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EBOOK » EPUB Bloodmoney è ´ [EPUB] ✰ Bloodmoney By David Ignatius – Danpashley.co.uk From the author of the best selling Body of Lies and The Increment in a tragedy of revenge the CIA falls victim to its own daring operation in the Middle EastSomeone in Pakistan is killing the members From the author of the best selling Body of LFrom the author of the best selling Body of Lies and The Increment in a tragedy of revenge the CIA falls victim to its own daring operation in the Middle EastSomeone in Pakistan is killing the members of a new CIA intelligence unit that is trying to buy peace with America's enemies It falls to Sophie Marx a young CIA officer with a big chip on her shoulder to figure out who's doing the killing and why Her starting point is 35 stars

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Alphabet Capital the London hedge fund that has been providing cover for this secret operation but the investigation soon widens to include the capitals of the Middle East and the cruel hills of South WaziristanSophie thinks she has the backing of her hard nosed boss Jeffrey Gertz and his genial mentor at headuarters Cyril Hoffman In addition she gets help from the well mannered lieutenant general heading Pakistan's Inter I was pleasantly surprised with this one actually Saw it featured on the library front feature blurb and thought it sounded pretty good and I was ready for a good spy thriller book as well which always helps you get into a book a little fasterWell it was meant to be I picked it up during the week before the anniversary of my father's death and once I started reading I smiled thinking that it would have been a book that he would have liked political intrigue and dirty spies with a hidden agenda Plus the uote at the beginning was by Viscount John Morley on vengeance and revenge and since my father's name was John Morley I figured the book was a good bet Funny how those things sometimes fall into placeI've not read anything by David Ignatius either so had no expectations one way or the other as to what to expect It was fairly fast paced for the most part and I thought the 'mole' aspect of the story was plausible how you can create your own monster within if you aren't careful about your actions It certainly didn't paint a very favorable picture of the CIA but I did like how he said it was an organization that told lies to everyone but the members themselves because there had to be truth within in order for the lies to work effectively without an element of trust that someone has your back while you're fabricating a story out on the front lines Probably a truth that is the truth too Unfortunately enter an ego and the whole plan can go to hell in a hand basket fairly fast I had a feeling for what may transpire for an ending about half way through and it was somewhat close to it but there was a great twist that I didn't see coming so it was a satisfying end I'll look for books by David Ignatius A book recommended

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BloodmoneyServices Intelligence Directorate But the closer Sophie gets to her uarry the she realizes that nothing in this gallery of mirrors is uite what it seems This is a theater of violence and retribution in which the last act is one that Sophie could not have imaginedDavid Ignatius has written a disturbing and compelling novel where the price of unchecked government is paid in blood and peace can be bought only through betraya A blacker than black operation that is so far off the CIA books that only the US president and his chief of staff know about it The idea is that lack of bureacratic oversight and Congressional committees will produce a nimble and adaptable outfit to fight the war on terrorism Sounds good until operatives become targets and are being killed off On the homefront none of the staff seems to know how or why the agents are discovered the head of the outfit plays it close to the vest so no one understands how the organization works or who its field agents are or how they are funded Inuisitive agent Sophie Marx asks lots of uestions and gets no answers As field agents are found dead she goes rogue and helps bring all the pieces of the puzzle to a satisfying conclusionThe book is very well written timely and the plot is fairly plausible The characters weren't well drawn and the pacing was uite slow at times But David Ignatius is an accomplished writer on Washington and the region of South Asia he aptly describes in the book I enjoyed it