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Download Book × The Woman Who Walked into Doors Í 240 pages Û ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ The Woman Who Walked into Doors Author Roddy Doyle – Paula Spencer is a thirty nine year old working class woman struggling to reclaim her dignity after marriage to an abusive husband and a wTo him that left her feeling powerless Capturing both her vulnerability and her strength Roddy Doyle gives Paula a voice that is real and unforgettable I’d never have expected what I got in this book just from the cover and title but once you actually take a second to think about it think about what the old excuse of ‘Oh I walked into the door’ to cover up a bruise or black eye actually means then you’ll begin to have an inkling of what this book entailsAs I mentioned when I started reading it I was hesitant to find a male author writing a female protagonist as we’ve all encountered those male authored women who think of nothing else but the way their nipples feel under their shirts all day long I’m happy to tell you however that Roddy Doyle is fully capable of having Paula go through the day without thinking unnecessary sexual thoughts about her OWN SELF I know that’s a low bar but thankfully he also goes above and beyond that and I really enjoyed her sarcastic humorous and tragically beaten down narrative voiceIt’s set in Dublin and focuses on a working class family as many of Doyle’s books do apparently and truly Paula’s story just broke my heart From her childhood where she was forced to grow up uickly because of the people in her life from her friends her vile desk mate and mediocre to downright perverted teachers I think Doyle paints an accurate if grim picture of working class families in Dublin in the 60s and 70sAnd it sadly doesn’t get any better for Paula She becomes trapped in a violent marriage and Doyle does an amazing job of detailing her thought processes both during the marriage and 17 years later when she’s reflecting back His style works really well for this with a sprinkle of humour and Paula’s rough mouth adding some lightness to the dark For some reason though my edition was littered with random bits of punctuation that I’m sure should not have been there Like a • in the middle of a word or Im instead of I’m and it was really uite off putting Thankfully they stopped about two thirds of the way throughIt is a very triggering book so proceed with caution if you’re sensitive to all types of assault and abuse I also recommend going to read aseriesofunreadbooks review because Lauren is far elouent than me

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Paula Spencer is a thirty nine year old working class woman struggling to reclaim her dignity after marriage to an abusive husband and a worsening drin I love this author He is raw with emotion i love this passage Everything made you on thing or the other It tired you out sometimes I remember spending ages exhausted and upset It was nice knowing that boys wanted you then you couldn't want them back If you smiled at than one you were a slut; if you didn't smile at all you were a tight bitch If you smiled at the wrong boy you were back to being a slut and you might get a hiding from his girlfriend and she'd be a slut for pulling your hair and you'd be one for letting her Boys could ask you to go with them and you couldn't ask them You had to get your friends to let the boys know that you'd say yes if you were asked That could make you a slut as well if you go the wrong friend to ask for you SlutMy little brother SlutMy fatherEveryone They were all in on itRoddy Doyle has a way of making the most devastating and meaningful statements in sentences that are about 5 words long I don't know how he does it

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The Woman Who Walked into DoorsKing problem Paula recalls her contented childhood the audacity she learned as a teenager the exhilaration of her romance with Charlo and the marriage The Woman Who Walked Into Doors by Roddy DoyleRoddy Doyle is a wonderful writer Normally his books are fast reads he writes is an easy going flowing way His books contain a certain amount of humour but that is because he writes slice of life stories His characters are real the stories are real and real life or so I've been told contains a certain amount of humourThe Woman Who walked Into Doors possesses many of these ingredients but there is a shadow over the book It is a love story but it is the story of a victim a woman who is beaten by her husband a woman who spends time in hospital hiding the beatings with a simple excuse I walked into a door Whereas normally Doyle's stories flow this shadow makes the book a slow read It is a thin book a mere 200 pages but it is a very thick read The end of the book contains so much violence violence of language violence of action violence of deeds It is a redeeming story Paula Spencer finally escapes from her prison instead of walking into doors she finds the key to open the door and leave But the story is so harrowing that there is no sense of relief at the end I finished the book drained and upsetDoyle has written a follow up called Paula Spencer that sits on my bookshelf I suppose I should read it straight away There has to be a happy ending or at least I hope there is but at this moment I don't really want to drag myself back into Paula's world I need some light reliefThis was a good book a not an enjoyable book because the story isn't one that you could really enjoy It tells a tale that by the end has an outcome where all of the victims of Charlo's violence are still alive if they actually have lives remains to be seen