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Town Tamers Download ↠ 102 ô [Ebook] ➥ Town Tamers Author David Robbins – HARD JUSTICE Ludlow Texas has a problem A band of rowdy and violent cowhands from the Circle K ranch have been terrorizing the small town drinking smashing windows and even shooting up innocent citize HARD JUSTICE Ludlow Texas has a problem A band oHARD JUSTICE Ludlow Texas has a problem A band of rowdy and violent cowhands from the Circle K ranch have been terrorizing the small town drinking smashing windows and even shooting up innocent citizens With the townsfolk terrorized Ludlow is on its way to be. David Robbins is one of the most prolific authors anywhere having created and authored hundreds of novels under seven different pseudonyms in a variety of genres These include dozens of entries in both the ‘Endworld’ and ‘Blade’ post apocalyptic series the Executioner series and many stand alone novels The western genre has also been blessed with his output with over 70 books in the ‘Wilderness’ series under his David Thompson pseudonym eight books under Ralph Compton’s name as well as numerous contributions to the ‘Trailsman’ series as Jon Sharpe This novel opens with Asa Delaware well known town tamer about to take on his latest project Ludlow Texas is being run by a group of rowdy and violent cowhands but the town has hired Asa and his sawed off shotgun to “resolve” the problem Together with his son a poetry loving strategic thinker and his daughter a danger loving crack shot they rapidly “fix” the problem leaving no baddie alive There is enough action and well written gun play here to satisfactorily fill most standard western novels but all this comprises only the first third of the bookThe bulk of the novel is taken with the trio’s operations in the fictional town of Ordville Colorado having been hired by a victim instead of the town council This is a different situation than they’ve faced before No violent power wielding thugs or shoot outs in the streets here but rather a peaceful and amazingly prosperous town that the citizens love Digging deeper though Asa discovers a hidden puppet master who controls the town’s wealth the local law and has anybody who gets in his way brutally beaten or killed Worse the three town tamers would have no protection from authorities to cover for their typically lethal methods What unfolds is a masterful display of strategy cunning and unfolding tensionAsa Delaware is a fascinating character and the author does an excellent job of balancing the bits and pieces of his backstory and characterization with edge of your seat action Robbins displays a talent for making a wildly over the top adventure seem perfectly logical and for keeping the reader completely engaged from the first chapter through the last It’s no surprise that this book rests easily in the high uality pantheon of David Robbin’s portfolio

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What or who is causing a ruckus There isn’t any job he’ll walk away from or any challenge he finds too hard But when his children start backing out of the family business Delaware may find out what it is means to be on the business end of a shotgun barrel. A

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Town TamersIng totally under the gang’s control unless someone does something about it Asa Delaware has a good reputation as a very bad man to cross Roaming the West with his two grown children and his gun for hire he’s known as the Town Tamer For a fee he’ll fix. This one was very much a surprise It starts as a sort of formulaic western themed tale and it does have some cliched elements and some corny dialogue even though I suspect that was partly by intention it was still a very fun book to read It's like a western comedy to a degree I found it uite humorous mostly The books baddies and the dialogue to me were the funniest parts Another element I wasn't expecting was the splatter not the typical western shootout scenes but like a bloodbath Lots of bloody moments anyhow The 3 main characters were uite interesting If it's one negative the bad guys who are mostly witty and kind of stupid weren't as great of characters as the protagonists But it's a very different western novel then I've read before