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Breath The New Science of a Lost Art Book Ä The New Science of a Lost Art Î Join or create book clubs Î ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art By Join or create book clubs ➦ – Brought to you by Penguin Narrated byNce rejuvenate internal organs halt snoring allergies asthma and autoimmune disease and even straighten scoliotic spines None of this should be possible and yet it is Drawing on thousands of years of medical texts and recent cutting edge studies in pulmonology psychology biochemistry and human physiology Breath turns the conventional wisdom of what we thought we knew about our most basic biological function on its head You will never breathe the same again I’ve been waiting for this book since I heard Mr Nestor speaking on NPR about his previous book re free diving It arrived this morning and I can honestly say after the first few pages that it’s gonna change my life Get ready for everything you thought you knew about breathing and health to be dissected and explained in accessible terms by this master researcher and storyteller

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Cret Soviet facilities New Jersey choir schools and the smoggy streets of São Paulo Brazil Nestor tracks down men and women exploring the hidden science behind ancient breathing practices like Pranayama Sudarshan Kriya and Tummo and teams up with pulmonary tinkerers to scientifically test long held beliefs about how we breathe Modern research is showing us that making even slight adjustments to the way we inhale and exhale can jump start athletic performa This book is the ultimate interactive experience in that I found myself literally breathing differently both while and since reading it It’s impossible not to after learning among countless other bonkers facts that the best indicator of one's lifespan isn’t our genetics or our diet and exercise but the way we breathe and our resulting lung capacity And yet the content isn't scary in Nestor's telling To the contrary—it's conversational often amusing and in the end empowering Hard to put a book down when it may actually improve and extend your life

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Breath The New Science of a Lost ArtBrought to you by Penguin Narrated by James Nestor There is nothingessential to our health and wellbeing than breathing take air in let it out repeat 25000 times a day Yet as a species humans have lost the ability to breathe correctly with grave conseuences Journalist James Nestor travels the world to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it The answers aren't found in pulmonology labs as we might expect but in the muddy digs of ancient burial sites se This book changed my life than any book since Born to Run back in 2009? It's full of amazing information super fun to read and is like I said life changing I snore a bit my endurance is less than I'd like and often I find myself just a bit low on energy What this book taught me was that all things are connected It's the breath obviously What's through a few simple exercises all of it can be safely and easily cured Why didn't my doctor tell me this? It's all in here and it works I literally feel better because I bought and read this bookPlus the book is really just a lot of fun to read It's a worthy worthy follow up to Nestor's last book DEEP and this one just gets deeper and wierder and even full of adventure My favorite part is the chapter about how the human skull has changed over the last couple hundred years because of changes in how we breath It could have been really boring but Nestor doesn't just write about it he actually goes to Paris crawls into a sewer and breaks into the secret catacombs below the city to actually hold a hundreds of year old skull Hamlet style Alas poor Yorik &c You actually see the skull and how they change Unforgettable stuff IMHO The book is a must read and must buy