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Summary Rebel Yell A Short Guide to Fiction Writing

Summary · Rebel Yell A Short Guide to Fiction Writing Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ó ❴KINDLE❵ ❀ Rebel Yell A Short Guide to Fiction Writing Author Lance Olsen – A cutting edge heading for the millennium guide to the crA cutting edge heading for the millennium A Short MOBI #241 guide to the craft of fiction writing Rebel Yell is ideal for individual or classroom use Fast paced and entertaining Rebel Yell by acclaimed award winning novelist Lance Olsen begins with a concise but thorough presentation of compositional basics and uickly progresses to sophisticated concerns such as navigating the murky waters of the publishing industry jump starting your creative muse and getting the most out of. Will be the core text in my Unruly Fictions class in the fall

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Ll Rebel Yell features something entirely lacking in many texts than interviews with contemporary authors editors and publishers including Kathy Yell A Short eBook #8608 Acker Robert Coover Samuel R Delany Raymond Federman and Larry McCaffery working in diverse media providing significant insights into the multifaceted worlds of them that's doin' it Witty and informative Rebel Yell is the definitive guide to writing fiction that will grab attention in a crowded literary world. Shortly after reading Lance Olsen's novel Nietzsche's Kisses I found Rebel Yell A Short Guide to Fiction Writing on display at my city library I'd bought the former on advice from American Book Review who called the novel a brilliant achievement a seamless precise marvelously affecting novel that must be read by everyone who appreciates the best of today's fiction and with lines like I lie among these sheets listening to her sweating and thinking sweating and endeavoring to think knowing that between paragraphs home is where the hurt is I had to agree with the review I'll be teaching creative writing next year so I snatched Rebel Yell almost from another browser's hands I wanted to know what Olsen might say to my future students I was delighted to find not a singular message but a refreshingly multiplicitous one in addition to essays on various aspects of writing and the writer's life and numerous writing exercises the book offers interviews with over forty influential contemporary authors Kathy Acker offers advice on culminating an organic writing process for example while Robert Coover reminds writing students that novelty is not the same thing as ualitybut neither is imitation of conventional narrative no matter how 'pretty' 36 Often interviewees offer advice that complements and underscores Olsen's and other writers' advice; sometimes Olsen provides contrary or even contradictory views a move I consider the mark of the most invaluable kind of teacherAside from a multitude of viewpoints Olsen provides other points of entry to the how to of writing Each chapter written in a playfully postmodern and accessible but nuanced voice centers around a particular theme such as Rebel without a Clause Surviving Writer's Block and Ch ch changes The Elements of a Story Essays offer suggestions that appeal to risk taking taking chances with writing fiction is engagning and enjoyable than not taking chances writes Olsen 8 and writing is discovery 62 Chapters conclude with subsections; one called Now Read This comprises lists of books and essays for writing students including classics such as Robbe Grillet's For a New Novel 1963 and John Barth's The Literature of Exhaustion 1967 as well as contemporary works and collections including the ridiculously important annual Writer's Market Another subsection Stretching Flexing offers writing prompts and exercises such as one I plan to use Write a sudden fiction in which an event that in real time would take five or ten seconds to occur but in your fictive slo mo takes five pages—a death a fall a dazzling realization 156 Olsen's audience might be as layered as his approach to a guidebook First he offers advice tailored to writers of different genres from literary to speculative to science fiction and beyond Second he addresses writers from a broad spectrum of writing abilities never patronizing or condescending to the reader Early and later chapters give experienced writers material to think about from the value and potential pitfalls of MFA programs to comparisons between mainstream and alternative markets in terms of both fictional possibilities and sales I found much of the material I'd like to introduce to beginning students in the middle chapters which describe innovative strategies for conceiving and developing story ideas and for playing with perspective I have already recommended chapters regarding forming a agent directed pitch for a new novel or collection to writing peers who have recently completed a work I for one—a workshop junkie with an MFA and an embarrassing number of writing conference experiences—found plenty of substance and inspiration to feed my own writing

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Rebel Yell A Short Guide to Fiction WritingWriting workshops Whether you are sculpting a great hook deciphering contract rights and Rebel Yell Epubwrongs or coping with the challenges of a writer's life hip and honest Rebel Yell can guide you to find your own best solutions Innovative writing exercises at the end of each chapter encourage writers of all abilities to stretch and flex their creative muscles while supplemental reading lists guide those who want to push the power of their pens to the next level Best of a. Excellent tone genuine advice a real voice that speaks to young writers not a uick and dirty sure this is easy book that fails and fails again