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read The Trivium kindle ç The Liberal Arts of Logic Ü danpashley ☆ ➷ The Trivium: The Liberal Arts of Logic, Grammar, and Rhetoric Free ➭ Author Sister Miriam Joseph – Who sets language policy today? Who made whom the grammar doctor? Lacking the euivalent of l'AcadmieIting speaking and listening Thinking underlies all these activities Many readers will recognize elements of this book parts of speech syntax propositions syllogisms enthymemes logical fallacies scientific method figures of speech rhetorical techniue and poetics The Trivium however presents these elements within a philosophy of language that connects thought expression and realityTrivium means the crossroads where the three branches of language meet In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance students studied and mastered this integrated view of language Regrettably modern language teaching keeps the parts without the vision of the whole Inspired by the possibility of helping students acuire mastery over the tools of learning Sister Miriam Joseph and other teachers at Saint Mary's College designed and taught a course on the trivium for all first year students The Trivium resulted from This is a staple of a good and classical education 3 of the 7 keys to higher knowledge I would recommend this for instructing children in their education and for anyone interesting in relearning and retooling their learning for important nuances which they may have missed in their PRIMARY education By today's terms the knowledge in this book is anything but trivialIn short in today's world of informational overload it would be wise to seek and use the tools to broaden one's understanding of the sciences involved in the art of communication to be able to decipher what is really being saidor not As the book states learning the trivium offers the learner ualities that will stay with them forever and which can not be removed by an outside force and which will enhance their overall experience of life and effectiveness in life Freedom of Mind is everyone's business Enjoy

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Who sets language policy today? Who made whom the grammar doctor? Lacking the euivalent of l'Acadmie franaise we English speakers must find our own way looking for guidance or vindication in source after source McGuffey's Readers introduced nineteenth century students to correct English Strunk and White's Elements of Style and William Safire's column On Language provide help on diction and syntax to contemporary writers and speakers Sister Miriam Joseph's book The Trivium The Liberal Arts of Logic Grammar and Rhetoric invites the reader into a deeper understandingone that includes rules definitions and guidelines but whose ultimate end is to transform the reader into a liberal artistA liberal artist seeks the perfection of the human faculties The liberal artist begins with the language arts the trivium which is the basis of all learning because it teaches the tools for reading wr On the front cover of my copy of this book occurs the following uote from Eva Brann of Saint John's CollegeWhoever owns this book owns a treasureI couldn't agree with her Between the covers of this excellent book the reader will find a wonderful introduction to Logic Rhetoric and Grammar These three disciplines were known to Scholastics collectively as The Trivium They formed the foundation for the Liberal Arts and stood as the first three of these Liberal Arts Simply speaking logic is about clarity of thought Grammar is about clarity of writing And Rhetoric is about clarity of expression or communication Excellence in each discipline is achieved through clarity And clarity is one factor that is sorely missing in much of the discourse of our modern worldAs a lifelong student I highly recommend this wonderful little book It is a treasure to be sure Yet is also a joy to use this book as a guide to delve into the deep riches of understanding the nature and function of language Although I understand that the book was intended to serve as material for a first year college course I believe that students of any age can richly benefit from a serious and joyful study of this essential material God bless

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The Trivium The Liberal Arts of Logic Grammar and RhetoricThat noble endeavorThe liberal artist travels in good company Sister Miriam Joseph freuently cites passages from William Shakespeare John Milton Plato the Bible Homer and other great writers The Paul Dry Books edition of The Trivium provides new graphics and notes to make the book accessible to today's readers Sister Miriam Joseph told her first audience that the function of the trivium is the training of the mind for the study of matter and spirit which constitute the sum of reality The fruit of education is culture which Mathew Arnold defined as 'the knowledge of ourselves and the world' May this noble endeavor lead many to that endIs the trivium then a sufficient education for life? Properly taught I believe that it should beDorothy L SayersThe Triviumis a highly recommended and welcome contribution to any serious and dedicated writer's reference collectionMidwest Book Review This wonderful book is marred by the use of the politically corrected personal pronoun I mean the self conscious and inappropriate use of she when what is meant is the generic heEveryone knows that he is generic And if one really cannot stand to abide by this convention then one can use the eually generic theyThe use of she in this edited version of the book is both incorrect and injects awareness into the mind of the reader that his reading material is being used by the publisher as a platform to shoehorn a Socialistic ideology into his subconscious And among those bright enough to understand this fact the result both detracts and distracts from the value of the reading material itselfObviously the good Sister would not in 1937 have indulged in such Orwellian activities and nor would any publisher of the time have inflicted such stupidity upon her workIf people wish to express their left wing ideologies they are welcome to do so – on their own recognisance and under their own name But using another person's work someone long dead to promote this vapid form of Cultural Marxism – especially since that person would have disagreed with such a policy – seems morally objectionable to meI am not alone in finding the tendency I have identified above highly irritating and I now avoid publishers – as well as individual authors – on this basis