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Download kindle ☆ The 40Day Sugar Fast ß Day Sugar Fast ¾ Wendy Speake ↠ [Read] ➫ The 40-Day Sugar Fast: Where Physical Detox Meets Spiritual Transformation Author Wendy Speake – What would you be willing to give up to experience the presence of God in youSugar Fast a fast that begins with us giving Jesus our sugar and ends with Jesus giving usof himself the only thing that can ever truly satisfy our soul's deep hungerOn this 40 day journey you'll learn how to stop fixating on food and other things you use to fill the voids in life and instead fix your I have read a lot of spiritual books not sure if I was just in a different frame of mind this time if God placed me in a spot where I was receptive but I took so much away from thisI did not go into this optimistically I had had recently gotten actually mad at my husband for eating a candy bar I had hidden but decided to just try to give up the cookies candy cake etc that I treated myself to each daynot to make fun but Hi I'm and I am a sugar addict The way Wendy wrote this book just resonated with me and although I had a few slip ups I am now a few days past the fast and have still not eaten much sugar instead open my bible 1st thing each morning not my social media but that's another fast and FEAST on The Word

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What would you be willing to give up to experience the presence of God in your life again?Many of us sign up for a physical detox program thinking that if our bodies are healthier then we're healthier But a healthy body doesn't do us a lot of good if we are spiritually malnourishedWelcome to the 40 Day I joined the fast because I was struggling with negative self talk and T R U S T I N G God with the outcome over a particularly painful situation As I participated in the fast my husband watched from the sidelines with a desire for the Lord one that I haven't seen in a long time We had a LONG ALL DAY conversation about our faith and him recognizing he is not the leader in our family He realized he has let the noise of this world interfere with his personal relationship with God And I realized that instead of turning to the Word for guidance and comfort I self medicated with food and distractions He shared his need to forgive his past hurts this is so big folks so big And I shared my need to control things that I have no control over If you are looking for a raw emotional and healing journey then this book is for you

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The 40 Day Sugar Fast Where Physical Detox Meets Spiritual TransformationEyes on ChristAnyone who runs to sugar for comfort or a reward who eats mindlessly or out of boredom who feels physically and spiritually lethargic or who struggles with self control will discover here not only freedom from their cravings but an entirely new appetite for the good things God has for us This is a truly amazing inspiring thoughtful resource to help in the journey of the 40 day sugar fast Each daily devotional is Holy Spirit inspired There is a devotional to get the reader thinking of what is really happening to them along the way It is encouraging and thought provoking There is a daily Scripture to ponder on and a heart felt prayer to pray along with It really got me thinking of than just giving up sugar It has been a life changing experience and I found strength that the Lord has given me that I didn't know I could have This book is suitable for believers and non believers alike And it's not just sugar that we can abstain from There is help and encouragement to help get rid of any addiction or stronghold that we may have Many thanks to Wendy and the admin team for the opportunity to take part alongside thousands of sisters and brothers Thank You Heavenly Father for guiding me in this direction and for setting me free from this poison God bless everyone who takes up the challengexx