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Toss A NovelNot since North Dallas Forty has there been such a vivid startling and truthful look into the world of pro football Toss A PDFEPUB or Written. Review title Dirty ballThe Toss in the title of this little known novel by NFL uarterback Boomer Esiason doesn't refer to touchdown passes Toss also co written by Lowell Cauffiel provides a look at every sordid angle of the dirty side of the NFL felons on the field gamblers in the locker room incompetents in the coach's office and double dealing mob murderers in the front office In the ten plus years since Esiason wrote this book we've seen all of this stuff on Sportscenter but it seems a bit much to see it all on one teamStill Toss reads fast and keeps your interest up Rookie B Derek Brody was a training camp holdout before joining the New York Stars a bunch of perennial losers with all the vices we listed above Confident to the point of cocky but focused on football to the point of keeping himself too clean for corruption it turns out that he too has a hidden past that the front office spies have uncovered to blackmail him into becoming part of the dysfunctional football family of the Stars But Brody has smarts persistence and help his agent an out of town lawyer and his girlfriend an out of work actress who stumbles onto the evidence that draws Brody into the mystery and starts him on the path to unraveling the solution Believability may not be a strong suit of the novel but it is interesting and fun and the good guys win How often does that happen in the NFL Toss is a touchdown that is undeservedly overlooked

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Ocking novel of the players coaches groupies gamblers con artists drug addicts and hangers on that make up the high stakes world of pro footba. The characters were great good story the ending could of been better

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Toss A Novel review ✓ 3 ¾ ➽ [Download] ✤ Toss A Novel By Boomer Esiason ➲ – Not since North Dallas Forty has there been such a vivid startling and truthful look into the world of pro football Written by future Hall of Fame uarterback Boomer Esiason and bestselling author Lowe Not since North Dallas Forty has tBy future Hall of Fame uarterback Boomer Esiason and bestselling author Lowell Cauffiel Toss is a brutally honest profanely funny and often sh. First off let me say that I have been a very big fan of Boomer Esiason since the latter years of his career when I was in high school I have an admiration and respect for him and his talent on the football field as well as what he has done in the media in football and sports commentary and how he has served his community what he has done for children and charities That said as a writer who has just self published his first novel I also have an admiration for his writing style I followed Esiason’s column religiously when he was a writer for the National Football league website along with his truthful stance and his ability to be the voice of reason when it come to issues in professional football both on and off the fieldThis is why I spent years yearning to buy his first novel as a co author Toss and was so overjoyed when I received it pumping myself up for the first page And like his columns this book did not disappointThe plot is very basic in following Esiason’s own career Rookie uarterback Derek Brody is pumped to be playing his first year for the New York Stars but a dark and rather criminal past he served time in prison for vehicular manslaughter puts him on the wrong side of the media His resolve to be all business on the football field seems to be a way to block this out of his mind However when he meets with the team’s owners and the team itself he apparently has to worry about than just the game Issues range from a head office who is deliberately keeping the Stars from making any progress down low enough to the point of desperation; to teammates who not only don’t want to play with them but have their own secrets and sins A critical point in the novel happens when a disabled uarterback who was once the Stars last hope ends up murdered – and Brody was the last one to see him alive When documents featuring players’ shady activities come up Brody must find out who is behind everything before he’s next in line Along the way he devises ways to improve team morale Luckily he has his agentattorney and a beautiful aspiring actress who once knew the murder victim as his support system Also worth noting is a very shocking and disturbing scene at the Plaza HotelThere are many things one will like about this book It’s very high in suspense and action and is a page turner from the first time the hero is introduced and the conflict ball gets rolling It’s pretty obvious that Boomer Esiason took care of the on field action training camp experiences and affairs in the locker room while Lowell Cauffiel was responsible for the front office dealings and football politics players engaging in vices and descriptive scenes around New York City Still it would’ve been nice if both writers’ excerpts were in different assigned fonts so it’d be easier to determine who contributed to what percentage of the book You’ll also be curious to know how much of Esiason himself is in Brody and the other Stars players since Esiason has always had a reputation as a clean decent player who wouldn’t think of behaving the way the Stars do in this book Nevertheless both he and Cauffiel do a good job in keeping Derek Brody and his antagonists the centre focus of the novel keeping readers interested in the characters so they’ll want to know how they will take their next turns in this game of cat and mouse It’s as if you’re tempted to peek at the ending if you’re impatient to find out Esiason and Cauffiel also get kudos for bringing to light just some of the problems that are plaguing the non game related affairs of the NFL and it serves as a very timely read given the scandals of the 2014 season Last but not least fans of that “hold the cheesy” love story will appreciate how Derek Brody and Shay Falan’s working relationship eventually blooms into romanceIf it could be a mystery novel then it serves as a refreshing depart from the ordinary where the main and viewpoint character is a detective Esiason obviously had a very different plot in mind here and this fact alone should satisfy mystery readers who want a change of paceThe only thing that concerns me about this book is the language I feel that some of the dialogue and even the narration is a little rougher than necessary especially given the freuency of the F and S words It gets to the point of being unrealistic on the rare occasion I know these are adult men mostly talking and this book is not for kids and teenage readers but I feel this is not something you’d want to read aloud in a public place especially if you happen to take this on a public transit bus like I freuently did As well even though the sex scenes aren’t as freuent it tends to get a little descriptive especially in mentioning a woman’s certain body parts I would’ve definitely toned it down in both these areas Despite this this serves as one of the few books that men will enjoy reading and I would also recommend this to ardent sports fans of both genders football or otherwise The details will definitely get those interested in pro football talking about what’s happening off the field and what can be done to improve the attitudes of players coaches and front office alike in the real world of the NFL