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Download Mobi ´ Autonomous 303 pages è Annalee newitz ß ❴PDF❵ ✩ Autonomous Author Annalee Newitz – Autonomous features a rakish female pharmaceutical pirate named Jack who traverses the world in her own submarine A notorious anti patent scientist who has styled herself as All in love against all expectations Autonomous alternates between the activities of Jack and her co conspirators and Elias and Paladin as they all race to stop a bizarre drug epidemic that is tearing apart lives causing trains to crash and flooding New York Cit DNF 38%This is marketed as a robin hood esue tale featuring Jack sneaking pharmaceuticals to the poor and dodging the authorities Two of those said authorities are Paladin and Elias a military robot with a human processor and their handler who chase Jack and develop feelings for each other While all that's technically true there's no emotional impact with any of this We are thrust into a story without any feel for the character's or the world Jack hardly has a noble uest to deliver medicine to poor people but outside of selling drugs for moneyI don't know what else she wants I have no feel for her personality or aspirations or anything This is largely the same for Paladin and Elias who are defined primarily through their relationshipIn fact there seems to be some issues with this relationship and the supposed LGBT rep This is spoiler filled and I didn't get to the majority of it but my lovely Buddy Reading partner did Check out Mary's review for info on thatThere's some interesting science at play told through a straight forward prose and the plot is well developed but it still feels random It's like things are just happening Characters do things and I don't understand their motivation Plot moves forward and no one reacts There's no emotional attachment to anyone or anything and I just don't careAlso the blurb says something abut someone named Joe and I don't know who that is I don't think they exist

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Eaving a trail of lethal overdoses across what used to be North America a drug that compels people to become addicted to their workOn Jack’s trail are an unlikely pair an emotionally shut down military agent and his partner Paladin a young military robot who f Pirates and bounty hunters on the high chemical and electronic frontier Add a bit of transgendered robot issues a bit of do gooder pharmaceutical mayhem and time split between labs parties sexual repression and a few really big uestions explored deftly and interestingly and we've got ourselves a very interesting SFLet's look at the top layer a little Slavery issues The novel takes them on for both robots and humans eually I'd expected that from both the blurb and the cover of course but I don't think I expected the writing to have such good world building thrown in The whole chemical and big pharm complications were neither simple or dismissable and that was only on the human side What would a world be like with open patents and sharing of chems and development all of which is still being slowly strangled by capitalism Take it a bit farther Now let's start programming or deprogramming ourselves since we're so reliant on our own biologies Seriously this is some pretty neat stuff and while we've had a bit of a discussion in this field for decades already Newitz makes a cool tale and makes some very deft comparisons and mirroring hereThe tale itself if good if not spectacular I had a good time Still I obviously appreciate the explorations of the messages than anything else Thanks Netgalley for the ARC

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AutonomousAutonomous features a rakish female pharmaceutical pirate named Jack who traverses the world in her own submarine A notorious anti patent scientist who has styled herself as a Robin Hood heroine fighting to bring cheap drugs to the poor Jack’s latest drug is l I loved this It did for AI and Patents and Biotech what Neuromancer and Snowcrash did for the Internet The stuff I loved the most is all spoiler y so I'll just say that there are two competing narrative characters who are at clear odds with each other and each is the villain in the other's story The thing that Annalee Newitz does so well and she does everything well in this book is to make each of these characters not only the hero of their own story but to allow us to identify with them when they take control of the narrative Each is flawed and tragic and heroic in their own way and I can't recall the last time I read a book that handled the conflict so elegantlyI highly recommend AUTONOMOUS