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Who We AreLl Bear struggles to understand his mother’s abandonment of him and his brother only to delve deeper into their shared past What he finds there will alter their lives forever and help him realize what it'll take to become who they're supposed to be Family is not always defined by blood It’s defined by those who make us whole those who make us who we a 25 StarsStop while you’re aheadToo much of a good thingSopho slumpAhhh yes all those warnings that make you worry about reading a seuel to a book you really liked I never listen I should’ve listenedI loved “Bear Otter and the Kid” surprisingly And though I had no need for a seuel there it wasand so I read it I almost DNF’d this book If I hadn’t loved the characters from book 1 I would have been so aggravated by how this was written It felt like TJ Klune took all the good things about the original book and just decided to raise the volumebecause of a good thing makes it better right? I don’t know if it’s that simpleEverything that was sweet became sappy Everything that was charming became manipulativeEverything that was subtle became over the topEverything that was uirky became neuroticI actually found myself annoyed with the very things I loved the most about book 1 – the characters Bear’s inner monologue drove me nuts ”aren’t you sick and tired of hearing from me by now? Christ I know I can go on and on Sometimes I get sick of hearing myself so I know how it must be for you” Yes Bear you’re rightThe Kid starting being such a brat at times I wanted to put him in Time Out And Otter oh but I do love me some Otter fell to the background as a supporting charactersighThere were some highlights few but some and I can’t entirely hate on this book no matter how annoying it was I just kinda wish it wasn’t ever written

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Happily ever after There’s still the custody battle for the Kid The return of Otter’s parents A first trip to a gay bar The Kid goes to therapy and Mrs Pauinn decides that Bigfoot is real Anna and Creed do well whatever it is Anna and Creed do There are newfound jealousies the return of old enemies bad poetry and misanthropic seagulls And through it a There is a part of this story and those of you that have read it will know which part I am talking about that even knowing what was happening and how it all turned out ripped my heart out But you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way Bear's family as crazy weird and uniue as they are are worth the emotional investment We should all be so lucky I love this series so much And as much as I need The Long and Winding Road like I need to breatheI don't want it to end Original Review 31 May 2015 Who We Are continues the story that began with Bear Otter and the Kid started I cannot tell you how happy I am to finally read this series A lot happens in this book Bear Otter and Ty move into the Green Monstrosity Ty skips a grade Bear is in the middle of trying to get custody of the Kid Bear goes back to schoolsome other stuff I won't mention here I mean a lotI found Who We Are to be a bit funnier than Bear Otter and the Kid and I laughed a lot during that book And the family dinner scene? That one scene alone was worth reading the book for Trust me If you manage to get through it without tears of laughter streaming down your face I'd be surprised I had to read it twice I was laughing so hard the first time throughBut not everything is light hearted in this book Otter has an insecurity or two that peaks out a time or two and a couple things happened that made me ugly cry But that's because when your family andor friends hurt you do too I love the characters and I am emotionally invested in their happiness so good job TJ Klune Invested I amAnd Ty makes a friend who's older that I swear is his Otter Dominic is able to calm Ty in exactly the same way that Otter does Bear I look forward to reading book 3 when Ty is all grown up and can maybe find some happy of his ownOh and the ending absolutely positively perfect And the epilogue told from Otter's POV again sets us up pretty well for book 3 of courseAnd the big message I've gotten from this series is family sorry Kid it isn't that 'meat is murder' tasty tasty murder Family is not dictated by DNA but rather who you know will have your back It's an important message Family is not defined by blood It's not always who you're born to that you're stuck with It's what you want it to be what you make of it It's the people around you who see you at your worst and are not afraid to pick up the pieces when you fall apart It's the people who you can call you on your bullshit It's tough to hear but if you do hear it it means that someone gives a damn about you and chances are you should probably listen

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doc ☆ Who We Are ✓ â ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Who We Are By T.J. Klune ✩ – Seuel to Bear Otter and the KidBear Otter and the Kid survived last summer with their hearts and souls intact They’ve moved into the Green Monstrosity and Bear is finally able to admit his love for Seuel to Bear Otter and the KidBear Seuel to Bear Otter and the KidBear Otter and the Kid survived last summer with their hearts and souls intact They’ve moved into the Green Monstrosity and Bear is finally able to admit his love for the man who saved him from himself But that's not the end of their story How could it be? The boys find that life doesn’t stop just because they got their Note – If you have not read “Bear Otter and the Kid” you need to know there will be references in this review to events in that book Don't read further go buy the darn book Then come back If not read on and take your chances“What is it about brothers that make us act so much differently than we normally would? Why is there a bond there that doesn't exist anywhere else?”In BOATK Derrick Bear is left to raise his six year old brother Tyson The Kid when their mom suddenly leaves with her boyfriend the day before Bear's eighteenth birthday His girlfriend Anna and his best friend Creed and Creed's older brother Oliver Otter along with their families and next door neighbor Mrs Pauinn support the two brothers as Bear has to give up his college dreams to take care of TyDuring the course of the book Bear slowly recognizes his love for Otter is than friendly and he and Anna break up over it Bear and Otter begin a secret relationship as do Anna and Creed All hell breaks loose when the boys' mother suddenly shows up and threatens to take The Kid back with her unless Bear stops seeing Otter Bear panics breaks up with Otter and all the secrets come barreling out in the aftermathUltimately the family because that's what they all are come together sans Otter to help Bear file for custody of The Kid and just when Bear's about to tell Otter what happened Otter's old boyfriend shows up unexpectedly and makes a final play for him Bear freaks out necessitating another intervention during which Otter is brought up to speed Otter takes Bear to an ugly green house and tells him he bought it for him and The Kid and they are his family now In the Epilogue sometime in the not too far future The Kid is coaching Otter on how to propose marriage to BearGot it all? Good cause now we start “Who We Are”and I really don't want to tell you too much about what happens here other than to say it starts immediately after Bear and Otter visiting the Green Monstrosity for the first time The three guys are getting ready for the move the custody case is still looming Creed has gone back to school and he and Anna are maybe sorta still dating Mrs Pauinn is still babysitting and serving as surrogate MomGrandmom to the bunchSo much happens – The Kid goes back to school and skips a year and we meet his new teacher who has a link to one of our guys Bear also goes back to school There's two new playmates for the boys one a teen named Dominic and the other a college boy named Isaiah Otter and Creed's parents come back from volunteer work in Africa and are none the wiser about the new relationships their kids are in The dinner party at Casa Thompson where all the family members come together? Not To Be MissedThere's a visit to a gay bar aI just really can't tell youWhat I can tell you is thisThis book is beautiful It's about brothers first and foremostIt's a love song to the relationship that exists between two guys and the love that only brothers have for each other And that love isn't about bloodIt's trust and respect and giving and putting your heart on the line for your guyIt's crying on each others shoulders and pounding his back with laughter and celebrating lifeIt's loving with your heart in your throat and being vulnerable and being scared to death and stepping out there anywayIt's two guys who share a bond that nobody else can share and that nobody can breakAnd that's what this books is about It's about Bear and The Kid and Bear and Otter and Bear and Creed How no matter what else happens there's a bond of love and care and family that nothing can breakThere's love and death and surprises and confrontations and reunions and tears and laughs so damned many laughs and simple joy in this wonderful open hearted beauty of a story And the end? It left me wanting Bear So much stronger than I thought but still himselfOtter Still the heart of the book but this time we see him with the blinders offThe Kid Still amazing still the most exasperating fabulous and breakable boy on the planetIt's their relationship Brothers of the heartSet aside a few hours and justsoak it upTom