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World itself would not contain the books that would be written In Johns day the Word was made flesh In these days the Word is made bookThe Untold Story of Jesus reveals the living Christ to members of the church that bears his name as well as to worshipers of all world religions It is sure to become a favorite volume for all who seek God A Final Thought We pray that these stories teachings and paintings provide you with a new sense of faith comfort and purpose And to you who may not believe in Jesus we ask you to look again Read the stories enjoy the art and get to know the man through new eyes What the world needs now is unconditional love unfailing compassion and matchless goodwill Even after two thousand years Jesus teachings have not been practiced on a global scale When that day comes his inspired life will transform transfigure and rule this world His message of personal faith in a loving heavenly Father coupled with unselfish service to one another is a clear and direct pathway to peace in this life and passage to the next May you be blessed by the supreme adventure that follows Of all human knowledge that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it About the Authors The book was produced by Mo Siegel and Jim English and edited by a team of Urantia Book scholars headed by MaryJo Garascia The book was designed by Carol Norton with Barbara Brownell Grogan as contributing edito. A must read for every person whether they believe or not Every page every uote is uplifting inspirational and the untold part is simply beyond description The wonderful renditions of the scenes of the gospel are alone worth the buy not to mention the wonderful short narratives and stories inside I would recommend this to everybody Frankly its a catch at this price it could be sold for double the price and I would still get it Simply amazing

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The Untold Story of Jesus A Modern Biography from The Urantia BookJesus comes to life in Story of Kindle #180 this fascinating modern biography excerpted from The Urantia Book Many of these historical stories are familiar to readers of the New Testament but dozens are new including the missing years not found in the Bible Here you The Untold MOBI #221 discover Jesus presented as never before both as divine Son and human hero whose matchless life inspires comforts and transforms you It is beautifully written in modern page turning prose and complemented with paintings from renowned artists including originally commissioned Untold Story of PDF #9734 works you will see for the first time The paintings run the gamut of fine art celebrating the life of Christ both classic and modern These artists poured their souls into these portraits of higher spiritual reality Our deep appreciation and humble gratitude Untold Story of Jesus A PDFEPUBgo out to each one of them These paintings illustrate Jesus life journey from his humble birth and childhood to adolescence and manhood from private to public ministry and on to his death resurrection and ascension The artwork celebrates his diverse life as son father brother carpenter boat designer and builder tutor translator caravan conductor teacher healer Untold Story of Jesus A PDFEPUBminister and friend No one knows what Jesus looked like but these artists painted their soulful interpretations to spark our imagination of these scenes from the Masters lif. The beauty and truth of The Urantia Book comes alive in this wonderful depiction of the life of Christ Based on The Life And Teachings Of Jesus from The Urantia Book this new book is big and wonderful Over 350 pages 106 beautiful paintings by 35 renowned artists and over 120 stories detailing the life and teachings of Jesus For anyone not familiar with The Urantia Book this new book is a great introduction to one of the most important documents to ever land in the hands of man Additional features of this new book include Four beautiful maps including Birds Eye View of the Holy Land Jesus Tours the Mediterranean World Palestine in the Times of Jesus and The 19 Resurrection Appearances There is also a timeline of the life of Jesus as well as a complete list of biblical and Urantia Book references to all the stories in the book This book is absolutely beautiful Hats off to Mo Seigel and his team of assistants who put this wonderful book together Highly recommended

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Free read Ù The Untold Story of Jesus: A Modern Biography from The Urantia Book 104 õ ❰Reading❯ ➹ The Untold Story of Jesus: A Modern Biography from The Urantia Book Author Urantia Press – Jesus comes to life in this fascinating modern biography excerptedE Our intent is to give you a visual communion with Jesus that complements the enthralling narrative This impeccably designed book provides relevant and empowering spiritual insights helping you navigate the challenging yet promising conditions of the st century We live in an exciting era of unprecedented improvements in our material lives brought about by scientific industrial and social achievements Yet despite all this progress many souls feel lonely and displaced We need God and have an innate thirst for spiritual answers because of that still small voice that lives within us Finding God by living the personal religion of Jesus satisfies that thirst The search for the genuine Jesus continues to intrigue humanity Since the Bible only records an estimated days of his life it follows that there isto his story You will find it here in this detailed history of the Masters entire life including the public ministry recorded in the Gospels It provides a coherent and seamless biography of this magnificent personality who continues to shape spiritual progress in our world The story of Jesus is one of the most enthralling chapters in human history The closing passage of the Apostle Johns gospel speaks to a life larger than even the world itself How fitting that the last words of his gospel should be the first words of this book But there are also many things which Jesus did were every one of them to be written I suppose that the. I very much liked the art which contributed to visualizing places and people of his life Most especially did I like the narration of his personal one on one talks such as with Chang as he traveled and taught This book offers many new insights about Jesus and his purposes insights that will in time mightily contribute to improved world order and lead to planetary peaceJesus human life modeling of relationships sets a new touchstone of eminence and uality He was a master of relationships because he superbly mastered himself Growing up from childhood he sought truth as a brilliant student showing his parents and community strong interest in learning everything And yet he was the Creator of the material life he came to admire even wondering how water could be steam and liuid and even become iceHe became a wise family manager after his father's untimely death Narration of his wisdom dealing with difficult financial matters is valuable guidance for all people as patience was modeled He early developed a strong faith in his Father God just as he now desires for usThe Untold Story of Jesus is truly a gift to inspire people of all religions to take a serious and joyful look at Jesus' everlastingly valuable guidance for all people After all is said no person throughout the world is obligated to any organized religion for a pathway to God No person is reuired to adopt Christianity to like Jesus This book shows him as a true loving friend to all