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The Origins of ChristmasThis brief but well researched book is recommended not only for academic readers but also appeals to public interest Kelly succeeds The Origins Epubin emphasizing the secular element of Christmas which flourishes alongside the religious element Early Christians brought pagan elements into the celebration of their Christmas celebrations thereby adding value to the Christmas seasonTheological StudiesThis book would be an excellent all household read for the twelve daysAlan HommerdingThis volumeserves well to dispel myths explain legends and name key figures for any reader interested in the subjectThemeliosWhat a wonderful little book this isfull of historical and scriptural information It is readable and accessible to all But best of allwhat a splendid antidote to the commercialism of the Christmas season to be reminded of the true meaning of this happy holy dayCatholic Library WorldOne of the many pleasures this book has to offer is the chance to recognize familiar faces whether those of Caspar Melchior and Balthazar or those of the ox and the ass and to learnabout where they come from and why they are now so much a part of our understanding of Christmas It shows the power of a good story a story that Kelly calls a delight to research and tell That delight so evident t.

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Summary ↠ The Origins of Christmas ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ã ☉ The Origins of Christmas PDF / Epub ❤ Author Joseph F Kelly – This brief but well researched book is recommended not only for academic readers but also appeals to public interest Kelly succeeds in emphasizing thHroughout this book makes it a pleasure to readCatholic StudiesAny historian of the origins of Christmas confronts bewilderingly complex and uncertain evidence and the need to be in command of a good many disciplines The state and breadth of the evidence over would seem to make it impossible to convey a sense of the holiday s beginnings without misleading oversimplification In The Origins of Christmas however Joseph F Kelly does an outstanding job of making difficult material accessible to a non academic audience and of giving a perfectly clear account of what in less certain hands would surely be murky Kelly s selection of passages to illustrate and explain the holiday s development is exemplary and even the reader with no background in the Bible early Christianity or the ancient and medieval worlds will know exactly what is going on and why at each point in his book Most readers uestions about the origins of the holiday such as why we think of three kings when the biblical Nativity accounts mention neither kings nor aThe diverse origins of Christmas will come as a fascinating surprise to most who know only the Sunday School version of the Christmas story from their childhoods The Origins of Christmas is very highly recommended and informative readingMidwest Book Rev.

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IewWith its colorful binding interesting illustrations wide coverage of topics and modest cost the book is a valuable source of information and makes a fine Advent Christmas giftPrairie MessengerWhen was Christmas first celebrated How did December become the official date for Christmas How did the Bible s magi from the East become three kings named Melchior Caspar and Balthasar who rode camels from three different continents to worship the newborn Christ Why did medieval and Renaissance artists often portray Joseph as an old man When did the first Christmas music appear And who was the real St Nicholas and how did he become one of the most famous of all Christian saints These and many other uestions are answered in The Origins of Christmas The story of the origins of Christmas is not well known but it is a fascinating tale It begins when Christmas did not exist and finishes when Christmas had become an integral part of Christian life and Western culture The Origins of Christmas covers a variety of topics in a concise and accessible style and is suitable for group discussions Chapters are The Birth of Jesus Creating the Christmas Story Creating Christmas Day and the Christmas Season Jesus Mary the Magi and an Obscure Asian Bishop and The Popular Acceptance of Christmas.