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The Third Magic Free download Ý PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¸ ➿ The Third Magic Free ➶ Author Welwyn Wilton Katz – Fifteen year old Morgan Lefevre is mistaken for one of her ancestors while visiting Tintagel King Arthur's birthplace in England In this vivid and innovative interprFifteen year old Morgan Lefevre is mistaken for one of her ancestors while visiting Tintagel King Arthur's birthplace in England In this vivid and innovative interpretation of the King Arthur legend she is summoned through time to the alien world of Nwm With her o. I have no sweet clue how I originally ended up with this book I think this was one of those random picks while browsing the bookstore shelves; hey this looks fun mum can I get this I was probably like 14 or so when I first read it My interpretation of it has changed some with a rereading at 28 though; but I still come out loving the bookThe good it's a really cool original take on the Arthurian legend It's interesting from the start and all the way through and the slow reveal is a huge payoff at the end with a full circle ha ending that really really works It also doesn't try too hard; it stays light enough that you don't feel depressed reading it and doesn't drag but mostly gets straight to the pointThe not so good reading this again as an adult there are a couple things that kind of weirded me out Mostly Morgan's relationship with her parents is fucked up and I realize that that's intended and a huge part of the ending but at the same time the text sort of makes it seem like it's Morgan's fault that her relationship with her parents is messed up Which I guess I can see what the author was getting at but at the same time the parents are the goddamn adults here and I honestly don't even know why they're married they seem to hate each other so goddamn much The story about Morgan cutting down the crystal unicorn is incredibly gut wrenchingly sad that an adult would guilt their child so much for liking a present the other parent gave her ugh That's just fucked upIt's also a little bit fucked up that Arddu and Morgan end up together Is it incest if she's a descendent of his sister Or did she become his sister when the jade circlet fixed everything Either way a bit ickyOne thing I don't really get is the weird severed head at the end Am I supposed to know from Arthurian legend who that is The closest I've found is someone was given a severed head on a platter and it was his cousin If someone knows help me out

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Nly companion the boy Arduu she is caught between the The Third ePUB #232 opposing cruelties of the two Magics the Circle and the Line who have been fighting one another over the centuries and across many worlds When Morgan and Arduu gain possession of an ancient. I really liked that this book wasn't so much a retelling of the Arthur legend as it was an intertwining of that story with a completely original tale I also thought the magic system was fascinating and wished it could have been fleshed out a bit I wasn't a big fan of any of the main characters and there were a few too many convenient plot developments for my taste but I still enjoyed the book overall The ending in particular was not uite what I expected but in a good way 35 out of 5 stars rounded down because Morgan in particular annoyed me

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The Third MagicSword of the Third Magic Earth itself is drawn into the struggle Times and worlds merge as Morgan is brought face to face with her own destiny The Third Magic will appeal to young readers of fantasy and mythology An exciting new cover rejuvenates the earlier editi. I adored this book as a child It was right up there with The Chronicles of Narnia and A Wrinkle in Time as my favorite fantasy books that I read when I was young In fact when it was time to get rid of the books that I'd outgrown I couldn't bear to part with this one It's still sitting on my bookshelf alongside the copies of the books I mentioned above and will soon be gracing my 8 year old daughter's shelf though I might have to read it one time before I pass it on to her Just saying ;