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Wild author Cheryl Strayed characters ¸ 7 ì ❮Ebook❯ ➭ Wild ➮ Author Cheryl Strayed – Danpashley.co.uk An alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereAt twenty two Cheryl Strayed thought she had lost everything In the wake of her mother’s death her family scattered and her own marriage was soon de An aShe would do it aloneTold with suspense and style sparkling with warmth and humor Wild powerfully captures the terrors and pleasures of one young woman forging ahead against all odds on a journey that maddened strengthened and ultimately healed h. “The universe I'd learned was never ever kidding It would take whatever it wanted and it would never give it back” Wild is easily one of the best memoirs I've ever read For two main reasons1 It is extremely well written This book doesn't have that feeling which non fiction books often give me a feeling that I'm stuck in the dreary real world and that I should have read some exciting fiction instead It reads like a novel A novel about grief and youth and adventure It's full of memorable characters drawn so vividly by the author And it proves that true stories can be no less compelling than the most creative fantasy2 Strayed captures the emotions of a young woman who has lost her anchor in life so very well It's one thing to feel a certain way at times in your life but it's another thing entirely to be able to find the words to accurately portray how that felt to othersHer story is brimming with raw visceral emotion Perhaps it is made poignant to me because I have a somewhat similar relationship with my mum and the thought of losing her is not only unbearable but completely beyond my comprehension how can I possibly exist in a world where she doesn't She and her love are the single reliable constants I've had throughout my lifeBut beyond that my mother like Cheryl's has made me and my siblings the centre of her entire life and purpose She lives and breathes for us She has made mistakes and we have had fights Angry raging fights that would easily have destroyed a weaker bond And yet I have never been certain of anything than her unconditional love and her desire for my happinessStrayed's shared emotions pulled out some deep ones of my ownBeyond the emotional pull of the novel it is an adventure story that takes us through all the highs and lows of the wilderness Interspersed with little anecdotes about the author's life before hiking the Pacific Crest Trail it shows everything that Strayed faces in her struggle to sort her life out Everything from bears rattlesnakes and other people to dehydration destroyed feet and the realization that she had not planned her trip very wellMany times she considers giving up and yet she pushes on It's uplifting and yet the messages avoid being heavy handed because they are surrounded by so much story and adventure An easy to read enjoyable book that is the perfect balance of sadness and hopeBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

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An alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereAt twenty two Cheryl Strayed thought she had lost everything In the wake of her mother’s death her family scattered and her own marriage was soon destroyed Four years later with nothing to lose s. I have read a great many criticisms of this book by people who either expected it to be solely about the PCT itself or were offended by the author's use of coarse language and discussion of her sexual proclivities And that's fine; all of those readers were obviously seeking something other than what this book had to provide Myself I enjoyed it from cover to cover A longtime lover of the PCT I already know about the trail from end to end I was interested in how the author used a rather spontaneous journey along the trail to help herself face demons and come to grips with her mother's death There are moments where her emotions are so clearly spelled out on the page and then there are times where you have to read between the lines But every step of the way you're alongside her watching as she learns to accept to embrace to let go and how the PCT weaves through thatThis is a book I will most definitely read multiple times over the years I almost regret buying it in Kindle format because I can think of at least five people I'd love to loan it to and demand they read it immediately

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Wild author Cheryl StrayHe made the most impulsive decision of her life With no experience or training driven only by blind will she would hike than a thousand miles of the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mojave Desert through California and Oregon to Washington State and. I finished this book a couple of days ago and have not been able to get it out of my mind I was happily coming to Goodreads to give my glowing review but was pretty annoyed at a few of the recent reviews so I wanted to address that first The bravery and honesty that flowed from those pages touched me deep into my soul and to see her described as dimwitted and self absorbed is insulting to the author and to those of us who were moved by her story If you want to read about a well planned trip by a prepared hiker who has no issues go and buy a guide book about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail I'm sure you'll find it very informative'Wild' is a beautifully descriptive story about loss pain nearly giving up and pushing on I felt like I was right there next to Cheryl my pack so heavy my feet bleeding and sore filthy hungry and lonely I couldn't believe she kept going but also would have been crushed if she hadn't I loved every moment of this book and am just blown away by the author's audacity and courage I will probably never be able to go three months in the wild but I sure loved living vicariously through Cheryl in her 'Wild'