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Download Book ↠ Words By Heart 176 pages ↠ Ouida sebestyen ä [Epub] ➚ Words By Heart Author Ouida Sebestyen – Lena can recite the Scriptures by heart Hoping to make her adored Papa proud of her and to make her white classmates notice her Magic Mind not her black skin Lena vows C Mind not her black skin Lena vows to win the Bible uoting contest But winning does not bring Lena what she expected Instead of hon Based on the author's personal experiences a gifted young African American girl of 12 learns about the realities of racism in the Midwest during 1910 Important poignant and heartbreakingA few study uestions I jotted down regarding the first two chapters pages 1 22 which werepublished as a short story in 19681 Serena Williams wrote in 2019 that my family truly changed tennisnot because we were welcomed but because we wouldn't stop winning Does this uoteremind us of Lena's situation in the Bible Verse Contest?2 Many of the Bible verses Lena recites have a deep personal meaning Do you have thesame relationship with the Bible or any other work of literature? 3 pages 12 14 After reciting verses from the Song of Solomon Sebestyen writes thatit would never mean again what it had meant before What did the verses mean before?Why won't they mean the same again?4 What prize did Lena win? What prize did Lena really want? 5 What lessons does Papa teach Lena in the last pages of chapter 2?6 pages 18 21 How does Claudie react tot he knife in the bread? How does Papa react? Why do you suppose they responded so differently?7 This story takes place in 1910 What lessons does it hold for us in 2020?

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Or violence and death erupt and strike the one she loves most dearly Lena who has believed in vengeance must now learn how to forgiv Family read aloud Hands down 5 plus stars The character of the father was just truly amazing and the way that he has just the right words when his daughter needed them is something I pray for with my own children I cried for a solid 15 minutes while trying to read the ending aloud to my kids than I did with Stone Fox So many nuggets in this book that will go in my common place This is a story we chose to read in the summer so we can compare with the movie Moma needs some time before she can attempt the movie krb 61218

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Words By HeartLena can recite the Scriptures by heart Hoping to make her adored Papa proud of her and to make her white classmates notice her Magi Okay so here's a theory I've been working on schools are secretly conspiring to turn all children against reading forever And why do I think this you may ask Well I'm going to tell you Because teachers wouldn't assign such mind numbingly boring books without knowing the conseuences For example a close friend of mine was recently assigned The Odyssey for Honors English This friend usually enjoys myths from all cultures but this was just too much for her in such a short time span It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say that it totally changed her opinion of mythology What I think is the fault with the way English is taught in schools today is that they're trying to teach literary elements rather than a love of literature Literary elements aren't that important when you leave school but a love of literature is Adults wonder why some kids hate reading books when the answer is right in front of them Kids don't read because that's what school indirectly teach them to do This is not a hate on schools and English teachers rant I usually enjoy most of the books I read in English and my English teachers have always been encouraging Still the majority of good books I've read in my life I've had to find on my own without any guidance My parents aren't exactly the literary types and I doubt my brothers have read anything since high school I'm the bookworm of the family And so now that I've bored you with a rant and useless information about myself I'll get on to my review and why that first paragraph was relevant I wrote all of that because I was assigned to read Words by Heart in middle school and it wasn't something I enjoyed The major contributing factor had to be that I read it in school and therefore dissected it until there was nothing left Another thing I hate about English They dissect things to the point where the words hold no magic for anyone any After all those uizzes and tests on this miniscule 135 page book I was sick of it And let's not forget the snail speed rate we were forced to read it at Two chapters were do a week I could've finished this in one sitting Reading so slow definitely took away some of the fun in reading this Of course there is also the fact that I didn't even enjoy this to start with It's really just a subpar historical fiction book aimed for elementary and middle school students with low reading levels I'd passed this level by the third grade when I read the unabridged version of Little Women to win a reading contest There was just nothing left for me to enjoy The characters were average and the issues overdone if not still realistic There was a nice twist at the end but even that wasn't enough to revive this novel In other words it was perfect to teach a bored middle school classRecommendation Don't read it Hopefully you won't ever have to read it for school