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To the top of the entertainment industry only to find that there Valley of PDFEPUBis no place left to go but down into the Valley of the Dol Read this back in the 70's My teenage self thought it was so scandalous

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Valley of the DollsDolls red or black capsules or tablets washed down with vodka or swallowed straight for Anne Neely and Jennifer it doesn't matter as long as I bought a copy for 10p at the Oxfam shop I returned to my space age bachelor pad switched on my lava lamp reclined on my La Z Boy late 1970s Magic Fingers model mixed a bright puce cocktail made out of three parts flamingos and ten parts vermouth with amusing parasols stuffed in the tall tall glass then I threw on that cd where some genius put modern beats to Gregorian chants and with my ultramarine dyed and topiaried poodle named Gregoire gazing raptly up at me I read up to page 100 and stoppedHmm I thought this damn book really is the Encyclopedia of Show Biz Cliches and the Bible of Looksism if you ain't got looks you ism worth bothering about I set down Valley of the Dolls and hopped off the La Z Boy I waded through the knee deep shagpile to my phone amusingly I still only use landlines I flipped through my Little Black Book Elizabeth No not tonight Jasmine Hmmm could be Cassandra Leona BethanyIn the end I called them all and they all came round and at three in the morning I died of pure pleasure This is my ghost typing these words I'm happy to report to all you bachelors out there that there are bikinis after death and Lambourghinis in case you were worrying about that I never finished that damn book when I was there on Planet Earth I figured life was too short for Valley of the Dolls Now I think death is too

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Download Mobi ½ Valley of the Dolls 449 pages È Danpashley ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Valley of the Dolls ✩ Jacqueline Susann – Dolls red or black; capsules or tablets; washed down with vodka or swallowed straight for Anne Neely and Jennifer it doesn't matter as long as the pill bottlThe pill bottle is within easy reach These three women become best friends when they are young and struggling in New York City and then climb Or How To Write An American ClassicThis is going to sound crazy but hear me out The Valley of the Dolls is totally like The Great GatsbyOne is a culturally important best selling drug fueled homoerotic classic with several unfortunate movie adaptations; the other is well a culturally important best selling drug fueled homoerotic classic with this gem in it Give me back my hair you little bitch Helen yelled It cost me three hundred bucks Hey what the hell are you doing Helen screamed She turned to Anne Jesus she's throwing in the can I bet I'll kill her that little bitchActually there a lot of other parallels the themes of reinvention through false identities focuses on the American dream of success note that it's becoming a stinking rich capitalist for men and a famous actressmodel for women and plots that hinge on characters doing stupid shit because of LOVEBut the similarity that really jumped out at me was how both novels exploit our obsession with wealth and fame by luxuriating in its excesses and then reassure us about our lack of these things by depicting its wealthy and famous main characters as incredibly miserable andor terrible peopleHey don't be fooled by the persona I may spend some of my free time reading and deeply thinking about important literature but people who know me also know I am a habitual online reader of celebrity gossip It probably speaks to some weird primal impulse to raise individuals to mythic proportions and then tear them down but also relevantly to this discussion a manifestation of the rather schizophrenic cultural attitudes that define success If we really think success should be moral and material why do we think they are contradictoryHell if I know And if any book offered the answers perhaps novels that followed this narrative arc and purpose would be less compelling Until that day though it's a winning premise and I will probably never stop reading celebrity gossip pages no matter how much I know on an intellectual level that the information they dispense is totally afalse btrivial and cethically deplorableDoes this make The Valley of the Dolls a good book Heck no Each of the three main characters we follow hardly has two characteristics to rub together Anne is a frigid New Englander Neely is talented and needy Jennifer is beautiful and untalented For all it’s supposedly about their personal success really it’s all about them defining themselves solely through their men—a mistake made by Susann as much as the characters as she uickly scuttles the interesting backstage show business angle to sueeze in torrid sexlove affairs This obsession with the men in their lives is all the baffling for how none of the male characters barely even has one characteristic let alone any attractive ones Susann's pacing is all over the place she appears to lose interest in Jennifer at some point and her idea of what is shocking is actually mostly campy sometimes to the point of hilarity view spoilerlike the mentally disabled crooner hide spoiler