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kindle ´ A Watermelon A heartwarming tale of love amid war » [PDF / Epub] ☁ A Watermelon, a Fish and a Bible: A heartwarming tale of love amid war Author Christy Lefteri – A moving novel of love and war by the author of The Beekeeper of AleppoIt is July 1974 and on a bright sunny morning theA moving novel of love and war by the author of The Beekeeper of AleppoIt is July 1974 and on a bright sunny morning the Turkish army has invaded the town of Kyrenia in Cyprus For many people this means an end to life as they know it But for some it is a chance to begin living again Everyone has always talked about Koki They never believed she was her father's daughter and her mother died too soon Beautifully written rich in imagery and metaphors Emotional depth and honest description of the Cyprus's rural and London city landscape contrasting context setting a mood throughout the story Author captures the worn torn state of Cyprus invasion Human element of both the locals and invading army and past British presence revealing the pain and conflicting emotions of all sides with emphasis on the Greek cypriots not political at all the human aspect of being caught in a conflict Sweeping the reader from present to past elouently Characters are alive and interesting Highly recommended Lovely story of loss hope and reunion

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How she has longed for him all these years Meanwhile Adem Berker finds himself back in Kyrenia his former home now as a member of the invading force Here he left everything he ever wanted and by cover of darkness risking his life he is searching every house every cafe every old pathway for just a glimpse of the only woman he has ever lovedFor readers of The Island The Book Thief and The Kite Runne Following the invasion of Cyprus 1974 the story focuses on the survival of a group of women that are held in now occupied Kyrenia As the author switches effectively from past to present tense we learn about past loves heartbreak and turmoil through the eyes of the main characters Whilst it was an enjoyable read I found the ending uite flat what happened to the other women? the story moved on uite uickly and the ending felt rushed what happened to Adem in the end yes a shot was heard I know could this have been expanded ? a seuel to this book would be good to see

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A Watermelon a Fish and a Bible A heartwarming tale of love amid warTo uiet their wagging tongues And when she became pregnant and there was no sign of a husband her fate was sealed So she lives outside the town and hides from her neighbours' eyes But held captive with the very women who have made her life so lonely Koki is finally able to tell them the truth To talk of the Turkish shoe maker who came to the town and took her heart away with him when he left And Throughout the whole book there are spaces after the first words of some sentences that make some lines longer that the restIn addition every now and then there are some words that are impossible to read as they are all jumbled upThis makes the reading of this book really tiring and annoyingAnother thing that I didn't like is that there are only very few huge chaptersThe book talks about 3 4 stories of different groups of people that are connected somehow but the narration jumps from one story to the other very abruptlyI would have prefered it if there were chapters with a small title announcing which story we are going to read now instead of just jump from one story to the other from one paragraph to the other It was confusing and tiring like that