The Whole Armor of God: How Christ's Victory Strengthens Us for Spiritual Warfare Summary ô 104

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The Whole Armor of God: How Christ's Victory Strengthens Us for Spiritual Warfare Summary ô 104 Ì [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Whole Armor of God: How Christ's Victory Strengthens Us for Spiritual Warfare By Join or create book clubs – A battle manual for every ChristOwn armorarmor that Jesus has already worn on The Whole ePUB #219 our behalf all the way to the cross The same power that raised Christ from the dead is now at work inside of us This book unpacks each of the pieces of spiri. excellent expositional layout of Eph 610 18 which is what I was looking for

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Tual armor Paul describes in Ephesians inviting us to take up the armor each day all Whole Armor of ePUB #8608 while resting in the finished victory of Christ and the assurance that our strength for the battle comes from him. The Whole Armor of God Iain DuguidThis is a great little book about an important topic A topic that has been covered countless times by many people In fact I think it is a reuired sermon series for every preacher and Bible Study leader In this book Duiguid is able to help us unpack and put on the armor Spoiler Alert The armor is not something we pull out a closet and put on The armor is something Christ has Himself worn as our Savior This is why the subtitle of the book is fittingly How Christ’s Victory Strengthens us for Spiritual WarfareDuiguid starts by painting a picture of our need for armor to face the spiritual warfare These are not tips to be a better spouse parent or employee We are in a battle with cosmic forces in the present darkness These forces are far beyond our own capabilities We need a captain and resources strong enough for the task And here is our armorDuiguid walks through each part of the armor in short power packed chapters In each chapter Duguid does explain each parts importance as well as the interrelated aspect of each piece This is one of the strengths of this book These are not individual separate pieces of armor or spiritual traits Each piece is vital and connected to each other partDuiguid does expound on each piece and how it is reflected in the Christian’s walk But this is not a list of duties to perform or self help steps for a better life Duiguid shows us how each piece was worn by Christ Himself in His earthly ministry to us In fact Christ wore each piece for us in His work of redemption and achieving the victory in our placeOne strength of this book is how Duiguid reminds us that this armor is displayed all throughout Scripture The belt in Isaiah 11 the breastplate and helmet of Isaiah 59 the shoes of Isaiah 52 the shield of Genesis 15 and the sword of Isaiah 49 All through Scripture God has been defending His people with this armor His own Son wore that armor And now Gods fits us to wear the armorIn the end this is not our armor This is God’s armor worn by Christ and fitted to use for our use in the very battle for our souls The victory is God’s The armor is God given And the battle is won We can move forward in confidence

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The Whole Armor of God How Christ's Victory Strengthens Us for Spiritual WarfareA battle manual for every Armor of Epub #223 Christian Sinclair B Ferguson The Christian life is a battle We are in a daily struggle against the world sin and Satan But God didnt leave us to fend for ourselves He gave us his. Purchased 5 to read nightly as a family Soooo glad I did My kids are 15129 My 15 yr old asks if it’s time to read bc he is so engaged There are also a set of uestions after each chapter that you can use to initiate conversationThis book gave me clarity on painful seasons I’ve been through and how to gear up for the next one