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SUMMARY Î Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 1: Cosmic Avengers Ù [Download] ➺ Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 1: Cosmic Avengers ➿ Brian Michael Bendis – The Guardians of the Galaxy are imposing a new rule Earth is off limits What has made this world so important Join Star Lord Groot Rocket RA new rule Earth is off limits What has made this world so important Join Star Lord Groot. Not content with writing the best series of X books in some time Brian Michael Bendis also turns his hands to the Guardians of the Galaxy in this Marvel NOW series which predates the first GOTG film by about a yearThe hints of collaboration between the MCU and the comic writers are clear You can hear Chris Pratt delivering Star Lord's dialogue; Rocket is a gun obsessed semi sadist Groot is a hulking force of nature who grows back a lot uicker than his film counterpart Gamora is deadly Drax comes across somewhat differently in this book to the Dave Bautista version he seems directionless for reasons as yet unexplained and is less linguistically literalStill it's the familiar crew joined here by Iron Man in a direct continuation of volume 1 of his solo Marvel NOW series Stark is yet to make a huge impression and narratively we don't see the Guardians through his eyes; this is the Peter uill show His father not Ego the Living Planet in comic Marvel continuity but King J'Son of Spartax is playing a galactic game assembling the leaders of other cosmic empires together to set up a new rule nobody touches Earth All is not as it seems however and Spartax's rule provokes the Badoon into attacking London and the Guardians in turn into defending it playing right into J'Son's handsAs with All NewUncanny X Men Bendis is writing a long game There is a lot of exploding but the real meat of this first volume is in the dialogue which continues to strive for realism than other Marvel authors with the exception of Jonathan Hickman when he isn't weighed down by his own plots We get an excellent Peter uill origin section tense and dramatic 'galactic council' seuences and a brilliant breakout from Badoon custody The title rockets along sorry and you do find yourself turning the pages faster and faster which is a bit of an insult to Steve McNiven and Sara Pichelli on art dutiesThis volume also collects Guardians of the Galaxy Tomorrow's Avengers which consists of short vignettes re introducing you to each main character These are pretty by the numbers except for the Rocket segment which promises some answers for him as to his own origins and which presumably Bendis will pick up as part of the longer runAs noted this title began just before the Guardians really hit the big time The Cosmic Avengers title doesn't really feel right this isn't a team assembling to take on the threats that they can't handle alone but a bunch of misfits who might just be in over their geopolitical heads What Bendis gave you with this title is the Guardians you've since come to know and love


Rocket Raccoon Iron Man andas they fight the foes no single planets heroes could withstan. I read this before the film came out and I've got to say I loved itMade me love the film even despite the slight changes to the storyI absolutely loved each of the characters and found the story to be very entertaining It left me wanting which made me sign up to get the comic on subscriptionI'd recommend this to all Marvel comic fans if you aren't a massive fan you'll at least find it entertaining

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 Cosmic AvengersThe the Galaxy Vol 1 ePUB #10003 Guardians of the Galaxy Epub #224 the Galaxy are imposing. It was not like I thought it was and it made me realise I was not into comic books n