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The Peshawar Lancers Free read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [Read] ➫ The Peshawar Lancers ➳ S.M. Stirling – A DIFFERENT PAST A spray of comets freezes human progress in the 1870s A STRANGE PRESENT Now the British Empire and All the Russias each rule half tOwdown but no one can predict the role that one man spy and hero double and triple agent will pla. The Peshawar Lancers is extraordinary It started like any old historical very familiar ground to anyone coming across Flashman or the Kipling Corbett path then you realize it's not a history adventure at all but a fantasy world steeped in cannibal horror futurecasting and forced eugenics Then it flips over into a faux Victorian inventor scientist complete with plucky heroine steampunk world with dirigibles transistors and babbage engines and if this is sound like a horrific mishmash that's because I'm not SM Stirling He ties it together in one of the finest most masterful displays of fictional cohesiveness and integration I've rarely seen putting vastly incogruous technologies values worlds science and sci fi fantasy and reality and an extraordinary loving attention to detail that remains familiar and internally plausible while leaping through massive chasms of suspension of disbelief and carrying with it a vast strange but hauntingly familiar world a huge cast of empathetic easily identifiable and memorable characters and locales and through it all remains fun It's hard to classify this book; but whatever shelf it might come from once it's in your hands it's unputdownable

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A DIFFERENT PAST A spray of comets freezes human progress in the s A STRANGE PRESENT Now the Brit. I should have realized when the blurb on the back of the book praised its world building and action that that meant there would be no Remotely sympathetic or even interesting characters Dialogue that was consistent from page to page Plot that made even a lick of senseI respect the steampunky British Raj atmosphere that Stirling created but the clunky writing as well as the other issues listed above just killed this for meFor example Stirling is so concerned with not saying he or naming a character by name than once in a paragraph that he comes up with all sorts of ridiculous synonyms the landowner was the most ridiculousAnd I think you're only allowed to use the phrase unmusical skrrrng once in a book Perhaps once in your lifetime Not twiceThe cast of characters is like Minoriteam all over again you've got your white dude your Afghan your Sikh your Jew your Frenchman and a couple but only a couple ladies thrown inSkip this one Trust me

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The Peshawar LancersIsh Empire and All the Russias each rule half the world A DANGEROUS FUTURE Everyone predicts a sh. I stumbled across this book on top of one of the many shelves of my father's library Read the synopsis on the back and knew my Dad to be a reader with great taste I found my Dad's bookmark in the book checked the publication date and realized he got this book when he was getting sick and never finished it As an act of fealty to him I vowed to read it That was 4 years ago Having just finished it I think 1 of two things happened 1 He read to where he was and knowingly stopped because he was bored out of his mind and disappointing with how Stirling thought he was Rudyard f ing Kipling at a fashion show and not an interesting author Or 2 It was so boring that it actually killed him Too soon I don't think so so serious am I about how much I did not like this book How can you screw up such an AMAZING premise Stirling clearly understands his subject matter and writes about British Raj India like the master historian he is But my god is it ever horrendously boring The action is stale and comical in its predictability The Peshawar Lancers get all of 2 pages to do their thing It is just page after page of intense description and exposition and frankly it is so thick you might want to have a MA to understand some of it Stirling has a vast knowledge of language sadly I do not He writes so dryly that I committed the sin ABSOLUTE SIN of skipping pages of descriptions just to get to dialogue and move things on The characters are one dimensional and cartoonish The good guys are damned good the bad guys are f ing evil and the ladies are not totally in distress all the time but almost there No one has any real depth no motivations are clear aside from the mere fact that the good do good and the bad do badAn army of fortune telling ladies are enslaved by the Russians sad right Not really when you see just one of them on their own is one of the most tactically deadly weapons on a battlefield How on EARTH did the entire race of these chicks get captured No idea Maybe I skipped it Either way I read it I communed with my Dad and I thought he must have HATED this one and I would have loved to joke about it with him I heartily suggest skipping it