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Read Ë Home Broken #2 100 ò ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ Home Broken #2 By Dawn Kimberly Johnson ➦ – Seuel to Broken Eli Burke and Alec Sumner are finding out that falling in love isn’t the happily ever after they expected Their efforts to move forward as a couple and put their broken pasts behind Seuel to Broken Eli Burke aG if they must abandon the families of their pasts to build one for the future It may hurt but being honest about what they fear what they've done and what they want may be the only way to forge a happy hom. I had hoped this would be Tony and Lyle's story but instead it was a continuation of Alec and Eli's While at the end of the last book the guys seemed to be doing fine and were on their way to happiness this one starts with them having troubleWhile he was supportive and understanding in the last book in this one Alec seems to have decided that it's time for Eli to just get over his lost partner and the attack he's tired of dealing with someone with issues view spoilerSo when Eli doesn't immediately jump and move out of their home the morning Alec decides they should get their own place Alec gets a place on his own and essentially leaves him Yet he still spends his time trying to manipulate Eli into moving into the new place even though Eli said he didn't want to and it's pretty clear Alec's new place is Alec's place not theirs It all feels like a disgusting powerplay to force Eli into moving onto his turf at his beckoning How high can a trained psychologist make someone with mental issues jump after he just started feeling secure in his life but is still afraid of being abandoned by the one he lovesIn addition to Alec moving out of their home there are issues with Dray Alec doesn't seem to have any sort of problem hanging out with someone that is constantly touching him and sticking his crotch in his face and he doesn't like that Eli does have a problem with another man all over him constantly Add in other issues and a completely non surprising twist at the end and you've got the predictable response Throughout it all it's pretty clear that Alec likes the attention he gets from Dray and just wants Eli to shut up about it so he can enjoy it Now if someone leaves you when you don't immediately want to do what he wants and he is constantly being intimate with another person that he knows you have problems with that's pretty much saying a big F U 'I'm no longer interested' but poor little Eli is desperate enough for love that he almost immediately gives up what he wants in order to please Alec hide spoiler

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Seuel to Broken Eli Burke and Alec Sumner are finding out that falling in love isn’t the happily ever after they expected Their efforts to move forward as a couple and put their broken pasts behind them a. 35 starsHome is the seuel to Broken which you should read first You don’t have to of course but Home deals with the development of the relationship established in Broken so it has of an emotional impact if you’ve read the first book The seuel is a very good story that lets the reader into the difficulties of relationships The first book ended with a happy ending everyone in love but it’s nice to see that love doesn’t conuer all fears and problems and the two actually have to work at their relationship Eli has some considerable issues stemming from his lover’s death and unresolved guilt while Alec finally becomes a separate entity that is not just about putting Eli back together The story is very character driven and somewhat repetitive The cycle is started early with the two having sex – there is incidentally a lot of sex in the book perhaps to make up for no sex in Broken The main couple of Eli and Alec have sex fight make up with sex are lovey dovey for a day or two before fighting again having make up sex and so on in a circular pattern The issues they fight about are genuine and real issues From jealousy to fear resentment and anger these are authentic issues that someone as conflicted and difficult as Eli really goes through Alec as a psychologist remains calm patient and lucid during Eli’s many fits but he’s far from perfect himself The emotional impact of the story is high as we watch Eli and Alec work on their relationship They’re determined to stay together so there’s no real concern they’ll break up but they are anything but easy They love each other but that love hasn’t erased the insecurities and doubts On the one hand this feels honest and like a real relationship Unfortunately the story throws in several road blocks that don’t feel authentic Eli’s guilt over Dray not to give spoilers but what supposedly happened is pretty ridiculous I didn’t believe at all that such a thing would happen and thought it was a poor way to introduce tension into the relationship Secondly the supporting cast feels misused In the first book the house members and friends were very important They had their own personalities their own identities and contributed to the story and the relationship Now they seem superfluous and only appear to add a bit of wisdom or tension to the story They lack the color and interest they had in the first book Especially the relationship between Carrie and Ilsa which has all the hallmarks of a horrific crash from the comments and actions yet inexplicably gets a happy ending I wasn’t sure why the story continued to set these two up as incompatible just to throw in that they live happily ever after together As a seuel this is enjoyable to read for the emotional impact and continuation of a good relationship The characters grow and change while keeping a solid happy ending I enjoyed this than the first book for the deeper emotion better connection and realistic relationship issues I didn’t enjoy the secondary cast anywhere near as much and not all obstacles felt genuine but over all this is a good seuel The two book story is one I’d read again when I want some emotional romance

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Home Broken #2Re made all the difficult by new fears and old secrets There are other stressors too disagreeing over where to live dealing with other Home Broken MOBI #221 men intruding into their relationship and decidin. This was a wonderful story I was so engrossed in it from beginning to end Eli Burke is in his words a mess He has some hurdles to get past In Dawn's previous book Broken Eli meets Alec Sumner an American living in England They get to know each other and cupid's arrow strikes But love never comes without some bumps And they have a lot of things that need to be worked out to get to where they need to beI don't want to say too much because I don't want to spoil anyone's journey into Alec and Eli's worldAll I can say is you MUST get this book I think you can read this book without reading her first book Broken but I think it would be a good idea to read the first one because it is eually good