mouthed puppetlike creatures from one of whom Jar Jar steals a barbecued frog and there are also some visible in the Senate chamber the author immediately erects a stereotype of them as violent psychpaths and never tries to add any further nuance I dislike speciesist essentialism in fantasy and science fiction Also in the prologue and first chapter the author is very keen to make sure that we the reader are aware that Pantorans are blue skinned as if this is a critical piece of information vital to the understanding of the characterBack to discussion of the antagonists The other minor villains were the Rodian Bomu clan As mentioned above they were stereotyped as criminal like all Rodians as well as incompetent like Greedo Frustrating—it would be nice to see some cultural complexity It’s kind of like writing all Irish people as drunken layabouts or all English people as effete and ineffectual aristocrats There was a pretty good selection of locations I liked the portrayal of Varl the ancient Hutt homeworld Being familiar with Nar Shaddaa and Nal Hutta it was good to get a glimpse of where Hutt kind originated from We also get to see a bit of the Corporate Sector with some Authority IRD starfighter action reminiscent of the Han Solo adventures as well as X Wing Alliance The detective elements of the story worked fairly well—they didn’t dominate but they fit together fairly logically Nevertheless this is an action adventure first and foremost and if you keep that in mind it will meet your expectationsThe odd grammar gaffe such as “laying low” and some uestionable writing choices in the section where Mander is fighting a swoop gang the author writes about some Niktos “but now about three others had taken up positions among the wreckage” and a little later about the swoop gang themselves “Only about four had fallen” With numbers like these an author writing from an omniscient point of view should really give precise numbers This is sloppy writing that the editor should really have picked up uponAlso the author has no understanding of biochemistry yet seeks to convince the reader with sentences like “Is that hard radiation scarring in those molecules?” Each of those words has a meaning Yet put them together in that particular configuration and they lose all coherence and collapse into a meaningless jumble of vaguely sciencey sounding froth This irks my pedantic soul in the same way that the very worst modern episode of Doctor Who Kill the Moon did when it described large complex clearly multicellular animals with evident musculatures sense organs and nervous systems as ‘prokaryotes’ It is laughable in the same way as asserting that Vienna is one of the largest cities in Italy To uote Eddey the Bothan “The science here seems pretty interesting” IndeedDespite all the negatives I found myself mostly enjoying this book If it was a miniseries or a low budget Star Wars detective movie I’d definitely want to see it As such I would recommend it to Star Wars fans who don’t demand stories involving movie heroes only