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Read & Download A Lot Like Christmas Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ç ❴Read❵ ➳ A Lot Like Christmas Author Connie Willis – This new expanded edition of Miracle and Other Christmas Stories features twelve brilliantly reimagined holiday tales five of which are collected here for the fMagi Ghosts of Christmases Past Present and Yet to Come and the triumph of generosity over greed Like the timeless classics we return to year after year these stories affirm our faith in love magic and the wonder of the seasonStories included Miracles All About Emily Inn All Seated on the Ground In Coppelius's Toyshop Adaptation deckhallsboughtholly Cat's Paw Now Showing Newsletter Epiphany Just Like the Ones We Used to Kno. Connie Willis is one of the few writers out there that I will read anything by without knowing anything about the story Her name alone is good enough for me And like everything she writes this collection of Christmas stories is great reading I loved every tale in this collection These were all small gems that I treasured greatly You will love these tales even if you are not in the Christmas spirit for they are all just wonderful science fiction tales in the own right A great collection

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This new expanded edition of Miracle and Other Christmas Stories features twelve brilliantly reimagined holiday tales five of which are collected here for the first time Christmas comes but once a year which is too bad because the stories in this dazzling collection are fun to read anytime They put a speculative spin on the holiday giving fans of acclaimed author Connie Willis a welcome gift and a dozen reasons to be of goo. I've always been a big fan of Connie Willis and so I couldn't really find any fault in reading an actual Christmas story or stories EVEN on XMAS if it was coming from her Sometimes you've simply got to pick your battles and Connie Willis is like the John Mclaine of Xmas StoriesI'm not saying she strangles Xmas with a chain or uses wildly inappropriate western sayings I mean she could I'm sure but that isn't what happens here She might get a bit angry at It's a Wonderful Life however so all these lines do blurI suppose the one thing I love most about these is how Connie Willis's storytelling skill is nearly perfect no matter the sub genre she twists it I mean these Xmas stories are all genuinely uplifting while avoiding sentimentality very critical and humorous in eual amounts and a great number of them are filled with the dead or futuristic worlds or even a murder mystery involving apes Yes apes Merry XmasAbove all every one of these stories is easy as hell to read are down to earth full of fantastic human conseuences and is full to the brim with humor I won't say that any of them are knock down brilliant but in terms of reading a master storyteller who knows her craft and has well researched probably EVERYTHING about Xmas from stories to movies to poetry from a lifelong obsession she can't be beat She covers all the angles from dark revenge stories to romantic comedies to murder mysteries to time and space traveling Aramaic speakers to aliens in a hunt for JUST THE RIGHT GREETING to a VERY white Xmas And I have to agree with her It's a Wonderful Life is FLAWED as hell I never read the other collection of Xmas stories which might be a blessing in disguise Even so there are five new ones in this book Either way it doesn't really matter I can read her stuff all day long Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC

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A Lot Like ChristmasD cheer Brimming with Willis's trademark insights and imagination these heartwarming A Lot Epubtales are full of humor absurdity human foibles tragedy joy and hope They both embrace and send up many of the best Christmas traditions including the Christmas newsletter Secret Santas office parties holiday pageants and Christmas dinners both elaborate and spare There are Rockettes the best and worst Christmas movies modern day. You all know how much I love Connie Willis You know how much I love her book Miracle and Other Christmas Stories So clearly this was meant to be my new Christmas jam and SPOILER ALERT it WAS This has all the same stories from Miracle but then new stories have been sprinkled throughout The book is worth buying for All Seated on the Ground alone but none of the stories are duds And she's added new movies books and TV shows to her recommends list at the end In other words it's perfectReread 2018 I have such love for the original stories like Inn and Adaptation but I think All Seated On the Ground certainly rivals them