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PDF Ù BOOK The Essential Guide to Dreamweaver CS3 with CSS ¼ ❮BOOKS❯ ✵ The Essential Guide to Dreamweaver CS3 with CSS, Ajax, and PHP (Friends of Ed Adobe Learning Library) ✫ Author David Powers – Danpashley.co.uk Dreamweaver is a huge selling product with over 3 million users worldwide anBy best selling Dreamweaver author David Powers He presents a strictly practical real world series of tutorials to teach aspiring and existing Dreamweaver users how to do everything they could possibl Ajax Spry widgets Spry effects? having upgraded to CS3 I had no idea what these were and was very tempted to stick with what works fine for me framesHowever I discovered this book and it is proving to be very useful It calls itself `The Essential Guide' and this is what I am finding it to be Not too heavy not jokey just well written with clear explanations loads of screenshots and insights into what to do what to avoid and what can be ignoredUnfortunately it is over 700 pages long and I'm only 10% through although it doesn't need to be read in page order but I felt it valuable to draw your attention to the book sooner rather than possibly neverIs it for you?As the author David Powers writes`If you're at home with the basics of XHTML and CSS then this book is for you If you have never built a website before and don't know the difference between an a tag and your Aunt Jemima you'll probably find it a bit of a struggle the idea is to adapt the code generated by Dreamweaver to create websites that really work I explain everything as I go along and steer clear of impenetrable jargonAlthough you do some hand coding with Spry most features are accessed through intuitive dialog boxes'`I don't assume any prior knowledge of Ajax and PHP Dreamweaver takes care of a lot of the PHP coding but it can't do everything so I show you how to customize the code it generates Chapter 10 serves as a crash course in PHP and chapter 11 puts that knowledge to immediate use This book doesn't attempt to teach you to become a PHP programmer but should give you sufficient confidence to look a script in the eye without flinching'Besides comfort food for the not well informed like me eg why Ajax is so called p34 and what's the connection between Ajax and Spry p38 you're also given warnings why search engine spiders won't index your Ajax reliant content p38 why you should avoid heavy use of Spry on your site's opening page p39 that Spry changed content cannot be bookmarked and why the back button may not work as expected p39 As you can see even on just these three sample pages there's some valuable stuffI look forward to delving deeper and from what I've read so far I feel confident that this is an excellent guide and commend it If I find otherwise as I progress I'll update this review

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Y want to do in terms of CSS PHP bar far the most popular server side language Dreamweaver supports and the only one that is really used a great deal and Ajax web sites from beginner to advanced topic Basic but that's ok

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The Essential Guide to Dreamweaver CS3 with CSS Ajax and PHP Friends of Ed Adobe Learning LibraryDreamweaver is a huge selling product with over 3 million users worldwide and the new version Dreamweaver CS3 promises to be just as popular with new features such as Ajax support The book is written Still waiting for that book after 25 business day No star or a dead star for Best Bargain Books on CA